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1 9 6 2 


Menomonie, Wisconsin 




DARRELL GROSSKOPF - • Production Editor 
NANCY REINOL - - LIUrary Editor 
DR. DAVID BARNARD - - Advimor 
ROBERT SATHeR - - Literary Advltor 

A tour of the campus of Stout State Col- 
lege in Menomonie, Wisconsin will reveal to 
anyone the specific goals and purposes of 
our college. The development of learning, skill, 
industry, and honor remain for us today the 
basic goals for improving the standards of 
living the world over. At Stout we strive to 
learn theory and put it in practice to develop 
skill. As we diligently labor to learn a skill and 
to teach others our skills, we bring dignity to 
ourselves and gain esteem in our association 
with others. 

For tho promotion of 




Stout State College 9 


Student Life 28 

Social Events 44 

Campus 58 

Underclassmen 63 

Senior Class 80 


Message from the President . 102 

Inauguration of President 104 

Administration and Faculty 108 

Student Services 124 

Alumni Association 

DU l 

Football 138 

Basketball 144 

Wrestling 15 ° 

Spring Sports 152 

Cheerleaders .... 


Medallion Awards .... 162 


itti |fci i 

»CI -.., .i{|, i ,1,,. ,, 


■• ion old Obpbp in. ability 10 cmrt i »u *.»i la the nunoi 

Kbooj, auifcnii lam lahnlqua r,< chlbl ruUmki B) undtnundliu ililldicn 
ibcj kant to undmund ili<inwhr> bflla 


Careers for Tomorrow 

For many ycanStoui offered girls majon 
in home economics education, dietetics, 
institutional management, and gem ral 
home economics. Recently, majors in 
foods and nutrition, clothing and textiles, 
and business have been added to allow the 
coeds a wider selection. 

To be eligible for graduation a girl musi 
have 128 semester bonis of credit. Kdn- 
cation majors hum have a 22 semcstci 
hour minor, and all other majors arc 
required to have two 15 oi one 20 semester 
hour minor. Possible subject choices for 
minor studcuu include journalism, Eng- 
lish, Speech, physical s< iencc. social science. 

chemistry, related art, and mathematics. 

I he home economics classes at StOUl arc 

designed to give the girls the maximum 
»f experience along with theory. 

Senior women spend six weeks in a home 

management house where they apply the 
ideas ami piat tital principles learned dur- 
ing their college experience. 




A -iii>: MojnU jii llMIMIIon mulr lu<n 

pldj in ha to l <lo<Kn <!*•* 

Tbc llnlinun food riu> kim j" »b»UI itw | 
prqHiation at p mA " maarfi *mi mbc» 


sing i|m ihU ■■' nnil oq • bihi d qm "i H in) |it>)mi iiralnutm 

Skills For Tomorrow 

l J ■• mill whu .ic t< in Is Stoui nta} »i m 

industrial <»i vocational ethical ion, or Indus' 
■ i ill technology l In main field* "i conccn 
IralEon in i In v inajon arc graph n arts, draft 
i rig, general Uiop, electricity, woodworking, 
and now i mo hanit ■ education • •■ vocaiional <<iin.i 
lion inajon haw ihi npportunii) 10 teach in 

I i hi'! K i high icliooll, colleges, oi 

hi n » institutes, 

I hi ycai I'*'.', »w Hi, addition ol (lie in 
dtmrial lechuolog) Ibui 'in program. In 

'' ''' l»IW« 1.1. .1 ||V< \t. |H I. HIM |>ln 

Itnnti was begun which allow* ihi iiudcni in 

vi.»rk in industry i,,i um icinctlCl 111 ln> 
loiirlll .mil hhli yean 

Ml majon In i<< hiiotog) miui 
complete i»u couract in chcniiitry, thro in 

physics, .nxl i. >m in nialliein * I u. n 

imium ..i mii.Iv .K,, ui.i.i.i , general com* - 
■n'li .is I ngliih M.i.l Mi.n,, ind utycholn 
- ■ and m," . i.ih/i .1 courses inch a* irad< .mil 

job aitalyiii, production « .1. and intlui 

(rial relaliotif. 

"i i (oliUfi ii i"i urn ■ ' i hi iiwliina 

iiiciI in ntikliM piaMUi in -■■»i i(i.«ii. 



1 ini-mll turn 1 1 i iihI 4*illb p*n> >>i >■ ■ i. n,. 

nl.pi. in. i.l it., ii.i.i .. .Ill I. 'i< u \ iii aiHH ni..r.. 



* rctT 

20 44 

22 es 

30 83 

33 SO 

40 138 

44 M 


55 13 





(Ln»«i in -nil <f>friiniinii jIhhi «ic mjiiiK.1 I r -r ill Imlimin |0 lii" 'him tin- 
innlliktHi ikd 10 -1--V I. I'M |KMI|M JIhI 10 1'Km »\«<Iini|i ibc lu«r 

(wniiii- oi poblb ipoling Mnixol (barn tonilnur lo lain, dei 
djtd kdmbpM -( ■i-.-tli. 


Pntbolofi iImki bdp ibr Minimi i« mA nkm md U 

«f ilimc<I htm ji-I n n ->oi« ••( Ibr ica- 

Critrul anil jiImiukI rouna riudrDU dir rl**nrnt« 
jiul |iii«r"'» imininltiol in thcini'ii* 

Studying for Success 

Students who attend Stoul gel .1 wn s|* 
ci.iliml background in ihvii chosen field which 
helps them in their spccifii areas. I"he wide 

\.nm\ Ol .u.ulcmii COUIICI ofiCRd glVCS the 

itudeni .1 broad choice. Some ol the subject 
areas arc physical science, psychology. English, 
ate. mathematics, journalism, and s.k ul m icncc 
.is well .»s spm h 

People who choose i<> majoi in education are 
given ;i wide- range "I education nuns.- to 
help iIk-iii to develop leaching skills and tech- 
niqnes which will aid in the fulfillment «( 
their leaching obligations Man) ol the psy- 
chology courses an based upon principles "t 
education! and man) analysis and method 
courses are also available to education majors. 

Ml -hi. Urns m education nave the oppoi 
lunit) to do on-campus .md <>M campus leach- 
ing I hesc classes are supervised bi •• regulai 
teachci who often niggestions and eonstnu 
live niiii isms to help the practice teacher build 
his skill in professional techniques Obscrva« 
lion by a qualified teachci gives tin education 
majors time to analyze methods "I leaching 
ana also opportunity to observe the behavioi 
and class responses ol ilusin.Unisl.cin>; taught. 


Enjoyment of Leisure Time 

vwli iiw.n i u, urn i. iii |« nuni trnponani fui 

The campus »)i Stoui Stale College offers 
a wide varici) ol opportunities for social ex- 
perience. The Student Center is ;i|illy named, 

lur most campus activities arc conducted in 
this building. Activiiies of the game* room, 
snack bar. and television lounge KM many hours 
ol itudcni life. 

School sponsored activities ranging from for- 
mal dances to informal all-school mixers arc 
held each weekend* Lyceums offer entertain' 
ment from outside groups who navel the coun- 
try performing at colleges and universities. 
I lie scope oi (in lyceums presented, ranging 
from serious drama to communit) song rests, 
is varied i<> appeal to all ol the students. 

Nine social fraternal organizations oiler *|k-- 
cial events to encourage student participation 
and the spirit ol working together. Then- are 
op|x>rtunitics for the group or individuals to 
display their talents; seasonal dames and in- 
formal teas arc popular events. 

I he many activities planned tor the student 

by die school and by organizations within the 
school promote the essential group participa* 
lion ami stimulate a strong school spirit. 

Stan] oqpnljMjan .]•«.-.. <■-» vhkh often rarebit triib mbci MlMita ■>» output 


ihc mim —i.i Htlibla "f uir trtmn 

Hit night m ih* ihtaia Em <->c-t. and ibio, ■ mta mc nim ii«m Uw (»•*• 

Iwnr i <iai rJih iiiiilini iliiid- lirfotr (hr bOuncM MDCC M&tdttW I" ml 

iitmxd iJ hi« bin] am moan 

Self-understanding for the Future 

*'■"" tpotMN tJisoti. i-.i-iii. 

. iui ill- *.„ bafcxring »„„ pnwmfa la amkni 

Under the direction of ihc Dean of Student 

Affairs a program of student j>ersonncl services 
is provided to assist Stout students with their 
problems. The services operate in the areas 

ol vocational, personal, and social assistance. 

and begin the day the student enters college. 
I he student personnel program conducts 

an Orientation and lesting program during the 
firsi campus days to help the Student under- 
stand himself and learn more about his col- 
lege. There is |«rsonali/e<l help provided dur- 
ing registration and programming, and faculty 

advisors are on hand for educational counsel- 
ing. Each semester several periods are reserved 

when the only activity On campus consists of 

meetings for advisors and advisees. A testing 
and counseling center is maintained for those 
who warn assistance with planning and edu- 
cational improvement or self-understanding. 

\ social development and entertainment 
program is planned and administered by stu- 
dent personnel workers. More than fifty stu- 
dent organizations provide fellowship, leader- 
ship development, nobby interest, recreation, 
cultural interest, citizenship appreciation, and 


Mi.m ll.ii. jii DpCB NOUfl f--i Iilfli KhOOl HlldfMa 
•'"I'l"" 1 '""> "nli the offnififp M Ibc collqtr. 

professional stimulation. As mosi students arc 
on campus each weekend, ihc Studcni Center, 
dormitories, and other college facilities provide 
a place for the studcni to spend his leisure time 
and enjoy the companionship <»f his fellows. 

Religious groups which have student chap- 
lains and counselors maintain student centers 
which provide opportunity for worship, coun- 
seling;, and religions instruction. These groups 
also have recreational activities such as hikes. 
picnics, and toboggan patties, depending on the 
season, A health service i* operated by a col- 
lege physician and a registered nurse. Scholar- 
ships, grants-in-aid, lams, and part-time env 
ploymeni are available to students with scho- 
lastic promise ami need, through the financial 
aids program. 

I n addition, for seniors and graduates, .< plat e 
mem service is maintained which provides ap 
propriate professional advice and opportunities 
for employment. Annually, there is a guidance 
assembly foi the Stout service area which pro- 
vides in-service education opportunities i<>i 
student personnel workers. 

ITtc uMiiuuI j> ( -.i .'i sunn uudmi. h isiJmi .luiui* 
01 Ihc »l»Kf 

mm "i i'i 

n ■ 


I his college stresses student member- 
ship in campus organizations to help ibe 
student fonn altitudes and standards which 
will In- the basis ol his personal life. 

I Inn- .in- groups foi home 
economics and industrial students. Many 
church groups function on campus to en- 
courage die studem in his spiritual dc- 
vclojiuu'iii .ind 10 reinforce his religion* 
had: ground. 

A col lege i.imi c;in produce mam 
honors for the individual of which per viii'laclioii iv die liisi re ward and 
j» ilia|)\ mini inijMti'iaiu. Compliments 
and congratulations received from fellow 
students arc a real source ol honor. 

\ special honor — ihe coveted Medal- 
lion award — a symbol ol the college is 
awarded each yeai to only one oui ol 
every one hundred students. The bash 
considerations tor ihis award arc contri- 
burions to Stout, organization activities, 
scholastic average, and leadership ability. 

RiLngfQg mange In »">;; i"i .hi* ind -ill ocatlou tlir 

nilliyr iln-"i llldl KvcltllOi ji.i! »miu. 

Cooperation for Achievement 

taMhn ...i,....,,,. ,.,,„,.„, „-, i.„, ..(, j..., ,.„,„,„„. rnwrnliki "«\ «tin 

■rV'i'11-ll..n, . f .. 4. |„ j.,,.1,,,.1. Ui^n jtlmllli 

The nxiiiriK ••! winici ind .i">». 

I'llnjc <mr n| lb* ii-ii poplllu ci.nn 

<>l ilir ICUOfl Wnnn Cntlhal Out 

lA Ihr liujfil nmu )< ihf cuvbw •>! 
•mm v utpluifl 

Siooi'i I'iHiirii.ti. i .mkh.i bd b -it tafanal pit i 

DKH dtb intrirUnl in I-.i.ii.imi ><i{iuinlnl nil' 

a>|iii.*tiun* vi •uimiilo 

'J I 

fenlclwiini ,,,„, Rinm «r 

ibc i. ii Imli Noui mta I nthuilinn a 

th ■• jii Hiidaiu <"!." iIm iomIm md 
■l 4i: 'toon «mo 

liintUglmtil lilt >i,IT 


For w ■ m psnklBMc im Uw >j- iti 

• ny.y .11. N ^. tlir ii.llr.l-iH gum gull m |,l4i,rij 

Always an Enthusiastic Spirit 

SplMhl inin it— rk*r, hjibi >jin i 

(ih» imr n( idi irlUi». i .mi Im till In •>• Mm 

Ai Sioui rrcfhman men and women continue 
the program ol physical education first begun 
in high school. I Ik- miii itudenu haw classes 
in mow "i the team sports as well as swimming, 
while the women have classci in basketball, 
volleyball, hmvlitiK. tennis, iwimming, and golf. 

Foi those interested in going beyond the re- 
quired claw level there is an educational pro 
Xi. un n| iiimnmiiul s|>ons Ioi men ami a similar 
program foi women offered through the Wom- 
en's Recreation Usociation. Foi the sports 
minded there are organizations such as Ski 
club, Archer) club, and Sk) Divers which 
offci opportunities to improve one's skill and 
Find companionship in the process 

Sunn also conduct! .< program ol intcrcol 
Itni.iit spoils ami i« ;i mcmlHTol the Wisconsin 
si. ii< College Conference. These intercollegi- 
aic spoils stimulate mIiooI spirit which is cat 
ricd ovci into all phases oi school lii< 

I lie competitive program includes football, 
basketball, baseball, track, wrestling, golf, and 
tennis. Ibis wide variet) allows inc itudcni 
to ice his favorite iporu from the beginning ol 
ihi h hool yeai 10 ihc end. 


Stout State College is recognized nation- 
ally ami even internationally as a leading 
insiiiuiion in Industrial Education ami 
Nona- Economics. Many graduates have world-wide acclaim for accom- 
plishments in their clioscn professions. 

I Ik best experiences and opportunities 
are made available in UlC Student who 
clioses 10 further his education and develop 
hi- abilities at such a specialized school. 
The student is given a balanced education 
Which will .liable him 10 be a IcacllCT and 
.1 leader in the ever-changing future. 

While a member of ihc college com- 
munity tlu- student !■. aide to find his place 
according to his abilities and to make his 
personal contributions to the benefit of 
the whole college. These contributions 
will affect him during his college life and 
will follow him after graduation. 

V> tliulcilt' I»li>Ntr Kfliotl llic JillKIDCIII 

intcntcm l^i i'i"» *■"**« |>i<"]«»ii>i cn>plo}tn 

nm *mnr» 

"M*ni>raunie JunttraT" (Ihmik.1 Ihc <DMlutlm .i* HUdcnti |>ilc mi ilir mm lo Iicj-1 (oi lunm 


Iii. mI. r»ltit| n»ic Mn fcotil ■- lh« i.i"-' ' MfOflMMR 

A View of Life at Stout 


Learning is the first prerequisite of any 
successful educational institute. The class- 
room situation is a very Important way of 
achieving learning. However, learning also 
takes place in our social and extra-curricular 
life We learn from everything we do through- 
out our lives, and being aware of this fact, 
we should make every effort to improve our 
learning situations so they can be most ben- 
eficial to us, 


Remember Those First Days 

Registration week holds many new 
and different cxj>erienccs foi the lush- 

man. These experiences arc just an 
introduction to the many activities which 
will follow during the college year. 

The freshmen are lost in a mass ol 
unfamiliar friendly students who seem 
in know so much about what is happen- 
ing. Uppcrclassincn give assistance i<> 
the new students and hel|i them gel 10 
know Mil campus and make new friends. 
Smite activities provided during this 
wick an die all school mixer, picnic 
at Wakanda Park* dances and doimi- 
lory coffee hours. The excitement "I 
the first |iep rally and football game are 
especially memorable 10 the new fresh' 

Tbe i"ii .HviiL.ii plcafa pn*»iiln food, fun. iml i xbince lo 
mm ti"Tn!'in|- mil men mm frkndi befon uwBa '•*'•• 

On iPn* ss \ tpoatand I'-n <>* il>r 

1..-11 an himkoii ■>" kurod 1 10 

ntc — ii> prai>tr jt.ii plica 
Oi.i -ill bn«u tainHlii in Hiiii 

I ik1.ik.ii.i1 hflimm <r«< k"'» 
•lurlnijt ockntiilon »<>i help mi 
iIoik undrraind ihfnudm and 

Hirii ' X ("■tnC uhicli mil drip 

litem in lui un umtlci 

Stout Blurdctlb *((Jin ill*- ciMtli) crowd* u ihc f.iii football -own nj*ti» TIm 
lf»itn> lr»d in exiled crowd ■■' ilumnl tod uutleou i» c&ratBt; IDl D ■ ifcMn, 

t hi<ili.nlt>< \1 MulHmlu and Cotki Scrtow lead 
.1 jilt K" nt I 1 *!' '■"" , '" l "" 1 IChOOl '['mi 

Nana lohnroa •"»' Mil* < "" 11 ' """' 

U in t(w lill. 


Ill ' '■ I J ■'■ ■'"■ 

We Live in Dorms and Apartments 

Dorm hie piovldci mmiy me 

nolo evi mi in din i ' ollogv cnrccr. 
lien iiuilcnu become ncquninied 

»iil in) illffcreiii nenoiialtitai mill 

lonrn •'• pontu Willi allien Even 

kepi bti») ivlili iln ondloH 

vnrloi) 'it evi mi nod ncilvldci Mhi>) 

■ "!«■> lliroiighoul ilic yea i Im-Ii* 

acuualni the n imoiiii wlili die Oreo! 
mill Mnir|H niii in orgniiiiiiifniu on 
minimi Some evenii the donni ipon 
"i mi hide i in- lirtUowccn mill Bwci I 

l| "" ilancei, H |> n, .mil ,i 

1 lirliutini pari) 1 1 u' 1 mi. i, v 

■I c" >tiiil tinned undenti develop 

mm ikllli which will help itn in in 
ilie Iihiim 

Munj ol i in iiudonii live i i 

ill HI I I" 'lllll .(» I,l|| 11,1, 1,1,), |, 

provide* I mukIoi iii.m i ml midenu, 

HI) i || 

1 I i ii i mill m 

* -•- "III '- i- i i .,1, 

mi i 


MitoH i ii Mill <--'.» 

i. ... i. 

M iHIii 'i 

■ tiii *"»• 



. . . , 



\ .... 

■ I 


The McoioiUI Cento iiioridct j (omptne food »«»kc foi all Stom Modest* Th< dlnna Une often j 
-..t' vktijon dora wbi*h lt> dioo»c anil a trloi-ion ki bkhMc* ilic <iilij»i lor mint i!i«ii"l<m« 

Wfe f/yVy the Student Center 

Mil- ( o<r. M«n Ann Ihodm. I m> ■ Diofcia jiuI ludi 

I •■in K "in «• ihr - ll>in^ DuUbmm" il llir 

llriiulimiililum 11*11 

Aii important center of activity on 
campus is the Student Center, an all 
purpose building which most students 
.Hid professors visit every day. 

The game room and snack bar arc 
always filled with students relaxing oi 

lunching during a free hour. Here one' 
can always find n bridge game with a 
call for a "fourth." 

The attractive and comfortable con- 
ference rooms may be um:<\ for studying, 
meetings, dancing, and i he stereo room 
is available for relaxing and listening 
to records. 

The ballroom changes in decor with 
i lit many dances held there during die 

year. Banquets and meetings arc also 

held in this versatile room. The union 

i> equipped with a complete lood serv- 
ice for many of the nun -.indents. Wom- 
en residents who live oui of the girl's 

dorm may also lake advantage of this 

cafeteria service. 


Coffer. <"lr. dgamtt*. ind ««mnuii'>n -nr tbc tompOOmt* ■>( tn Jlfnnonn 
lncaW In ill. umijIIi Iiiih iIjk .11 s 

. i.i briKika bi 
(HI th* Inlliinl labta 

Hi, i ftiriwiU iiul Baibara * ■ «•' w|oi 
.1 quia moanri In Ito 

tuqiun- tl lbC Muilt-nl I ni"tx. 


I uji mi i. (I in V.J.. -Iir |n>l Iml in (Ml 
MMIC »ktp IhIiih- .lit (kiiI.1 1 _■ n.b-r .. ■ lui. 

Kobrii iC.winii) limn/ ilml> unr ul (he num 

m^l'iimn ii.iiljlilr lut nvjiili noil lirn 
KUNn (iml mtuli »i«l to I- I 

stix<Mii£ i. ,i p..1 run- fa i (Lilt - jntl jtv> 

j e"-i >ii in Rri ibr i"'*! to Hudfi 

We Were Being Educated 

Students on campus aw aware that 

actual ClaSSCS arc only a part of a learn- 
ing situation. Ii involves waiting in line 

l" receive text books cadi miikmh. class 
lectures, and browsing through an end- 
less supply o( books and magazines. It 
is inevitable ibal each student will write 
at leasi oik- or more lerin papers or short 
reports (luring the course of a college 
year. In addition, the many convocations 
and lyceums broaden ihe students' 
knowledge of current world situations 
and tend to broaden him culturally. 
And in the whirl-wind ol study, class 
lectures, campus dances and parties. 
Students may catch a c|iiick cup of coffee 
and perhaps a tew extra "winks" of 


■::-..! Illil-ITI ill lli«" "., l.i. 

. it 1 1 p.-..\ pb - m t (pi 

hriji to iin Ubnriaa " ft 

Mi Mili~. piulull dI h-i.iI Himcr ImiU i mm 

forublc patiioa -ink kauriot io it» chma on 
llic nrtlU i>l liriliR jri lalotBCn UK) Klttt CflfMD 

iMr Rabk ami I'-'m iBiii-i jit «n 

■mini «i pirn 

Hill be "ill (■■ 
■i<>lllni>l ll"i'. 

■..I mi n 


:. .. || I .1 tl'nl ft." -I..II. Il . I.I. II" I.. I nOH .lllll-.ll 

Ill .1 ihi ■■'.-' ■■■ - ' '•' 

I •• . ■, I ("I Mm" llitllllt" 

■ ■ I -'"| v 

i .1. 'i. * ... • 



We Relaxed and Had fun all Year Long 

Weekciuli are nlwayi busy ni Broui, 
,iikI iiicmi iiuitcnu Ami enough nciivl 

lICI I" keep III. tllplctl .mil 1" 

il Ivor I ilicii tlioiiahin fi itwl) i u. 

wlioul mm II prOVldc* v.i limn .11 ilvldi I 

im ilic iiudoni*. (Ih)icc»i lyccumi, 
rooiball i Iwslcciliall gnnu t, io km p 

,in .ii [ivu Mudsill lni.y. 

During the lining .mil ffllli manj 
»Mi<!eiiu k" boailiiRi twIiiiinliiKi and 
u.iin (kilng. Winter l>rlngi iRatlng, 

l| mi);, «m>wl»>ill ' i : ■ > i < liClwcrh (Intuit, 

nndol fonrw ihci Inn Winioi Carnival, 
hoi iho\i' who enjoy winicihfng on 

ihr (juici ilijo, .i card g; i< uiually 

inking I'lacc wlicrevci itudcnw ajnilicr, 

liunitiiji IO ni', WOlclllllR I Vi 

ut unonmiig ii riulci evening hi ilu< 
ini.ii iin.iiii || Hiwayj onioyablo, 


■ ,ii'-.,- ... , i ... ... | .. ii : ■■ ■ . (■ ... I ihll 

Ml lilt ItllWl II -ll„l) I ||l( !"-!» IfWtl WhAl I I ■■''■ 

MJ WMA F//V. T—7T7wrr: 


H ■. II .... . .. Jll 1. UK III- Mil. I .-I I'l.l OKB lb I J fr«l( 1 II-. lilt |HHll.V- I mil 

hBinnil] i' 1 "'*" ' iiiit|t« rm no mi plcdflM niln unl iqpiUllotK 

The Place of Fraternal Life 

In i In spirit ol brotherhood, the 
Greek fraternities ami sororities work for 

•' coi mi goal 111 provide intellectual 

dcvclopmcni and promote leadership as 
well as social development. One <>i the 
highlights foi ;i i.nck member is the 
day he or she is firsi initiated in the 

process ol i>i ing an active member. 

Hell Week foi Ikuiuhv members and 
Rush i<>i sorority members arc ihc tra- 
ditional introductions for all new Greek 

In .1 Greek's life, brotherhood i< dc- 
v< loped ihrougli group activities - song- 
lesis, (he remodeling <>i .i house, oi the 
sponsoring ol various campus events 
which offer members a challenging ex- 
pi in mi- .it Stoul Sum- College. 

11 ■ ■! ... ..I ri., tinwi ),..,i,.„ |,„, u.,,1,, 

""" ' "I ' I'". RAM il I. ml ,,, 

i frai i) ... 


I milli-i i.l (lie lrl< ( it>,„n m 

■ aini.1l llill DIM "i llfc iM' "I I'nil 

i I'liini* Jin) Jot) Coona 

Vlpbi rin ifurn »jh c*p rh la ■ n 

ID bkW (Mil llW OURfe < trill 

li" mil •.<]>! "in 

mui.Iki. ..i ii> |Ugnu i.l" Gunnu frmi " R»ih*i itoand mill loan 

imiiii hi In pnctkv niiiir i.l I lull llDMUl kni(iti>n I in. i mini mm 

Ixloir K""*K ""' '" I'li'i""!' ilir Ki.-c iUmi -nli .1 ta-iiiuilf 


1*. \ f ( f 



Mini.,. ..i it,. |ti]i. K ■('(>" tiiiiiihii I'm 

ihtii |iln|ff Um minim i.i'.V illinitM" 

1 ■ 

Itn. u| [he MlMCH ..I 1 . .ii.ii.iih, » [01 I'll! RfaHIU 

■ iiiiUiit iii-iii \n,. |ni) i. .iiiin-1. ,i .,„ ..i in. 

MMIIlim I..H..U, |(t< ■> Olhl i Phi s .;. '.-.I ..i. 

#/?//W Action, Lasting Friendships, and 
Social Culture 

•Wlf i llli ihwi i Uuing inii"i.iii|.> Ii.uii.i ihimttli tnonmilou t> 

..hi -i.iii i in i. i.i. in .i.,.-,.ii.,i i ii.,n annual M«»li 

■ '-.... I 
lira n'i' hiii (. i pu tike 

, Ml*!) I>k.' Id .li-nv || top{ Mi ..e 

ting along with ihe Ddu /*iw 

fUl Sit |il>l |Ult ill llir Inn .hi-) lilioiion 

iiii -pimtii Rifb fjjin ilintufjh Into i 

(.ill .11 I In I 


Whilr illvi ->'» « ■ 


" * ' iiii|iii(inri|| ii iImii> .1 linn ini (rnrudlni ind mmbm "i tin 
■ n uii idnitugc ol ihb In Lnlnalua Ihdl nndhbu 

.11 vmi.i1 i>l i|i 1. ril ii'n'iili- lijljl, 

When Mm HiuH) iiukIi timing i in- iIih nnb )oa 

n»nd hi inn. ii i.i m/ im jm, (i„ i„. hIh, ii 
.nidi, inn iii iii|ii\ iii. plauiuci <il •imltiir Mr. 

i'i mi hin iiimiiif HiKin join luim i<.i>,. 
irailon «»" iau • rlumr la ptitihi ftaafi 

'""' l "" ■" "Ml Mtak ■..■■ v.. i n M 

ii. i hiMnum >-->i> mi 


We All Participate 

»■■[-.-■ i- '■ ■ ■ i .i.l..'. 1 | i .... JIHl 

| ■ In )Ui - 1 4' ihci •t'icilr pUHl r.| bHOd M I' ' V ■ 

1.14111 Dm .li(-.«ii« napn rtpitiu p*U i" »'■■ 
,.> donated > mnm !•<• > ■■ 

■ [ ■ L ■ 1 . ul llllll (tlll'l 

One <>t i lu besi ways students can active- 
ly participate in college affair* i> through 
college elections, smut students have ■< 
chance io vote foi the people <>l inch 
choice .1% ss.v officers, cheerleaders, 
queens, and various organization leaders 
and representatives, 

Convocations .»■ held i«> inform un- 
dents ul candidates •mil their ouanltca- 
ilonsi and to inform students ol Khool 
(Arms and to give them a variety ol cul- 
tural experiences. Cultural programs in 
dude speakers, .hums, and musicians who 
contribute something to the richness ol 
college lii«'. 

[ l»- K..I Cross Wood Bank, Stoui Days, 
Homecoming, Guidance Clinic, and Win- 
ter Carnival arc among the manj and 
\.niiiii\ school functions in which the 
students may partii Ipate, 




ii. i i. 

pin Mann >•• "--' ' • 

■inning Hoax 

( . Ill \-FI 

M ■ ■■ ' I 



■II ".III HI". 

Jnll" m iIm i i ■■ . 

tlinit mih ihrli >i ■'..'« l.i|'|ii"v 



( Si tap, < leai autumn wcathei ki the 
wcnc i<»i Stout's 1961 Homccomli 

Dcvil'i Delight." I ridaj nighi il» 
rush began with the coronation, Mar) 
Schulu gra< iouslj ." cepted the crown 
from Joanne Salrn Dam r, 1959 Home 
coming Queen, Immediately follow- 
ing, ihc Sioui band. » hecrlcadcra. and 
couri lead the parade to th< fan 
groundi where a mammoth bonfire 
ivaj burned. Greet imp were exu nded 
to alumni and be» wishes were icni to 
the football team. 

Winning floats in the Homecoming 
parade were the Sigma rau Gamma's 

Horse drawn chariot.' and tin Delta 
Zeta'i creation Worming Out Wa) 

in Vic Inn 

Stoui played hosi to La Cross* in 
.1 close, well played coutesl Saturday 
,\u moon, 1 1»- 'M iting weekend «.»> 
drawn i<> .< climax with the beautiful 
imumi ol Larry Latld ai the iraditional 
Homecoming Jana 

Mi iiir iirdiiMn -"" 

ml) [•■ 

1./ , IV -u ■ " I "■' V, ' V 


I I .... 

• i ■■ ■ ■ I 

i "i toil 

llrl I-iiipi 

.in. HttMIl Willi lllll |)|MI I Mil >(| I .ill in Nil. 

i ■ i 

Kin lint [-1II1 iinil i*l HUM' in IIIRII'I 

m#>k) K i lion '> hi |iii>> ■ mil ■ > ol «ii,i 


Talent Tournament 

I nlcmcd porfomicn were paihi red (roni 
Ihi itud< hi bod) i" [in will il" annual Phi 
Sigma F.|wilon I'alcni Nile Carl Lang and 
(err) Coomci kepi tin rttow rolling ai Mai 

icn <'' < ■ ran ics, whili lira 5ubi ( i mil 

1 1, iwald. .ni.1 /.nun Smolarck provided the 
between aci cntcruinmcni \ i akcoll on 
i v Singers/' an original monologue bj Qes 

loncn. was judged as Hni place II" >■ I 

pli pli) was awarded lo ihc Roman 

Soldiers from ihc ililrd ilooi ol ihi N< w 
Men ■ Donn foi ihcii prescmaiion <•! "Rinse 
il tt Dlood ON \h I'oga." Mi. Alpha Phi 
lororitj received ihird place loi then Med 
i, i ol College Song*," 1 1><- judge*' award 10 

tin outstanding individual pci ci was 

presented t<» Bam « limic i<" his cxccllcni 
pmnyal u I lavlui Max i In Rinse Uu 

UU..IOII M> I'Ogl 



Winter Carnival fun 

i i i oi im i 

(l I y IVtWiVl "'I "I llH I'"'" 

w ( ml n|i| i»'i i "• Hi i" 

iiiiili'iii i i ml l "' 11 iiwwi 

ii a In wcclii '"I unti '•• hi1 v >I H ■ ' 'I 

ioiivin mion m ii i" M lo it Inn •!» 

I Mam (ui s \ P m Mlu I>I«h 

VVciiWci wni 'i i ••■ reign ovci thi 

u Ilnllila] 

I olfowltiH III I ' HIUJ 

I >. r Il lire I III III llll mu 

■ ■I h ii •■ i" U|>Im '"■; i ii < ijj l| " " 

Dili I Ik I mtll I Hl| '" '"'* '• ) 

It. iwrrn ''" I'lil 1 1> II"" ■■"' 

phi < lini || • Itoia U in ii ' l 'r' ''" 

il Igi i U iM ii i" tin iini'ii 

I lii» yi H •) i lua* wn ■ 

I) 1 1 'i i i roliirlul wild (p. ii . i. ijijM 

< i|iiui Inn il p '" inl "i 'i" il ii 

en i Hi i ' In) ill [III tin MnliH Pill 

is '(""i' i tin mniiiiil SiHiwIwIl 

"i i i. in. H. J li. ii i An ijulli tvm 

glVl'll ■■ I 

I III lllgll | I "I till hi i It ri.' I . |I|| 

|HI(I|I) 1(1 I Li (HI I ill \l» MiHIIIII '. I ■ \ 

'Il Il I In Pill ' 'll" 1 I I'm I. Ill II 

irlvfil in ' pi ". >ii. i ... I i 

Ill tin 1(1(1 ' M nil' 'i 

I I Ii". ii in i ml 

■■ ■ I ■ I IVHHbl ' I 

I ■ I II iJi n I |utn 

■ ■ 

Iii|i.iiiiii "i n 


r . . 

■ ■ 

I ill " i""i» <•" 

I Htm il Ii | I 

I • 

Illll| IT"' 


' '"■' ' •I', 1 ".', , 

Ml tin miiiil 

|„ p||| SI, in. I| 

,,, »lmfi*n •" 

n„ i tin jivi riii »i» i-i<i 

• I I| IMl III ■ : ■ ■ ■ III ' ■ '■ '■' 

(UHg ll., il.Mln- ll ' ll>"» h«* '■' ll 

■ ll.. I (MM III 'I 

i( lit ■•' mtwtmllM 

.„.„,! ill > I I ''" "" 


Stunt Night 

... muh Stu ifcii '•• nodi 

Ihltiu '-•(t ulmli aim .....till |rlji( in ilir liiiitn>iinii dil 

The I'hi Omega Bcu fraternity selected 
March 9 and fil l"i the annual Stum 
Mighi presentation! Proceeds arc turned 
ovci !<'■ 'i scholarship to be given to on 
incoming freshman athlete. The FOB'S 
provide the masters ol ceremonies, stage 
crew, and othei personnel needed to bring 
ilus annual event to the mIumiI. 

\ i ii si. second, and third prize are given 
in two different categories — most humor- 
ous and most beautiful. First, second, and 
third place winners in each category re- 
ceive -i mouetary award, plus .1 trophy 
for the lim place winners and a plaque 
(■■I second place, The best individual per- 
fornici is also recognized with a trophy. 

I his year's winners were Delia Kappa 
fraternity, firsi place most humorous; 
second. Delta Zcta; and Chi lambda took 
third place, liisi place most beautiful was 
awarded n> Alpha Sigma Alpha sorority 
.mi) second place to the Symphonic Singers 
Barry Cliinic received tin- individual per- 
formance award, 

IImm ... itw iUI< m Upla *%»** Upfaa'i u-\ mU 

■.Iii| .f|i(.ni, ( i\ NliliI \Ur. 

hill 1 1< .|.|i. .11 1 1 |. 

h.[i|i. Inii • f ■ 1 1 s (01 lllTII 

11. iis Kan 


I llir P.ll.i 

I (Ml 


Imnjt i 

gnolir* Is •! >ill«m« la llMlM.' 

D.Mf! I. ■■■ ■" \"i 

(orauBco i'>i iin hhUcwc io 

Twinkle foa 1. 1, .. ibi Ddu bam !»"■< *"-■; 
i ' "•>" >i" i' " ' ""■ v "" : N '" 


(.mi K-i-tmti. llrniluit 1 In- Mmu 

CrtMtOR. >"'t (jiiic Ilium .lill«nirl- 
. lu.i Ij.Ii." 

inula ib« Mpai ■■ •>* Mill iw«r 

nun — j-i'iim itimtin. 


Stout's Alpha I'm Omega members 
worked hard dm full on lighting, seen- 

l'1'J. JllOJM'llil'N. I'lMUDH'V .111(1 Ill.lkt'-ll|> 

for their fall dramatic performance. On 
November 16, IT. and IS. ihcy presented 
.in outstanding play. THE IMAGI- 
NARY INVALID, by Molicre. 

I his i\ ,i classic rarcc ivJtich depicts 
(In- life o( a rich man. played by Robert 
Janeczko. who can afford to have a mil- 
lion imaginary ills. Ilr irics «> main 
off lii% daughter, played l>y Myrna 
Castlcbcrg. to a doctor's son v» he can 
receive medical attention free. The 
daughter, however, was set on marrying 
the man »f her dreams. Lois Hansen, 
as tin* mischievous maid and nurse: 
Denny Chase as the romantic hero. 
CJcamc; Carrie Barney as the mother; 
along wiili oilier line performers, helped 
I'AIJD a huge success. 

In the Spring, Alpha l\i Omega again 
presented .m excellent performance in 
the Broadway hii. FIRST LADY, by 
the well-known playwrights, George S. 

Kaufman and Katharine Dayton, 

Sonla \.u.i. uijiu uunr Wnula in 
fill Im tin (iMiime tin urn <>l id,- nu{oi 
ptodu nt "i Mpiu i*.i Oaicgi. 


In lb* QfUl «<■ 

i- ohl »Jlltl 

1 1 .1 1- 1 ' I ii i j I «' . 

,,( jii> Bill ilui .11.!. »rll. 

\. ill.- I :■•■■' ■■' llM FltM I •" ,1 

|.mi,i lllpl ■ |"H "I <••< 


"LF.f Do] Mi.i ".i in i>iim mmiUi «i"l 
... nan 

i .i.i. .t in iii. thin Mill I ) in.. i 

uin) i 

■ 'i.. i. .I. Uii |- i ii >.i K.I. i. kiiln 

*' ( 'Vull ■ • i hi : i 

''■I" -1"-l "I Hi" H<< " I.-1II.II I.. 

.1 i|» IIIh .i 




Viuong Siout'i M acii villi in 

"" •'• ' i-'i'nl" Ircci mil convoca 

ifoui, which .ii« presented with iln [n 

' mmI riccdi <ii .1 well rounded Si 

inn lew in mind, 

Muriel UoIk.ii,. wild li< i itraim n 

'••"•<• nl lit l< ii Kcllci .in.) In i Bina/iiio 
■mill) in changi chancier, started the 

wason s l incci l Iiom who wen 

" , "- 1 hi the political and , 

world, enjoyed William lUvii ami Itii 

first liand repon on the VFrican ihui i 

I" October, tin < i. vclaud Playhoiisi prt 

v • lb* ri'i dauli play, /// t>t> i 

<■ I HI .Kit Philip Hansen presented n 
dramatii narrative Interpretation -,i tin 

:■'." '■" ^ in novi I, MOB) i>i< h 0n< 

nl tin favorlti performances was given h\ 
iiu Don Shirley I rio, . populai group 
who recorded tin beat » Hi r, Wan i 



\ l«l 


1 i Initial 

i, tii(ii.i,ii( til iht >ii<i-i| m ii n|i1( 
i. i)irwnin< 


■ ll . ■ ..i i Milli.-.i., 

11«- IKIli /rt* -lllxV Mj£"." HlllOWII 
ilin.t IiriMK> fortfl W*"] ililftioii cwnimo 
u pnnm lint l» narh KiKttrn and Paul 


Virginia Farley ami ChriMoplicT Wlhan caif) 

(he llimwooiinn queen'* Jiul llie foot- 
lull ..I k<"1 Iml. 

PhMognpha luutl Ctotttopl and iponi 
writ a [ohn Fifth laccnil) mich (01 

ilni 1 1 1 1 1 1 .1 1 ill t'Uy. 


Strictly Candid 


...i In.,.. IVki 

| Hull iu i... | 

t... <l III in I... 1.1*1 1 ii ■ ,. . 

|HU B Ill I'M'. 

■ ■ 

Stout's Campus 

rh< physical plant ol Stout lia\ 
grown considerably througli il" 

years Symbol ol S State Col 

lege. thi lowi i "i Bowman Hall 
Mill rises above the cainpus. Dm 
inn ihe past ycai il» faciltiics ol this 
buildiug ami ihe trades building, 
recent!) named Raj Hall aftei I 
Edgai K.i\. have been moved 10 
ihe newesi building, Frykland Hall 
VIong with iii» shops riii-. hall eon- 
taius the English, km ial >< V net 
.mil musii department*. 

lliittii I cononw t courses are 
held in Harvej Hall and on die 
fourth Dooi .in iii< phynolog] and 
< hemistry labs and lecture rooms 

i he physical education building 
will soon I* replaced Pan "l this 
building, Uu union" was replaced 
three yean ago with the oci upation 
cii ihe new Siudeni Center, 

Robert I Pierce library < ontains 
.in audio-visual room, seminai ami 
chusrooms besides providing ma- 
terials i<»i rcscan !■ and itudj 

( ampiu residents halls include 
I aintei and Ei< hlcbcrgi i Foi the 
women and the New Men's Dorm 
and Lynwonl foi ihe men. 

I h. M<n»>H.>l Ml, .1.111 I ■ 

.in hud t.i iiudcnU duitni 
i l.-i .mil . i 'It 1 1 l 1 • j» I In > null 

"in n.'.i-i nib ■■! i ...■■.!. i HatL t« proving ta ■ Mri lo uuda 

licuk] i i- ii- 1 ■ 


tl.lin 1 1 all 

M i " "" ■ i ■ dnhkai -ml ii 

■l*u homo "ir ■tebabtrailt* jk! 

n 11*11 i' il" 

.J M.uil . y..- 

Itoomin intli" • !•>• lillinx Jl«l 

IVIlhlD f'"" | '.ItltiHTv 

HtH .^ uudrni wnio, Ji»t pin 

ii.c bOfUta "i n.»«ji ' t.ii...c .. j MtUup toi bodj booting - botti guji and «;jI> k" '» "» ''»*■ 

■>iininj[ [a llir 

Campus Perspectives 

1 1., i,. i, in. 'i > dona 11 Ibc happ] 
hoacol "»•' '-"" Irahnwn i>. i . 
■nil uif tuiiri i\c i <••* iii Ibc 

.1(111111" jllllMlllll l<" ill' l«.l. 

\n .wriun in It" IiIhjii H jt»*" . praOUhh MWJ IB -|>rml 

»-ii lime l"i pkUUn KWUag (licit -iic mini ni*«Jli»ri 

Botha iimni ii.iii wtacrr boob an ■'!-■! wnwi pet- 
tag, dfaVnia 4i<- burnta* j»i1 k*i« jit woorim 


■ ■ - ■ ■ ' "-';" "■' " 

«rh m ba I - "») *"'* 

familiar Pathways 

ir. •!-■«• . h.i«» k»W ■ i 10 1M1 I l linn- 


luniM iii" oflkcn piliag mam i". wring arc ftiti I'oib. troKmvtt Sham \v»«. <—w.m. C&ucl Johnwo. proMoH: ami R«n 


Junior Class 

While waiting ihc title <>i seniors, the Junior 
Class (.in look on the [mm three yean with a 
sense ol accomplishment and pride. I hey have 
done well both in academics and in a variety 
ol i mi. i imiit ni. ii- activities and organizations. 

Soon after the juniors returned to Stout from 
their summer vacation, they began decorating 
the ballroom in the Student Center foi the 
annual Homecoming dance. The decorations 
ol ill. ick and silver trulj carried out the theme 
ol "Devil's Delight". (Much Mar) Schulu's 
throne was delicately draped in blue cloth. The 
black background, banked with green potted 
palms, had "Devil's Delight" spelled om in 
silvei foil letters. Two baskets ol gladiolus in 
traditional tall < graced each side ol the 
throne. Students and alumni danced to the en- 
joyable music o| Larry Ladd and hi* orchestra. 

All members of the funioi Class entered in 
the various activities ol tin Winter Carnival 
throughout the weekend. Alter the Winter 

Carnival, class members enthusiastically plan- 
ned their biggest event ol the year, the Junior 
Prom. Earl) in the second semester, chairmen 
were appointed and the various committees !*•- 
gan working on the preparations for the dance. 

The theme chosen (or the prom, which was 

held mi April II. was "Penthouse Serenade". 

Charles Johnson, junior claw president, ami 
Sue llehv. reigning; as I'min King and Queen, 
led the hi and match in the beautifully adorned 

ballroom, Providing music for a Fascinating 
evening was the Rod Alierj; ouhestia. 

Ai Honor's Day the junioi class president 
received the torch from the senior class presi- 
dent and pi-mused thai the class would carry 
OUt the tradition ol skill, work, industry, and 

honoi thai will 1m' placed on them. 

As the m hool yeai came to a close, the Junior 
Class looked back on a busy ycai <>i hard work 
with many happy memories. 


HkM now VtrRtnb llotttn. r»oU OiittKnim V.c rcwnnuin M..i«- I l»tt«r. Unci. \*no < r hin-. 

Ki-i.iun n.i.i/niAi i.n.ii.iicic K..O1.1I1 SECOND ROW: rbonai U... ...... 1., 

Beraea: Undj CIIIck Uta UWb: Uuj Gilford; lutHih Cbrtu Robeti Burik* mim> m.u DmmI Itowi ii.4 U inr>l Otnun kUH 
Rahman; Giotto Dallanon: Hmm* Hcnkk Came Busrn Lonfu Crupfi lUiimi Cook r« i>jt>ir. vjhIo *i-.%« hhkni 
Kii« Mm tngril; Vernal Voder**: Rkhaid ChkT I«<1 Anmeinrjii. i'"n»i B n Bmou»; linWmk Burnt: Paul 

CooJMni Dkl Roiiuind! \."i.r« Cochrane mm ROW Pctn Rmw l-w i*t*M n.™-. M»nlo ibdnnAi. Jwyai 
Barm: i-im iwiJi; Darld Chanbcn; i>.»"t Bum i>-»» " 

IinithUL w ilium Rj.n»id; RomM Bnlnun Wjiw I bil 

III.M KOU lilrlU- 

i.incx; judt |ohp 


1 - ....■■< 1 ;■»' ■ '■ ,, : , i l ';: 1 ; .. ' .' 

I Bid* Roll ...11. !»■...., Grav. [..— I....,,...,. M.iKi R » ,"'^ '? (| _ t ,,, , ,,,,,. 



1IKM Kim I. I..-T. rami M.irr....... M.i, I., KmttK Manke Ol-iti. Itlirl knui^mi NarKJ Nrlmnn; I itlbit Kami 

<)t,,|„,ll"; Kl.-.r.i SECOND Kim Im.I |, l,„,n. V,ui«: ll.ini.t MiMnir; j< Mn MwhKIi: MjiiIv Hull. Kllitlj 

i [ohmm; |"«c KbMe Helen Mot] < ■■ Ovan I J UK i» R<»W: Unm Lrnui; La Inn Mcm*i Sharon Nttflect; n. i 

m. ■ -nil!., opnbl; Rubra limknuK bitnra Knanwi Sbarron Mallin; NaiKj Lamp Pal Kill.. \li-n Kahaletulu FOURTH HOW: 
ii.ii Mimea: ih.miit Krstl. William Ktifann lam Kulahl Can. lawurdj Kranrth Inn: Uktiad Mrltanourii: Paul Murrnvj Ulan 
Man Min m.«... iiiii fhCtatnk INtl Miii.h: CcraM Miftonda: Lam Newman; K<«(i Meter: |»itn KallnoITi K.^.i Mu*eili blwanl 

M..V «no in Mi Kim iiiii m.Imium. IHtK Mlwh! CtnM MHumJa; hut Newman; R««--i Mi«i: l.iim Kalloolf; R<-itn 
-' Kiiiiic Mr I tut K.-llit 

" I. I-Ii 


Penthouse Serenade 

iikm Kim Mm!., hniu LractK Sthulu Greuhoi SunhbiNcb: Nana Uonhoklerj Gcnctai Klawhcr: Sandra Vlanortfa; 

Ml ' ■"*' '■ <•"•')("" ^ii.iu.. \i,.. (.,.. mown miomi row ChailMic SyrtwR j.. \im bmiwm; u....»- I'edilva 

If' *'"' "' "'"'' S< '" """ ""'""■ ' a R«U: Dubara Schoemnf'; Kami Rahi; dud.... n.iii; \n,.. M,,r 

Vanlcr. Karen v.,,;...,... imikii mm [am Rkftardwri; Can li rhoramon; IXuld v Smith; S*l*li Schuluj Carol Sohkakl 

I'"" "'""i"" ' " ''' (" l'.[|.f I- Mm sn.iwb«ni Ronald Schnbni loiKIII kuU . Cern K.i/Ml. On aid m.uiIi: Lawrence 

*" I"" """• \"'"> raajebi ham Icbotmei; IMn tow Idrlaa Mueller HaivM Oiih; tt-.ii Svtxkn, hmm ROWi Inn Pauluu 

Karabrn: Roman OmumUi faana i ,. Ken Kbtunnan; rhorui Lor* We* Koballj «.«« Kodak; Robcti Saber; « im* 


.Slat. 4-^ 

.an • * * 

\ ii-jiIi firm (en il.r |IH1 -•■ .< il , ( . ■ 

tin (In xli>-ii \ »<n in j anii 

lUMriUir mmtiig (in ttM mrmlm I 



I IMS T Kim |d«i Ouukcnbuth; Marilyn Stttabfth: Harlem Bluhia: Kind HopfrmprrRn; tatbm Sbrontt; .Mm 

l*ckhcl; I'iikc Willi ilefa Skvel miumi ROW: Son Khirl; Ninn Rcndl; [am « 

KiHiiiiiiili. Karen l'.«i-iiil. Mm Win: |mli IVdK Marltl 1 I-.iilin I II IK l> Kow trim toll I 

i.iuli Ail-.]: Bctn /.n.1,1.1. Muron Wiw Muiha Morib ih» - - - |U hi apl fOL'RTH hum i 

/.tu.t.i; [Olio VV.Llil.itm: Cliarlo Sharkut; John Mi.ii...>; Can Saailarap; Vithui fchnrll R<*n Vharfn. Harlan 

Vminnt.ui I II I II H<>\\: Mile Vnic*. t'n VawknBoorai Mkbtel i >»lo< Dm* Roost Richard ZumnU; i fc « vq>hi»n>n: d 

win; i inn slut". Gin C rhoiBPian; Paul tv simtiilci- 


■ . I ■ II II, l« I" ■ ■ 

' rnrtarf 

IX (.--1 ll 

i in Rill i inn Mn» i limit Pea iiniiiii'if. 

Sophomore Class 

Will .iMjii.iiiili.! With linn ichool .Ulil Kill 

put. the Sophomore Clan came Ira V 10 Sioul 
cagcrl) .huh [patina the coming ycai Huh 
interest 111 tin activities during iln pail veai 

reflected enthusiast^ |- ipalion in all phases 

of canipui lid Having pn registered thi pn 

vioui i| g, iln sophomores completed regis 

iraiion •jiui i\\ .imi took pan in iht n main inn 
h hcdulcdi vents ol orii mat ion week Vllhougu 
man) [aces were missing, iln enthusiasm Foi 
collcgi life liad not changed, Wiihoui much 
id la) i lass i vents got undi rwaj whi n class 
ni in 1 1- wen elected at die first meeting ol th< 

ycai and plans were mad< foi decon g the 

cit> nt Mcnomonii .mil Nelson Field •* .1 pan 
"i iln approaching Homecoming festivities 
Lump posts were decorated with large blui 

footballs 1 1 hi whin with tin play< ■ % 

"• ■ "» l |crsc) numben I he fence on thc 

1 .1 < row ndi i)l the football FEelcl carried 0111 
the il"< imi ol Devil's h< light", 
Willi lite Im autiful whin mow whJi h covi n il 

the ground and ihc ipirii ol Christmas in (ho 
.mi, the sophomores combined thcii lalcnu and 
abilities in making plans foi the annual < Ihi im 
mas Dance sponsored bj tin ss\ rhc class 

ilecoratcd the ballroom of the Student M 

rial Cento in true Holtdaj rashion. Christ 
mas trees glistened with lights and tinsel to 
.ulil ,1 festive note, I'lic punchbowl was iui 

n led bj evergreen branches and lighted 

candles '..ihk was everywhere as happ) 

couples ill 1 10 ii" excellent mush ol the 

"Blue Notes' 

WmIi iln help i>i "mmhei nature" the sopho 
mora again displayed thcii talents and skills 
in iiu annual VVintci Carnival Man) ol the 
members helped with the snow carvings ol 
othci campus organisations and .il"» isariiri 
paled ui 1 in man) sports evenu ol tin delight' 
iui weekend, 

\s spring approached, everyone welcomed 

Battel vscai after which 1 lasses resumed foi 

tin lasi ijuai 11 ' 


IIHM Him |(i I. I...-, full] Duo*, | ■ ■ I I 

I IM ONI) K'>V\ km I 'l.ii liar <-n"i.m. Il-iii I 

i». k.n H.-ir.lin M.nlii ■ <>•■<. Rai .|i |i.-r. Hnlmlm I twit o l.nifftf IIIIMi hut* 

C»ik) <' • ■* P«n tinnbflafii: !,.». Hiil-mmm, Phtllu I 

Ihi <■■ 'i I'D Kill Hu» Joe it 

I Ml II ill mi. in til III Him J 

| .,!»!> Hiiii.-i (ml Bobm i IHntpr* Klihaul \ii>i-n. ,• • 

1 M.i 


HUM Him to »•.«• twl.ii i-i.vx<i IWmi' I 

Hlh, s„. it,.- SIIIIMI Kll\t IH.1 I 

H|« Fall h n I Mlthli » ' I nimh K.m 

.i \< i.m>. r. ' ! ..i 

Ml III Him l'*»1 Iluigp t>.n..l llui-1 Mi. 
ii, ..-M i mn iin.i 

i in 


ll..|.,. H.III1- 




\„i... ll.t»t"" \nl"« ftrlllL 

I! 1 I 

II..!. I 

mum mm Mild lloilt*" '""'■ H™"" ' M, ~ "'■- ,| -- % " "•- 

u nr»,si» now i UiCuiin Mi i" r * 

i n...., i- i " '■ "■ -'' *■"' »"" '■' '""■■ 

Mill. Ill Kl.illH I "II<1 i 

i )...■ . |- i I ' • ■ • ■! IllllH ■!■ I ll KM" " I'-ii 

."» Mrltn U I'' 11 "■ ■ 1*1 

. • I-' n ll Hitfti M1W1I Miikl 

| ..I,.'... U .il.. in II 

»"» i i * ■■•• I' 

'I I II •' '■'■ * Hi 

... v.. ll *»'" !•■•"> I'" I" 1 " I Ml "•' lutiimi 

ii... M.n.i. i.. i. \im luAnn iikiii.uh loan i(inl«ni 

vii" iiiiuuhiiU in t.i.i... Ii4>n « j. •>..<> 

■ Ii il i HH Hill KM\\ till. i. i. ii. I.. !..<-".. 

'latilwi in"' Iniuiii mil M«'x [el ii. -H.i 
t Milium I'.iuiii ii.-i-ii.i |VmI<| llrtn 

j . . . - . . i . ..i I hin MlW l*l|« 

I III! Mil- |H|M.I.MI Ml Ml- Ilftl 

il i i ' it., in* ii(im ■ 

i" 'i 



HUM Him < .,,,1 ... i .. I -. . .....I.. I , R|||h t. ■ ■ I* Mi. mi 

K«h) M.ii. K. >j>i miomi Kim [*ncl I I <■■ Itml I 1 > 

k'H " M*(1hhi 'I.iiImi M.m...... i i|d |.i.',. |... ■ • I IIIIIUI Hum |.. ! 

n..i KiilMlrh; I' >ii !■■». M.-. Mink v Ii i •!■■ ■ I I ■ ■ f I 

Mm "i.lmli. MiiJ.i Im.l I ill U HI Hi "S | i I ...... I., <k s. i ill*! i.i... 

!"■" II il m. s-ii«i.i"ii. I'.iii I..I. Mill Mhi.ii MIiiIi Mill ' twri Mini HUM knu l*i-*t. l-.i 

< til" I I.imiih. M-il,i.|.l I ill I i.i, In.l Iiii.II-i, \M..ltt.» H..' ■ ST. I I 

m»1'IIii\H»K1 S 

Town Decorators 

HUM K<m RUb) Ki.1l in. I-ii.i Mm lull fell Mi'"- Hill'." I*wl 

\i..u \ i miumi mm Donna * ' ■**; |»nnn i-.-u. |i*tl| \ !••■'• U ... 

Hut i.i. J. r.t.,—i. kin Input Ikntili M»ikh iiiikiv mm * i i • u i 

«tlma1>1 i ii..; r. M. ii. Ui.n. Miwntliiul. Ifcamb r ■■>- ><v . • %-. . 

lul KIM KiiU li.l. I. ...I llml MmiiiIu.ii l>n> "•■ I I WtllUn I Ul I irf«tll In 

• ii Nppn »i. ii.ii ^ miih mm »...i. ttnliuii Mi i ■ .. ■ 

\\.,ui. HmV.i.i P«U; Inn hh In Ml n lliun fctaoii Iki >v '■;■••.' 


m 1 [ _ lp 



if \t 

mum Kitu Rni«iii WImI Vlti IT* mi Dentin Warn IW » )" '*'l" B*ituij IViiiwi »***«*•** "'«•«<! 

%Wh, n ki II ■ Wn-Wnr.; Rich I« »■> ROW ' » < * hi "'"" *PI™" 

lUi '■■ Urn tchumltopi; i. ■•■ """'"-"l- I** Wthweil »"■" "- 11 " 


hum ROW > IVli Uitur* M......1 femli lVh*n Kaihl«ii i I«i ■ >> h) Rathuil » ■ Ml N"»* RC]nokl<; 

k-ihi RwlMI (Ml Hj.i h Mi"Mi ROM |.n imtlbi "'•• "■»■ H 11 " 1 "'"" Biitari R*i I * ■ RuKhi u ■ Soctumi; 

«.„«,, v ■■ ■■"■"- m.-., in.,, n i.i iiiiKH im"i ii.,i. Wahlotk] t Mliulu; m faille: 

\,„ii. • H..11. \i.,. \s ■■ tin vi.,,,.. Mm, winjtn HHKiiikim Ihihl Wolilnrl: Dick Well ■■ 

Vmim Rehni /Mini i II ■ ■ W'lllunMi Ken WWiIlp; (lurk* Wlillti Kill k <-■ \*>«\ Van iKllrii r*ul 


Ml,.!,.-.! |ilntll Rim ll '"i"" W IlMll ' ttktt&l) N""" »"'»l""" 

Foremost-Freshmen Frolicking 

I, ||M IMIMlKH K'"'" I" "' "" MllllI UHllMt)*!* "■ ■"'"'' >*"<< , "" l,m '"' "'" ""'"* 





/ "i 

^^L 'i T 




mi LEGE 

- Km u. ImliiriJii ili« •ilium Dm Vi-liuU. PKUI i liiiimin; lUlbaiB W«tk< r, «..i'i.iiv l>-'n ll.-uli".< 

i '. ■ in.! Ron i tail |... . 

freshman Class 

The linn week "i school found anxious and 
eagci Freshmen waiting in many long lines 
which were pan <>i registration and Freshman 
Week. I Ours <>i ihe main buildings on • ampus 
ami of ihe town were held I here wi re man) 
opportunities during this firsi week Foi the 
i lass members to become acquainted with each 
other, the college, and ilu- ui>ihi classmen 
Orientation activities ended with an nil school 
picnic, and the regulai routine ol college I if* 
«ui underway, Church night was held trie lirsi 
Friday uighi when .ill ol ilu churches held 
gel acquainted parties foi ihe net* and also foi 
the cominuing itudi m- 

I he ilc <i imi hi elass officers was held .ti the 
lirsi meeting ol the year, Plans foi Homccom 
nig. the first bigcolh gc event, were organized. 
Tin- Freshmen collected anything thai would 
burn, including old i m , paper, wood, and old 

clothing for the bonfire. This was then thrown 
into a pile .it die rail grounds in hopes ol mak- 
ing iImn l.ivi honlirc die biggest one ever. 

During die Christmas season members ol the 
class helped to make die Taintci Hall Christ- 

iii.ii Dame ,i Miteev. with their artistic and 

creative abilities. The next bigeveni in which 
tin class participated in was Winter Carnival, 
I 'be queen candidates were selected from the 
Freshman Class ami were S|>onsorcd by dif- 
ferent campus organizations. An all school vote 
was taken to determine who would reign as 
queen "I the 1962 Wintet Carnival. 

There are Mow only memories lell ol the 

First '<. it Im die Freshman Class. Looking 
ahead toward ilu ideals ol learning, skill, in- 
dustry, ami honor, ilu class sees three wonder 
Ful \< .us whit h hold promUt s ol happiness and 



PIKM HOW- ChrMHU IHi/.Mi: Man GOUCIltMiii;. (rtilit (.uirlla; V!.. . ll, ..; ( i. M, ; i- fcmdrj (. 

Iii0.ii— \i.r> \i.ii Carina m<»»nu kou. r»i l*ahn»: Chin in-nii-n. imilnin ik i i ■ - 

\ihnc DahiKfi; IUm< !><M. Mjn.iim DiKdon; Claijtr C3ittttlanwn: luiriu OwhoII; l.ynn ' tj.iv ilitKD k"" John Ri< i 

iimmni. lAin Una: Martin Dunn; (nuuM Duel: Janci Dktil; Shared DoQW: !"■-■ i I mi k 1 1 1 

ROWi I'.tnl Itniii. Ijiii flu n r ,[ i |,, in Idilili];. I rm Coouinc; Da*< (-.i.Iii.. [oha i^r >••'.'. li. ii IKi ('.ill Kiiixli Herri mm: 
kimliiiL Ctourii! rhonui Doiqlai til ill ROM 1 Datrd lin-icm. Cian <!"i'tun«'ii ' ■ 

i.kt Donlo; liniii i(i"iii!i/.i; ic Cdkho«nili Ijotoioc Clofcnw |iii i»"i-."i 

hum K»» Kjthi 
biannc Riutata m 

Ullh Mirlj |n Hi", i. < ilk 

Oliii Browni 


[•Mill. IU>b. 

",i \-i.1. . ■■!■ Bnii RtmbinWti Ka* ' >"" B«tibic. 
K.wnitM ' ' nrt Barnaul N«K* Biuutad: 

.,,1 Mim>n |m> lbin«i: lv>!> \«Um; 111' \mkT» 

Xniholi: R |nn ua.l: IXt.nL. Bow; Chart* Bio Rt.har.1 it- ■■ rianl Bcnu ■■■ l" m-.-- ■ "" luulr 

mill row- Mittmaii Belli wmim ■ann-i I na> Bom: Calmi Mofct RMH Mitawfc Jua Wi >>""" "'"■ ■*") "*"" 


ion iii.iniii.i. M»h »>iui. Fundi Hn.n. 


Hk'l m»l\. Hariltn lulnunn. M-mui-Tin I lnugm. Imli Hltaoar. Hclknjrai Mitmi: vimln I licit: IVmiu l.ilti: Ki-rnun lt-.ii 
■Him Sarah '■ HUnan m< "Mi ROW: Uan !■■ CttUMn: alar) Ml™ HIMen: Nanq Ekhbmn: Conine Hunger; Man 

Un Hillr. I 1 "' 1 liwhrhl; IItjiuu ll»i^-i». k inline IIjil-.h Pairirfa (-h-IliIV. Uanarel GTOOMtt: i N.iil" (lin-l I IIIKl) K< l\\ 

R"fs['[ Mull. J.rt I Hi.!- 11,-im- II. I- R^ili lim IIiIjiii.i l-iiniipir Hull: Jiuil lining I'.o.ili'i: [nine lljurj: Ihmiii GCWfa' 

Donald Hlnli FOURTH ROW: (em Haujrh; Drnjtn Ha ' -~. Philip Gomdntb Slew 'i"i.' Paul I Mm; Edward l.iilli.l-m; Kimli 

Innt. Jjinr* I'IhitiIi; Sum I tAc>: Jim |ju«i. Milium OacrJlC Ml III K' iH ".nun ( .k.i hi.u ul. |mt Inlnr. Rulirn fiigrlLr; 

Wendell norente: l¥a)ne Hin*ci-. Ifc-un ii i ,,',-. iidkr: Hjh.m iih.7im.Ii: lerold llarnara: Cnrlcnd Frr*ln« IVfllUn 


I RiNliMl N 

I IK' I ROW: Bobuc HunKioin; Sand) i.Uii. Hum; /m CUfaoUOn; It-xmi Hli>linmnn: Nana Gi*>«t\ki: Sfcaion 

ibuunni: Ida HoMMmmk Sham OatMa SECOND ROW FIkmui Hejtibolni; Jartk* Getter; Vkfcl Hick*; bud) H.Mk-ir: Talk 
iiini*. Man CfMli; I'ji Graham: |ou HahhrrrL; Barbara lUrnaon; Or*li Ibuon IIIIKD ROW; k<>i«n iinMm <.«™ iiml- Juki 
h.ibhu Iba* Ronnie llama; Carole hi.. Helen llarabrnd- Caaandra Hdhlfc: itiil Howe: Iba lltohlandi; Wi-hl cricer. 
loimii k<>» Howard G»ni, km Hilinuii. Otto iinrpnrr: Koukii. CRMiopf: Deimit llawMnun: Eugene Hallorinen: itfui 
Htnaon: Rill iiimmn: iv-i> m.mi ii,,,,. Hink- [ark KrodrMjnn; Can Geavain hi hi ROW: iu.ii ii..«u n .l; <-n»Vm Mul/dum: 
Barn Hoflmefaaer: ran n a] OuOklaoaj Bob IU)faurW: |eraU Haiuew Peia Glonnonl; John Hanm; 



1 IKs 

IRST ROW: Miiuin |ns; ^i" inow Ktntow l-ltooiu JmLvii. Porahi Icn— Jlij l»«nnr kci»m: M«nk> tawhr 

llftll kcrcimn. LOTOif kMi.g.) »H (INK KOWi B«.l( UlMriU; tbiluu ^cLKOl Mjii |«k«m; Kalbl kohOUIrt; k.«. klii>f(l. IW> Iwii; 

1 " Kalland Nairn (ohrucm; Man Fikm )<■" (nan uin Kronen Ehnc Kncner. dan tan Knlgfei ihikii Kim |im kiin-n. 
Union JanMcn: Kaih) kilh. Ubni Kadinner; Karen k"l— i. Corinnc Kiribkb; Mm Inn |«i-i«: Manhn lohawn; I'mlnir Ion 
■nffrnou; Oarlmi latchoti lam Kdlo (an lonnwn; William fofcmon; Rtri [ 

Hill J.ilri. K.i«ii Mull, t.l kolil Mil Hill KOWi Jim ktllti; l"<ici fontMnBi Wflll ' ■ SUnbOi bl*K j»mrt 

k«Io; KinuM KVpK Ijtirii ]<i|ii«i: J<ii>mr llimituiii. R"t«-ii HonidnC l'«i Hanion 


iikMKmv Pauline 1Mb; r-all MrCaidt: Judith Uwb G M ihal: )<.»<■ vi. n>. Ruth \m> U 

Itlanc Marohl M«ii\nmm Carol Milta; Marfhn Lilbum: Man Ucodt Granrb Milan I Manjm 

Utulerdali Riy I undi Karen Manet; Marian Uiller |nu Maaah IHIKI) ROW- Dnlt Mm,.,. Dattd lu>iV».. R.Jm vi.i-rt. |.*n 
i iii.!.|in>t. ii'vi.iiii in.; lam Hoinel: Da»t Muigairojd K . ■ - i . mi mil ROW: iiimm 

M.iiini. LRWrena Mekha; liin»i laFan; Daniel Manihet: Wine MaUtbun; William Mnrou Ru»rll Mali Dcnau* Imnafd 
Lalan; Robot Mam Pni Maaorei in in ROW: i i-tI Uono; l*r; David MudadUfc !>"•>•. MUafto; Rfcfcanl MalaaiK Un 

1 .i|][;j;iiiI; SiijiIk n Mi Him. |nn I iV.i,r. WaiTCB I Hilllim lull 


MKM (KM. I', ii. S ■ I \|,,, ii fjp • .„„| \,.,.l„ ( (.1 Mlit.h H| ! In.l.l 

IpMi.. N.I-..I 1H OS II ROH I ' .11 ... (,. ... , v .| i, >. ,.. . v, ,| I I . M,n.l h, U Id Si. i, I 

1 iililili mni I. .1.1 Sri ii kaini I'-.'.i-.n i i. nil. .in -.. 

Riiih i-.ii-i Mm \tm i' mi ii iii ki'» IVnnit t Ihm M«(;ir*m; 

1 ■ ■ s \.-i..,.. ii. nukl v.-. ■ ' ■ \. ii tllrn s. .1- ... i.... i .,-.i, H..I-M m, wi ii" | H Mrtn ('.<..! 

HMH ROW l <■ Vkm N»l «i \i*.i». «..(-.■ (lug |rll Ohoo «..t.i.l \..„i.. i.ruM Ol-m n.,,:,i.i i.. 

HUM II. lU II.,., |, ).,. , 



, " '"" •»' I ■ ■ I Ml RilhmnH |nr« ..I. I 

1 : 

I ..■'.... .... 

' IftRIl ROW ■ 

I'-iH |«J .. i- ■' ■ I M,„ IfJM 

■■' ml K'-t t 


■ V.lll.1/ I ,...!(. I'M,.-.,, | | |-„. 

"■' " I" ROW '■ ' ■..!■. 

1 H i. ■ i I 

1 "■' Ri I ■ " ni * I. R.i 

I. .iin |4 ... .i, . 
i .(..i. RoIoti 
• '■1 vi i V 

HUM Htm Rulll MaDII >"• fchllinpf: \li,> -! I. ..In | .mi . . Mnu It 

i.l,„.t, liliulll Ml OMi Wn\i i 

I ."( Maiil|H mii I) i (.iii.i siiiImi. Paiiwl ttmm ihikh mm 

tun IMiawt. iiiiiin i. !■ hull i ii.m fcliaiiuni %«. . > 

V»1 I"' 1 " "'■••I " v. 1P |«|ii„» 

mm m,,i,..i i,i,i. n. n,i., i .. 

I., ,.!,! Ml,.i.L>. I I . . 

I H 111 


I ■■ ■■ \ i-. William m-»i iv I him i 

i .1.1 U..I. II Mi.fl.l i | || 

%• Mi (• I 

«"" II 




New Acquaintances 

IIHM HOW | ....... I. ... l 

W...I. Kalhl W. l.lMl.m,, 1. MiiiSHKiiW I it.* W i M.ul.i.. / !>,..■. \\ 

V ■ .,, ■ l.-i . I .„,.ii 1ii>.li . U.jin. i Mill I in". K.'.il. Illinium I HIHIt HM\1 |*m- i \\i It km! •■ 

imtoi /iiwii i w-ii kuiii vim Wdii ■ ■ • I mm i n now \.\ ».,. i 

»..ii,i. hii.u /m.i.i, s..ii i.iit. ...... w. ...i.,. ii |..n W.m i , ii i. i 

I IF I II ROM II " Ull K /iii-i.. i.-n Him.". '■ ! 

Wlnnltighofl Uit tin WIIIumh U|inn W 

ijuiii< moimMi ol Stout «i* mUm 
mil ind DM hllUt praldOM 

i. l-iiii M.mrv >nr iim-iiSiii. Mm M.piinci. imtuim < »i"l Miiilln. wir- 

•te*/*/ 1 fltey 

Cominenccincnt represents a threshold in 
life between iccuriti ol education and 
independence of one'i first job, Phcscnioi yeai 
is ,1 lime <>i looking bat l to friendships gained, 
itmgglcs iviih Khool work, and the many good 
limci ili.i are .1 pan ol college lii<*. I \" elass 
ol 1962, .i- ii< ihmi n, was one of i h< two < lasses 
who constructed and burned letters reprcseni 

inn the opposing ic raihei than the tradi 

tional homo ing bonfire. The glow ol 

m i' I iiiok againsi the night sk) was 
irul) an Impressive light, During tlieii next 
Homecoming tlic upnomorcs decorated the 
town with blue and white footballs on lamp 
posts .mil posters in windows "Azure Isle 
brings back memories ol beautiful decorations 
at .in impressive [unioi Prom. \s juniors, "« 
dividuali were recognized as leaden and lot 
outstanding academit achievements and sen 
i.r c die Khool. I lib MM has been filled 

wiih interviews .ni« i selections ol teaching ton 
tracts, internships, or positions in industry. 

Spring and the Senior llani|ue( meant the last 

snaring ol experiences and friendships. 

Looking ahead, new graduates can't help 
wondering what changes will have occurred 
when ihey route hack lor (unite Homecomings 
to renew acquaintances with old friendi ai 
Stout State College, The face ol their alma 
in. net has changed significantly within the era 
of the class ol 1962, New landmarks include the 
Memorial Student Center, die nt w men's dorm- 
itories, Fryklund Mall, and plans lot expansion 
ol I .mm i Hall, (he Student ('enter, and new 
dormitory and athletic laeilities. 

I OOking ahead eat It one is filled with feel- 
ings Ol hope lot ,i lUCCeSSful Inline and apple- 

hensive thoughts ol being independeni in a 
new worltl apart from the protcciivcncss that 

was .) ol College days, 


Chance for Opportunity 

Uowmoak, Wli 

/l((ll*l"iill l.llltHllilll 

Una Mn.rtu 
ijii Claire. Wk 

II""" f f '>fll»lflt I /■(. 

Mm Aliunn 
MllnnlR) Hi. 
fmfiuTi faf lUimllcn 

Kuilli Uiirm 
Mini, in 

f'1ifu<f'l4f f<flM«fl"*l 

H-lbi. VobM 

IMhlmii \V|i 

fiiif«>[>ui/ J (i 

I, Hi. 

Hi.,., ll.L.t 

Hlll-.l"!.!. H l> 



N > 

Uini ii 

Si*nW\ i\i. 



I.,.. ■ 

M.m li.- U.viihIm 
M Paul, Minn 

IfOMa I ttHwnlt ' I il 

f ImIi- \llbo«i 
s-.i.iii tprinn \\ i' 
imiumiit /'!■ 

Gnahl \ml«l 

( IlipprW* I. II.. Hi- 
Imln Hi hi,' QfNMllMI 

I. mitt ImktfM 

>\ i in Rapfck ^' " 

In4uiltt«l Tnl 


OwMraj ItaniU 

tinlbli Minn 
hi.tu.Kiat BAuntiOH 

paui Bitted 
M.l.julcr. Wh. 

n ■ ■■ 

|.mi.. I1I--1 
Hiiiui.ii"--' H • 

/nilui'ri.i.' / illifdlliifi 

M.iiiiii Blondi 
<.,,.,, Bay, Wb. 

kuiriclli llnniwi 

lira»ci Dam, Wb 

J-i.In.n i.r/ / ifrii-ilii'ii 

ludllb Ibnjnri 
Ramir. Ui. 


Mine B»\ici 
Btact i ...i Wh 


k ■« lU^L 

Mj.I.-pii IVH 

(irana! " 

IValUC* llnul* 

■ Hi. 

\|.n 11<ik->Ii 

// ( . ■■ . ■■in i Ed 


M Wb 



Mi'l i- 'i ■ 


jjini • ll'nli i 

Riupp, \v li 
bulHiliial liluiainni 

Koineih Rothol 

t uthlraj U 
/mfu" . 


Practical Applications 

I jtaim. , Bop i 
Rorhairr, Minn 

Imtmtiitl l.tlutatitm 

Dmbtool Wli 

/l,.)'l.i(l.,l /.I'. 


M .11 jl\ N- i 


ii.-.. i. 

Diane < oltn 
Uoodotl, Wh 

llnmr lumuin. 

Mastered Problems 

IbJII Iti.l-.i.i., 

KhlmluMkr, Wh 

)<4m Brand) 

Mi.u. Wh 
/'l'fli>F'lilf 'JlKOfMM 

lAVallt. Wh 

It ami i ■ 

(Inline itidiriin 
Mini :. Wh 

ll'i-nr I 

l'.iuM BlCMkl 

Urnomonk Wh 


tkHllKilR Wh 

/ri'fm"l«( fVfmnlHtfi 

M.ll |CM- 11 ■ ■ > ' I 

Ki'- i ( II . 


Mtut'tit /i'i«"N.-i 

«m IWixi Wh 
/nifmlilfll /.ii" 

Kdwwd (jiUm 
l-iu < 1*. . ■ 

\\tl\ ( hmpCMI 

Wabau, Wh 

|.Kl.rl. I i,|„, 
llintr IjOUf- 

Ian* ■ 


/•'rfmlMtf f h*~i»Jif(1 



Another Milestone 

Kjnb ■ I* \^ i« 

\niolnct(v ii.»m 

U /.- ■:.., 1,1 


. \\ .. 
| | ■ .' . 

I'lirn m c ma 


■ . • I .1 

II tn I) 


klllllMl' I ■ ■ 


M*i id >i DjMiiii 

- : Mil ■ ".- 

li r I 

mnh n 

Flam i in. IVh 

w.i, Dkkwn 
I'Mi'i' > IVb 

<■! I.l'l Mil | llll | 

Vim.. I, ill 
l'i,U-iiui: I ■: 

Rodgn Erthwli 

Mt IMMIMMlIC ** b 

IhiIliIimI I il Upn 

Itill.lir liifl 

I M*fl »M 

lli/mr 1 1 ..ii.-in, i J ,| 

Dofb i nm 

ll.iriRiM. Wh 

InHltMtion Mimafmrnl 

Man Mwi 
Strphomn, Mlth 

'•"i*'"< //"tnr ' 

Knnl i. ,.i.„, 
■nlMn Uhl 

hutu.tif,: i.i ,„... 

\tnlu » ■ i i 
I mcmb 



Klci.IiI 1 

<i»i„i.i Wb 


Rob«1 li.l 

Km I (ill llMKiq 

!».,„. »,, 

'/« ■ Ei < . ,<i /,< 

Miiliiii i 


|pp-.|i'l I .11, \ J|| 

Ilti'l. - w 
tndttllti I 

t nun Gbm 

( .rljll.l 

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(Until UnmLoMl 

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Huron it.iii nun 
I lyUHl I. II. Mich 


College Climax 

•ur* llil«( 
UinCMIi ' . IVh 

Horn' /'i"i'"i"i /•' 

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Won ftNd, *'■> 


\lllllll ll.Mll. 
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lima' l 

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laran Hut id 

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Horn* I • tmomU • I ii 

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\n)(inii. Wh 

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Milium llopfW 

o.ikhm. IVb 


Foreword Progress 

*.. III. 

Il\. Ibl Ml. 

I ■ 

II. Ml! I 

/"lllCfll.ll /if 

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Run I 

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M. IIOIMMlll 11 II 

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l|.|.l. I. iii. Wli 

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luiluilnal liilnmln^ 

tiitltttt'ut lilu-<iU»" 

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"■>".< ' " * 

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Sitiigrnn Hat, 11 n 

liitllt'l'l-it I .("("'('ill 

Mat) kni 

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IHrirllei Knu*ci 
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I .. I K.J.I. 
I. ,11,11. t... 
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\l.i. h..i.l.l Wit 

f/i i. . ; 

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Kiufip WIi 

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tgft. >>.n-ii 
lil..uik<<. WIi 

n i ■ in . / .1 

r. i K ... 1 1 

M -nil Ili'll. M. lil" 

i mi. ..,1 i.. 


Prepared for Future 


i.l.v.,, WW 

I II' ' 

klM|.|>. Wll 

(mluilN-W /.ftu.ifi.i.i 

< ha i In Kmi-kii 
Mllwaiiln Mi' 

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/i.'iiiiii.ii / ili.irtii"" 

Doiukl i »u 

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lu.Uil, I,. 

HI M I Ml 

II ■ . I ■ 

Robed l-.i 

... \\t, 


lU.I-M I,. 

> ■ Mi 


| .. .i I IflN 

,t| WIi 

it n ■ ' ■ ■" — '" ' ' •' 



diplomas in Hand 

J. M.V.II 

i. ion r. ■« M h 


KctUKltl Mj<Ii- 

IVauuti Hi. 

lflUiln.ll t.luttttiim 

. ■ 

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II ■ . 

Kwt| i' 


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Ujnllowu Wti 
RmmM Hd 

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K..I-M UlH 
Oiuluka, IVli 

lailuiliul Edtk 

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lllMl I iko Wh 

Mji. Minloa 

K..,l.l 1 iujf. Un 

C--it-i Uub 

Hi<l"">. Mum 
/rn(i("M.|, r f if |tf 4(1(41 

|V-llll<1 M.lll.l 

M.I,."!. . U 

/■ufmiriaf liiiimj..f\ 

GmoI] Mom 

0.1,1,-1,. \\„ 

Ijhb Matt! 
Rmppi Wh. 

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1 ,1.1 Mflfilari 

1 -1I1. Wll 

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KmiiiM Milk- 

M.iOili-l.l VVfa 

lr„li«liuil l,lul.\ll.->, 

l.'.n It 

Mil* juli r. \\ it 

[,■1,11 Milium 

'll II. HllrllllC. \\,\ 

huluiltial I ifixafmn 

t I Muryrnlriiig 

(oiled. \\l« 

Marilyn Moot 

lr<,|.ul. III 

Ih'U In, 
Kuril UOOCC 

(•mnal Ham* llimomut'l,l MlHIUHI 

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i lafnc Men 

IVllHlOO Wl 

r.'iii-mf llomi ' 

Jjllic \rl-m 
U.ultJi-. »i> 
litiuilltsl li> <i->4-ty 

1...-.I,! v 

WhllC Km IjIi Mum 

|.' / iI-l.FiiKl 
P.M.I NlWll 

VUiland "i> 
Miutrfal Ma ■ 

Sin V 


KiJmi N (iimm n 

U< lW"l»>«H IV I' 


Pb*U S 


/lllfU'"-*' I" ■ 

\itlmr Mulfei 
\ nsNi " h 
rnifui'imJ f.i>. 

» ,n i .1 Mitrltri 

* hlp|K«ri Falh, \VK 

ffm i I ■ • ■ It 

Goals Attained 


Sad Farewells 


i . u 


Muiltft i 

I Itnbnh I'-ii 
MgiMiu IV'M 

ft . i • , i.t 

1,1. ]< I'dui-ii 
i ohalo, Mm" 

//. / . .... /.' 

c iiuhli ttttn 
Staitdluvia, " 

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tmltoit i 

Ik. I'.iII 

CM Lull, Ui> 

/hifuifiiaf Mi"«Ikipi 

Bin i'j"t"» 
,. v.,. 

'<■ ■■ • ( M 

I rnunl h... 

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MiaiiUt Kduittw* 

lohn i'i>fc-'iiii 
\ti iron, Minn 

[otui iv.ii 

i li,|.|..i..i t jill*. Wi 

Vtfftel fi'iidrfii 

iu,iiii, ropko 

( imnon. wb 

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N <"..!- I'r.l 
K'IkUII Hi. 

1 1'ii-lmn 

Cllmn, Hi. 

^ / ■ . . , 

M^iil l'ii..t 

n>. Minn 
Ih4uHtU Aid 

Room n,. "i 

Mn. IVh 

fotfifitiM Mi 


v » lUMbart 

UpnunoaM . Wli 

t. 'a, nit Hom4 Bnmomta 

'"-""i Horn i ■ 

i am Kin iitiijun 

■\ MM. L.I WI| 

"■■"" 1 FA, 

Itartd RtWBfn 

'[Mil. 11,. 

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VptlUntl, Muii 
fitfaurrM Mimilni 

It k hard Romiqnbl 

l'l-lll<llllll /lIlilll/ll'TI 

Mjii> Hiihuiii 
rhlafkkl. Wli 

III. I . 


M.ii.iimmn Hi- 
'*"'" I '" '" 

li hi Viini 

■ ■ I' i> 

/' . ;..-.. i ... . ( ./. vim 
k*i r-ii Ut« 


Kntli V'^ 

IkHhfMH H'W 

it . . 

IllHllllll «|i 

i It fain 

M '>■».■. »" 

Or. Wn 

Vn*J - 



lu.. W» 

Happy Memories 


• Uiulci Wolnrw 

IMmm W. 
// ; ■ ■ I 

• I.,., •>. ■■ !. ■!. 
1 jtnl.ii.lsr. "J* 

hiilu'ti'al tdu4<iin-» 

Notnun SJm i 

Kliniiijinlii. Wii. 
IndmtriOi Education 

■ Mill Mllllli 
Mi-h-ttiHHlk'. Wiv 

IndnH'i'i ft-- NMcMgll 

:i H ■ • 

Induiliial l.lunll-iii 

m-ti Sdmbi 
Bran. IVb 

II..-:. /(.in- ■:.'! /<f 

Melt til VllTllrf(Cl]t 


I'duittta! UuialiOH 

|.tftis>< & .1 il 

::.f. UlV 

II -.- I , --..—. [ ■ I .! 

|i... Mnq 
Utadb, Wb 

//. na f 1 1 'i'. ''Hi i f (/ 

Dorb vuit 
Tt.mib.mL. iVfa 

// .■■- i . 

(fur iil Ihc mmi limtxn »tml. in I Ik KhIm n«jlml,m 

u tht 'Dame 1 ■Imr p--1 iitnvl' im. I r i-diev 

Mili-iul,. IVfa 


Maqco m.i-i 

tt'ol K<n<|. Wiv 

* / ^ / i . . ■ i , . f ■ i : , i / . | 

lxnn MfjilxiKuii 

Mtiip.m R.I. Wn 

Industrial t,i: 

Inntiri! Vnn 

- ■■■..!.. Wh 


krilli Mrviin 
MrltoHWMlH. \\'l\ 

ImtuMial 1-lmaHon 

Mi 1 1 In>.-. (.ii| 
Smibrd. i».> 
Home l 

M«n Svuc 
V I'aul. Mil, n 

Itan Srawon 

(.IhI.-Yii. Wi- 

VU.ii I ix' 

Mlhoo jumi" n 11 
ImttiMiiit I'nhnolof) 

Vo Via ih» 

btVDO, Wlium 

I ll lll> I luifl«> 

MnonwalOi tt'U 

fiMfnfrM lAuialion 

Inliiiui I li«ni|i»)i 
i Imy, Wb 

\«ii«i I loans ll111 '' 
SiWonA i< iium 

Inrfli.KM.' l.l\.mhim|iii 1 < 
RoMcM iVfa 

/ ' , ■ d' ■. ' .' ■ ial / 'i"'i"i'"i 

51 MORS 

ltff/% Friendships 

-.i rniKb Wp 

lubtl t itnu 

»11Unt IVfc 


Ni- mi j « iv 
Hat >*■• 

(niiutlli+l I''- 



. Vlrtfa 

|ti-UH I 



Careers Ahead 

Rapi i 

1 ■ 

fcrerai ffwre '•■ 

Duong \ h ^« n 

\ ,. 'I ■ . 

Iiuluitu*! Iituftiiiil 

iii.ii.- wnbd 

v I'm). UlU 

i h' Irtlii ui "initi i iimiiijrj-x-" ■*■ 41 re miiM 
rill •1i|>l"tn* i» are -mwldlul li ■ 

i |.ii--ii Hill "i "' ' "i*ii- >._;> -.-ill ha ll'l 

Wimm Dofi 
Hi nit. Wll 
Mmutal Cdamlm 

<H'»|(riH Wolumwll 
Hupp, Wh 


MaanMI /'i'i>iv/»o 

6iur- Ml.n 



ki.i- 1 1 < 
\\mmjK,. Unitoba 

Iniluiiiml /ifiinii'™ 

Foil n nbuwlac: ^ M 

MadMo* " i" mmm 
/nrfmf tial / Wm o lt"i 

Batfaan Wonn 

n, n.i Dm Wh 

l'.i,n . 

Hot.. i VVininun 

/n,li|.(.IBl /,fi..ifri—i 

II..-. I IM.iil 



k>il«n Win linimti 

»>-,, M.i.i. 
II ■ ■ 

h'lln.n ttipt'M 

i.i l .1 

Genoa, Wh 

M ■ . • ■ ■■"././ 



Continuing Education 

Since \Wh. when SlOUl Sunt* college was 

given legislative approval, a Graduate pro- 
grain has been effectively carried out anil 
has grained Master of Science Degrees <<> 
graduate level students. 

"I'o qualify for graduate work a student 
must have a Bachelor of Science Degree 
from an accredited college or university. 
In addition, seniors may begin split level 
participation in the Graduate program if 
it is not necessary for them to carry a full 
load to Complete requirements for grad- 

Personnel in Home Economics. Home 
Economics Education. Industrial Educa- 
tion. Vocational Education, general, or 
with a concentration in Home Economics, 
Audio-Visual Instruction. Trade and In- 
dustrial, or Guidance will have their needs 
met by the Stout Graduate program. 

I here are two plans available to satisfy 
the requirements for Master's Degree re- 
search. Plan 'A' includes a thesis involv- 
ing original research in the field of the 

major, and Plan 'B' requires an investiga- 
tion report in addition to the regular 
course work in graduate courses. 

|jnui l.-V. 

In» fift"rr. Mifh. 

Frederick Mlilnc 
Ihtbottan, Wit, 

Mic Moll Sal I ci 

S(. Van!. Jlt'in. 

IIClli'll Miiillr 
lau Cluiii, lln. 


■ nr, II ii 

1 1 

Att hm llivv. 
Antioth, III. 

MitlicK Janiak 

IN-;.- ■■.,.-. II .< 


Rabat Vombci 

Ull-UVlh. II n 

Sieve Manna 





The learning that Is done in the class 
situation through instruction by people who 
have developed a mastery of the parti, m.,, 
advanced skill ts another important phase of 
our education. People study many years in 
an effort to master specialized skills which 
they in turn can pass on toothers. We should 
appreciate these skills and try to incorporate 
them into our lives and make them our own. 


Message from the President 

"Coincidence," a philosopher ncc 
noted, "plays an imponani role in all of 
life." Certainly ii seems .1 pleasant co- 
incidence that this first TOWER to be 
poblished since my return to Sioui lias as 
its theme. "Learning, Skill. Indium. 
Honor." the very same yearbook motif 
used hoe in 1932, the year ni my gr.ulua- 
lion from Sunn. 

Bui die significance of those words ex- 
tends lar beyond mere happenstance. Since 
1897, they have been inscribed above the 
entrance to Bowman Hall. challenging 
genera 1 ions of Stout students to strive lm 
educational yt;iini» and setting forth. For 
all the world to see. those attributes essen- 
tial in the educative process ol Stout Slate 

True, the world has experienced innum- 
erable Change* since that ins* notion was 
liw set in place 65 years ago, However. 
its l>.i>i< tenets remain sound now and for 
the future because those attributes are the 
requisites of progress, not justification for 
complacency or mere continuance of the 

educational status qua Thus, whether in 
Stout's field of educational specialization 
or in any area of human endeavor, prog- 
ress occurs when an educated person 

utilizes his knowledge and skills to achieve 
an honorable objective. 

This yearbook, too, pays tribute to 
another graduating class - the Class ol 

1962 — which is about to depart from our 
campus, and it is to this group that I would 
like to direct a special word: 

"May you enjoy success in .ill your pel 

sonal and professional endeavors, remem- 
bering always thai whatever you do and 
whatever you are will shape the world 
wide image of Stout State College. Thus. 
as you progress from your first professional 
position to attainment of the eventual goal 

which you have set For yourself, let thai 

progress i>. has,.! always upon the sound 
principles of Learning, Skill. Industry, 






:■ Ml Ii ' (UluMWl '■■ ' ■'■ 

. II , j*l ■ II 'I » • 

I In i. ,.i. IWO l»tfil rBBMWM foi llW 
. «jf[(i I .<<ll, H i I WMlM "'K' '•" «" 1 

i M " MiidviiM t" i Krnppk wliii 

i.l. .n iimiI l«. I" I OlIlllIH WWlli 

„.„..! I)i William I Mleliool* In hi< In 
iiiiuimil uililroui i>i Mkhwli vnt liwu* 

Marsh I'D. 10(12 ni ii Ii 

prwiil i S i HlHU I Soilage. 

* jng i" Sioih vim n k"'' 1 

lui i'i. i\l\i m Mli hei Ii i* 1 "" In Mononv 

mum, (1)0 it»ll 'il ,i I • »• , 1 1 lumiinn 111,111, ||(l 

link ny friends In il ii*v< Ho 

U(d*o ii.tiii.iitf! ' n iwlie graduaied 

Iki< in I'll? mill Im> Mini m i 

• ropuui iw "i 'i M kmnvlPilfie 

nl)|<i hi* h in (in ixiii *ti liidiidvlal edn< 

• ii la) 

I In lOftURMftl I '"ii ii« o m I '' 1 1" 

i. |,m t| tllilllVl i 'it OlIlOl i'tll' H o .net 
j| i I .". " iim (Villi 1mII'"V"1 Its iIm coin) 

Jul .»,..! |iii.i.'n%inii tti ndnilnlitntifnti 

I l.ttttlty ||h iliry V4.I l.t (In Ami I 

t.tii wlt.ic i)m I MirtiM ffl 

llllll |.l,ll< 

Pn ddoni Mfclioeli »• Ida nddrvs* paid 

niiiiiK io lui predcccMon i >i" founder, 

[iiiiii ■ ii ' ""I mbwI dim lilt dial 

i.i»)i» ivlll in 1 »<» omulnii iholi sum wo* 

n •ii.clrtiltii roi!u»B(fi i<'|nnf«iailw 

,, l|,, | l( .(,„,,. il 

\ itanding on n i> «"'<i to Dr. Ukhrri* .'">i bt i- Imro- 

iltunl |0 itir BudimCV 1" I >■ AglM-*, Mj-lci i>l < «iiiin.nii-. 

Snilnc tn iiw andliorintii im Bi 

«ru limited; • dowd clftnll lefcvbioo ni.iiiiiii nun) uudmb ti> 

l|CW ill" IiIjiikiiijI iir.ii»«li ill lIlC 

Manorial Smdni limn. 

i lie iKi<iilc mi 'liiC' ■" **" •" ''"' >inll*iicfc *ne «l«lknjcit 
in iiu inoaghU pnwnied in iiw Inaugural Vddm 


|iill\ \ |\KHv lv-.ii 01 Vh-.l ..I Industrial I- 

mil DimtM '■« tumma Mrion: us hi mcdualol rngtnwr 

ln< I'niimiit •>( \Viui-ii>iii: li» In toduintll rduntlod 

"i«h.I SUlr (i.lkx': U. III. Hj'ivt «.i. I niur'in. I'll l» 

[ mil rnn i 'i Minn ma 


Our Lamp of Knowledge 

Each year the administrative staff at Stout 
accepts new challenges in ihe form of educa- 
tional advancements, higher standards, and 
pmgivvi touaiiK a better college. The quality 
of each member <>l (he administration exempli- 
fies the impressive ideals on which Stout 
was founded — skill, honor, and industry. 

The ideals and leadership merits of the in- 
dividual siafl members create and instill con- 
fidence in die students attending Stout. Al- 
though lighting the lamp of knowledge and 
keeping it burning brightly is no easy task: it 
it assumed with enthusiasm and borne with 
perseverance. Each year SlOUl forges onward 
to higher goals, acquiring larger enrollments 
and olfering opportunities for those desiring 
io enter the competitive race for knowledge. It 
is n»i only the development of the desired 
skills, but the degree of understanding ami 
fellowship one receives from (he staff which 
Creates a feeling of belonging on the Stout 
campus. Administrative guidance and aca- 
demic knowledge are given to each individual 
student with enthusiasm, equipping students 
with the 'certain something 1 so much a pari ol 
the well-developed mature person. 

Never ending unsellishuess in sharing ideas 
and cxjK'i'iences with the student body makes 
Stout's administrative staff truly unique. Class 

reunions for 5, 10, 25, ami fill year graduates 
are also planned for this organization for en- 
joyment by the alumni. 


vrikii m i-Kici. rMan ol m.m. lotto* 

1 ■■! Mui.ln.ri. US I in 

i.i. nt ..( Mlimnou: m \ i nhnsbi ol Ufnw 
—It; B'*!n.(r *w|. I ■|„i,,„rt ..) Minimal 

RALPH C IVWSON. LkM ,., *,,„,„„ x „.„, Mj| ,., 

■ lot .in (mini!. (dhokIm <> in,. in,. ii >■" KikluMf *nil uii.I < i K .*,1ii J if rmiiv. in r.. 
ptoailoa iind Guidance KS- Angmuiu IMkg S n 
l*ll« «-%. i,,. ii. ol Ubumou: Ed. h t . ihmln 
"I r jIiIixiim. 



>IHI\M l'ii»WM\ Dran cl Woomi: 

liiir.-laiUf.ii (o (.unUiHr Ji"! IViMrfWl - 

ti I Hi i Uau Catlrp M t I alti 

IRWK |. IIU.ISII. RfttKRI -ml D.mi.u -I 
I'lai rmciii: II. 1.1. Him >.illi Sutr tltllqtr: M.S. 

I iimi-in ii( Minnrvnj. 

Wilt. ]. KIRK. Itnn of ihe Sdtool ol llomr 
ErodonkK BJ Unlranlt] i>( IVbcoatto; US. Ed 

I) < ohlBlMl I'nninitJ. 

ku . W1GI v Dam ol GndflMt SiudkK r.v 

M \. I'M l>. ImoniK "I MilllirMll 



kouiki i oiiitK Macho Frr*- 

..m.i i, |bi - .. ■'' ii'" 1 

- «■ |..i,i,« i ■iicnlu " * 

\|j« f t«ii' inn. .."« paduw mm 

Kit n\RI> r FRIEDRH II Kwbtt 

\ i: Si in-;'". '' S 
1 1. ..! Mhmm 

Guiding Students 

Each year Sunn's faculty continues 10 
grow, anil each uar they continue to guide 
students in .'II phases of college life. Each 
faculty mcmbei has devoted much time, 
energy, and talent in aiding the men :m<l 
women who add much prestige to the 
nhixil i>\ ihfii comiiiuingquesi For knowl- 
edge. Out instructors spend many hours 
diecrfull) serving :in advisors for many 
( ampus activities in addition 10 their teach- 
ing assignments. 

Sunn students an- greatly inspired by 
the greai enthusiasm the facuhy members 
display i<»i then subjeci matter as well as 
in) j>.iriictn.ui«n in<i\i< projects. Hy par- 
ticipating in these activities they sliow 
ili.u ihey an* ifat |ni»U-«ional leaders in 
i he communiiy as well as in tin- school. 

Facuhy inicrcsi in subjeci matter is 
clearly evident inside and outside the class- 
room. Inside the classroom interesting and 
convincing lectures ami discussions stimu- 
late studeni interest. Outside ihc classroom 
instructors may manifest their interest 
through writing books, teaching ami con- 
ducting special short term or summer ses- 
sions, or by participating in social pro- 
jn isoi research in then field. 

lOlffi s \tU\t b 

Whim*. Mn*n..n I mil ■- 

■-- HMl ■- :■ . Ml. 

rion»l>Aiiii v.i. I >ni<ii|ii 

UIKEitKi \ INDERSON, He*! (4 

lV]uittiHr.i <il hulling, tn, he* Drift- 
ing li • Stool m,« toOqp M * 

I l. ,k,t<- 1. -.1 MililirW, ).! I) I in 

i nuii ■ 

UiWlN iv, M) 1 1 k i tcHtta Uc<tun. 
i<il Drafting, Mxliino Draftkig, Go* 
n.l Dulling: as. Stout LmIiuic; 
m i.i r.iimiiuiiij Sum College. 
Wont ilm.iMiv. Bradlq i oJtohiY 
Stoill Imttlulr. -i-l New Yo ■; I i. 

-i • < i 


ROiiiRi I PHELPS loche rrob- 
man in|clith. Joumlbot CopycdUiAg: 
H \ Mofnlnnbk College m * '"•■ 

til-- I'llillT-iH 

M\H(1V t It \k U \ «iH I ■ . 

!,. ,. ■ B ■■■■.. v . 

M \ I'lllWKlll I.I UliilHI'lll 

I Vl< » < r.vnW ' 


1 Ikgr. UanttUc Mh- 

Setting Oar Standards High 

IIIOM\S I. II I MING. CJuttnun ol 
Hit- lk|uiimcni o( InjIiJi: ICKhei 

tun nation. 1'mutr Willing. I <- linn j1 
I'lilhtg. I'uWic RtbUon .nut Enttbh 

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EaflUii rv Calkcc et viim i.:.... 
vt \ i nlrroiu "' Wbcnpta 

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t iH\ I V H\KNs mtbo v 

I il.r.itm, I'min. .NhjVr-i- 

pndtor] Writing D \ M » PI D 


I I i>\n >\ n\im i m.i llnd " 

ii ■ iirni i "i Printing u 

I'pinlm, <,l.|.lil. tin i>* Sutui 
m * i otonaa niu < oil«n ol 


rmwi n K H\kU \ l«Mbn 

i. n s N'Mihrrn MKl w»« 

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.. Graph li tin oii-i ii 

iiii>i;ij|iiii. I HhucraphTi 

■ i (•■null Pilaiinn tail 

I imp I" j M Ms s 

X.I- I ■■ll<-(' 

nWK.H'I I >». ll.i.l mi 

!'• :■'■■ I ' i Vi , , ■>, , 

Mwlnn WutU llhuxi "i 

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I .In. | .l|.1 |l»|i|ill III Kll.lll'lll. 

it \ i-.ii t..i!. t . . m \ inii niu 
i niifiMii ,p| I"". 

Ill Ml \ I. Mill" l.„li. I 

■ ■ . ■ . 

■ ■ . i I I P II * 

MS Umt M.I. 

IMillll \ | 141 VMM .... I,. 

t iiii. I tlrtrhipmnii iml h 1...1.1 

lot Inul i> >• i.M 1 1.-. I k j, X \ 

■ 11 s ion hiii 1 in 

1 ■ M ' M.11 I nit n ,A [,.„, 

M\KI.\KI I I HUtl'MI 1 

I....I I'n |i.ii.iilnii .111,1 VlntiKi. hiini 
.In. mm in lixlniij! Mi 1. 1 
llXllllIK Ii" III. 1111.11. IIS 

\\ n In. 11 I imiinli. Ms K| si.i. 

I ni' > 

Kc«l»lng •*■<••■ Jinl nillH in i-"ni> 'n tun oou|Mlian I 
Clrnld MtonanA) uxl hu iriim. notkan -i • ind 

I ACt I.I V 

Working with Student Groups 

I'M I \ »\l I.W.I 

i. - MS Mixil 

lliuVIvs I «.K \\ irwhn Cm 
ml I'ii >c li» M\ 



n\/n m \ v\ m« m 

I Mm, \].|.iioi Dtni Dotgni B.1 &)!»• 

him I iiiwmik. M \ I kIiiiiiIm.i I 111 


» LV N 


\l\« I n \ \Mk Irwhn i« 

(MMlUI LlMlMN \|illii"i- M 

Ms *> i Hill <"H<«r. 

M\K\ II \ l\ Ml-. 1 ' 1 

I liillmts l >•>-" 

i BS IM 



lot I* I hi 1I/K1 ( 
tui F*rebologj. Aiiok-«fiit I'm- 

.hi>lu*i. \|i|i! mill* lltr Irnlnii!- 
ml (in-. !(■ Guidance !>• lirni]i"i-»: 

\ ii souinmsictn CoUeae-. Win- 
IkIiI. Kjhu>: MA. I<! I" <»!<■• 

uit" NfJtc ( bllCCCi <■!«■ !■ ' < i l.p 

i jtl" 

CUV SU.YiK (Oiilio StunHlJii 
Eilucailoo. Educallonil PiyehoJc- 

B-. In PlJttlOtOHi A. II. 

\m. ifnhtnli] ni Mluouli 
I'liIK Ifnlvenft) «l Nrlnada. 

i tin ii K in rriNC, Head "I 

ihr P. i-iiirn- hi til t iliH.iii-iii and 
i'n.ii..i.-ji; iracho Kduraitonsl 
PtwhobwVi l*«.iln>li^ "I Irani* 
jltg, I'd v. ii j I jmiI MciiUl llnltti, 

Oiganlndoci and v<l Miaiion 

„i Guidance; in Wayne Stair 
L'nhrnlli; MA- PhJ). t'nlvn- 

'll\ ill Nclnj'lj 


Ready to help 

OTTO IV Ml/ '■ «hS «^llt>Jl 
ami ImitKJiiii ( hrim-liv. Qowl 
Ulm- \ii.("i. <, .'.i I n 

Gi.i.iih; MalCffcah IIS lliu- 
ii.i C&lqtn M.s. I'hii. Snie 
I'mlii'ilv • ■! Iiitij. 

II I I NOB II. (OX Iraiho l.iu- 
cnl and Iiwbkiiik <"!i>. 
Oinafa Cho > Biodimbiiy: 

lis \| \ 1 iiiwiMh ,.f IViHSO 

< I \K\ A. t'\KKIS(>\ Iriilir. 
Ii-k! l'n-|Mrjiiiiii. Experimental 
Food*! lu.t. Wcncni llllnob 
Stair [fjclirr« (ullrjtr: M.v I'm- 
ii him "i Iowa; Graduate Mudir*. 
Unltenit] ol Minnesota, Ohio 
mjIi- 1iiimi.hi. I nitn.iis i>| 
rptDOMC, 1'niici-iiv iA 1'<iiii»I> 

MARGUERITE «.. II \ K K A. ul rlir I bib tng and li\. 
dies Depuunait. ictuha <:i<«li- 
in, Cominiatoni tailoring, Hb- 
ton "i Cortumei lis. Unnvnlij 

■ ■I "-inidciri lllnwt> M \ (Sromi 

Probodi College; Team 
vtoronn i nlrcnlt] 

M\KMI\ Rl ill AMON, Head 
i>( Ihr Hone Flirnlihlnfp and 
i lain Dqnnmeni: iradir* ih-nr 
I iimldiittn, < ralu; lis Under* 

'it' •'< » i-in: M S L'Dlvmli) 

i'| \VL-i<ir|i|ii 


t-n'i.ii Eamomki Inerian Poll' 
lia. t (iiii-l Mjii i «■...< ii]in< nt; li v. 
Ran < l-"iir SUU Gollqge: M\. 
l'nUcitil\ <it Minnrvid. 

M\KI\\ M DI.IMNI.IM iriilirt 

General Sociology, Problem •>! 

Imcimn Smirtv. I jI-pi Problem 
(.Hiimuoiu Onaiilnttoa; u \ 

m \ . pii.D. 1 nlwriH) ol M t- 

in wis nam \n ttadta Gen 
itpI I'miifii'nn. Pnndplcf • >■ Sct« 
."ni.11. Edaaiioai 11 V Si. Obi 
(..llr*.-; M. l.l. UkbIcuo CoHse. 

iRHHRHk ». ivi \ki tacta 
CdKnl 1 1 1 Tin. 1 1., oi-jiii, < 
hit*. QialliMltr \i^..'i-,- 1*. v 
R !■- 1 Collar; m > inn. 


iit-Iii. M \ I nltfnb} hi Ikmin; 
i.t 11 cmorauVi SuteCMIar. 

I \CI I I \ 

Well -Informed 

iorw s. iiv.miii leaifaa 
I ■•! SjkhIi. EncBlItll 
•it riiiitu Stxafcitu. \i!\.iin.-i 
Spend Aiimticv I liriiir Woel- 
«li'i|i. > >i*gfii<ilt jint Seme IV-iljn. 
Puj ProdiMlion: it. v. M-\. I' 

I iiiwi.ilv 11I \\ H.1.IHII. 

NORMAN < /\\ MANN, IL.ul <>l 

Mir Drpaiunrni .>i Sprcth: intha 
1 inn' null "i Spfcthi EmchiuIi 

i.I I'niiiii Sjn'jVinR. I>i-ii"inii .in! 
Idl'iii I i-i linn|ii(> "I (•i<>ii]> 

IuiIi-m1i.|i. R.kIi.i .iii.I Irlcii.ion 
\\ liittliiiji. I1_V |j CmK Mjii- 

(iillcgr; M \. Konhwoinn 
1 nlttnlt] 

M\KY I CIJTXAM icarha O1.1 
c ■"iiiniiiiu.iiixii. Vilramnl Publli 
tpcaUngi 11 \ 1 M-V 1 im.Kiis 1. 1 

I I.t 

111 ULU < IRNKSON i«hr» 

(.inrNl BlOkfrr. t TminiUii 
riii'n>t->C> jikI llUlOBT, III 

unicil I'hjilnliH'. Ilrttiliit ji"! 

- II \ VipiiMjihI ( "1 

.■ m \ Unitvnft; at Wrote 

\\\i i m\kmim i. Ilndel 
il"' IK'jiji iiiiriti ii| Stirncv ami 
UaihauikK irjihr« BWogy. 

I'I|1*h>1i>(1. tlUllHIll. Jilt I 1lj< 

tniokttt: HS IVm—ii 1 linn 

..11 \| \. >:, ii Ohio Mile I'ni- 

1H» \KI> M H>HR\ tachrt 

(.drill ll,i>li-;i. I'lixmlaiKi Jitil 

\imi."ih. t niitiiiiiiiilt Ihulcur 
j n, I \ II RJpoo COllfBC, 
I' iiiiirtiiii i«i Mlftourl 


Guiding and Assisting 

NVMTi P ll\K\ IKH. He .i«I i.t Ihc 
DcpaiUMil "I ludiO-VbtUl I -In 

ii loiihn I Ihih-iiiim PholO* 

i. ;■!:>. \ il > i n i i- il Photograph*, 

\\ U V i. I.Iiiijiii.i. M.-iii.n 

I', i en i r I'li-lnili-m. Viiili" \ fill 

uWnifcM. Problrau Ln Vodto- 
\ mui Inuiudion; ii s. M \ Stoui 

Milr CDtkgR lil D. Inili.uu T m 

koiiiki i m.mi KlKll iracha 
i alio \ i •" j i i iiin iiton. Photogra- 
phy: II «. Souil mi ■ I! in- -i> I'nivrt- 

«n>. m i. indfauu iiii>ii,ii>. 

mint hi I WILSON ir«hn 

■ iii.iIi of IVngti. Vihinif.t 

* PWln*. I i-.iii. 

tii: n\. m \. oblo Saw ifal 



M\tu k WILUAMS Iwha \n 
\pptntaitor \ti IfhUMf, Fundi 

DKnUhol Ih.ttn: II \ \1 \ | ,,, 

< "I M'hcomln 


HENRY J <-l RHIR ie*tht* Mtial 
IVwfclng: ns. NrnitmvMcm Sole 

IcjiIkii COHcn Vtxiifcm. vmili 
Uakou; MS Okljlmraa Suit I'ni- 

1.1 -111. 


■ it jfl| 

_• 1 

, r 

kl.NM III ) IRK'KMIN l,„l,. 

hulling 11 > UiH-'mni Suir. 
I'l-irnili. \t \ i njrtnk] ■•! Mm 

kiuiiKi i DCRAN loKba Hand 

Wood- M U'OOdwVI 

|Mg II \ Mn m.„ii m„. |„llrp. 



" 7Bj 1 



- ^^ 


<■ S H'AI I. hatha Graduate Bdu- 
'-""--" counc*. kor.mli 1'n >- i.I ii ii^. 
\i!iiiiiiiiIi jli<m. nuiii\ procedure*; 
is v M \. I'd i). i nlimli] "i 

I In' inrinlx-n iit ilir I i > imuiirot. |i 

i). UanhalL Ui Uwomi and Ui Dfckanm gn h^mii. : 
i <lj» hml I'" i dip nl HMMK mllrr 

CI II K I < UK IS I I \ \ SON 111 . \llltllt \llllniv lllllll 

ii. mil it jin«t i4>n. Drawing: us. 
M> Stow Slate Colkgts EdJ) 

I iih.imU ill Wiixiiitif. 


JKI SI I KIH. 11/. inchO l'li«'i 

i.I l.lui.tii-i; llltl li I "-.-- 

MUIC (.Jl*!!^- *'■*■ SBflhWHO* 

I m.iT-n 

, 'i. , .' CdOOtJotU II V lilr 

li-ni tolkgr: I'li.M. t'ni.n.m 

0| "i-i«ii.n. 


Pbulral EdiicaiiPB dMta. TboNi 

of l..4lull. Ili.l.llall. t.tiiiliK- 

in-. l(j"i Sponx ii«< and 

M V Ici"i»l|i 11! |.i»I. 



KI'IHKK (. KLATT. icsulirt 
All WcMing, l.cnrt-1 Mini-: 
I; V Ms SlOUl Malr Orilqp. 

ii\Koi.i) n. li \n is temha 
Grnnal McUlt. Wcbling: LA. 
Fainmmi Slate College, Fairmont. 
'»"' Vhglnta: \lv SttMM State 

cufiord .. ki mi icMba 

'■" , " M. ",„,„„, |,,,(_ 1V|l . 

-.if t-iu^. rbtmfDe 
M ' ' »hmUj ..i iv'tamfe; ..!• 
diUORal »i«l. < Jlr Inn,!,,,,. ,^ 


■^'- Uniim (i p| s,*[h 


1( "Wit. 

MYRON II IMKhork hwha 


M\\ k W4RCUI H 


■i-I Vli,' 


tjniii .,,.11.. ,. . 




<flt<w mi '! u.\. to 


Experienced and informed 


i>l Tntihing. Iiluiiliim I I 

ike; li v u,.,,*,.,,, Sute <->ikc< 
.i! Swtnu PafaKg «« Mixti suic 
(nllqcr; l.Nt Mid 

kM II I kl I twta I 
(rtlkxi Alp ' 

!. i ; 
■' i ■ 

Ul Mll on. gndmtc -i~l I 'I. 


MM III « 1\ kl \l*i>\ 

- I. * lr. 
bvrjt Sun ■ • I'm.. i 

mi oi m 


■ Mi-mn I LiiL I 
"C"l itw 1 lll>'i"H i>( t* 

|o-i I'll I I li I ik. ■ 
ft A Cdlra 

m; BA OJ Si 

-■' Mux- \| \ < ■ 


him in vi i-\ «• lathn MMhinr 

u.-.l. i U'mI Pool 

Md M'.Inri' Q m J Ii l wv lMC IL3 I". 
trnh] ■' S'fh "' ■ m » i iritrnfij d 


MUMS < IMM M » V i. Khn Hin.1- 

« M 1-1. (>r<x<ii SUM 
I "iiiia i%ll« 

\K\<1[1K I'll HSU I. t.j.lio IIjii.I 

Woodwoiklog Midline IVoodWotklng 
i! \ km si.n. r<*chcn Colkgci 
M V < DlMftda S»tc t'ollqpv 


Lending a Helping Hand 

\\\\\ \Ht) MUKIl \l . \\ 

IDOMltllC Mnlmiiiv- I'ihii I' 

JIN llllT||.]|l fUtf I'.lli'H < oMllC. 

MP.' U .... M ... 1 , ■. 

RctutnllM alumni pa) ili.ti line. ii. CCHVK* Sodnbctg HDO iIIkiu 

ill" Jdilill ill (In Mmiioii.iI Mliildll (CnlCI. 

ttTAI n « SOMMKRS n.,,; ol th* 

I Mil Ull I I.I I I . . I . .;. Ili-Iijllllli III. 

I ' -' In • ll ■ I M UUfP I1IM1I. "ll ll 

iii i umi.,! vu-\ Conlrol.Dc 

••' l»i.HIIIIX 11 S I 

V M I iiini.iii ..I \tu ■ . in 

I IIIMI.lll ..I M 

IIS n SWANSON. Head of the 
Drpvtncni i>< \Vm«lvi<iiiiii((; ii-ni... 
l*r»»Kii in WoodHOtUiWi Tom -iid M.i- 
ililiw < '•■thill Uitii iik. Ailumol li.lnu 
ul 1'iiililcnii In IVoodcotUnjL W< 

i.ili-i ■! I < - ?l II l< jl I'I.pMi IILi Ill (.nil :.ll 

Shop, Etluailoul ««"ii". n v M<S 
Mi'Kt; I'hll. I'nlimio ■ >! Mimiooii 

K i OUEN trxba Cnauit . Gca. 

«-.j1 w.-.i-.-iiin.;. Uphobim; B.v. 

l0« Mai.- Inmi.ii, MS. I„»j Mj, c 


kkorgi » Mini.KiiiKi. 

tin»hinK. Palatini .i„j |.. 

■ ■ 

MINN [I \ (ll»K.\k|Kh.1im. ni .l 

MlKll I >i l-JIIMK III. ICftthC* »'""Ht1l 

lljmt. Marching Hjh.I. Mmj^KHik 
Mngrti. Solo jnil Knvnilile <U«v 
RlHlimmll 01 Untie, \. NJ 1 tod lii.nii- 
mniul IohxK ! ( * . Coooanfll «<■! 
Inc m v . i inn nip i>t \* .1 ■■ 
Ph-l). L'nlimh) ■>! loin; grajuMf 
wort .1 Unhvmtk* "i Matncwu, 
Mlchhan. -ml Konhwaitra 

hii ii\m u \MTHORieKbf*Sm< 

M.i.1. Mjfil.u. liipnwxiitln; OS. 
\t * SlOUl "iiic ( ollqp-. 

MARVIN M. KUI Mil tc«l,r< Poaa- 

■ - I M.Ml; IIS.V>. Mini -]..!,- 


I lllOIXikl t Wll li 

. • ■ ,. I; x M- . . 

i rri<mii>: mm i nfitntt) ol Uh 



lltllN \ [AX, IttbUnl 1.1- 

I. ,.,,,.." ami Ihc llr*I K"i- 

,1*11101 ihcN'c* MfliVDMi 
n \ \1l~.-ikht Iftai* < ollnp 
In u< M * i""'»""" 

bnrian; iv v Unlwniil '- 1 

I ")iHi-i«il>. 

\|> ( iiUmilii" 

M\RV R. DONLEY, \»M>ni 
Librarian; li i M ' ' lUwnli) 

lull \H HOW1SON. AMbiam 
Librarian; » v NWihbnd Col- 


Working with Students 

I WAYNE lOIKIM .V iraclic* 
(.(iili.iI rmliofcigy. IflDclnkf "i 
Snonibr) Education. ( nu< 

I'll- I i| Hi C >. I'll II t'llllllll 1 III 

DONAI l> l OSKOARD !■ >n, 

linn Vtlratatom Examiner! n 5 

w i-i nii'iii College, tin 

i I.,,,, 

"Mil « I i.l Mir .. , 

I M|.|. ||| I .. luif) I..,.., , 

1 ■ ''-"I '"'■'■'■ ' 

"> i.l...... .. r 

" i 

« i'«. "* ' I * 

»' ■> K ' \ 

[IWIC1MI i- i in-.-.,.. > 

nl "tt.t.ll, I mi III U| I..I ||h \.I,..iI ..1 

1 i.l.,. .i.,.., ,. ■ 1 . . 

.1. .1 
•"■' ""' "■'■ • ' 1 (',. 

•' H ' M " "' I 

,( » ' M 

»»«Mm I \ |(Mls !...'., M. .1 

'I ■ ■■ ■ .1 h< 1 

IN M «i \ 1 ■■ 

'■' W ■■■" III IN I m r , ■ 1 >, .| . 

J-lllll, lll'l'llll ll| 

1 H 1 P I' .ii' li I ■ I 

1 'i ■ ■■ ■■■ 1 ■ 11 I Wir lop 

* I tlUlllll 'll"H|.l.. ,ii 

' 1 1 1 nil WmIi 1 .1 

>•* I' Itirri 11 •> mv ' 1.1 li 

' ' I M 

I IHMI'M I I I Kits 1- 1 

•" 1 ""1 Il I -I "li 

1 1 hi li «. lis OIK (I 

1,. Msi 

rxHtnim 1 11 1 

THIII H I < • l.iii|ln . I Imii. I lllllll 

" ■ Ill I ... I . .11 \ \ 

Wrj'l it 11 lu ■ ' 1 dI 

"■- M-l. I nliei i] jo 

fcVMY* RIMKI llMd 

■ "i" 11 1 1 I| 1 Hi 1 if -H 

■ . ••Pi. - M .. Hi. I I III I 

I I I ■■ I I 

HI. I l.i, .1..,, [.,„, V,,, 

i"- 'li v M H11 I'n 

< \ Hi li 1)11 

I Ml I Illll Mil 'I' ||Ull| 

■I llH 'I I I't 

i.i uivr 1 huh im. hi ■■■ 

11 " I ml1l| Im 

■ ■ . ■ ■ i' |>I,M II. mi- Mi. 

I ill- ill Mi lllli II % \l \ I ,,,,.,..i. 

\ tnniul Nmh ' '•""' •••-'' Mtlitn Caua pfaii 

M U*i i*f< ->" i 'I" r- i ■ 

l \( i I I \ 

Molding futures of fomorrow's Citizens 

i\s M stuil I lliwld tii. |l ] iii 

" " I ■■ ■ I ■ 

. . || i 

i Mn i I Iwh 

ii i i ■ ■ 

M ^. I Htl ■' M 

.immxki i \ n«»p. m 

1 1 •tiiitif. i ii n I 

n % m \ M.,. ( i w ii.,. 

mmmi « i ii ii • imka 

. . . ntili ••! < totliliiRd ' ItrthlBK 

< I Mill I !■" II * I i - ( v ' 

\l N In-. M.ii I • 

It u 


KHAN/1 '" II. I* I 

lllllKlll-ll. U.illll. I. ll 

Mi.ri. sjr. n i.iin.1 »s hmhbuu 

I ..!!,,, MS I,,*.. M U 

DON M n i Dll 'M\\', .. 

'ii"X>. Hi>»tolojn ■"•' \mlMHfi li* 

I ,1.1.,.,.! , ■ : I . 

Si.n, (..lliRr 

JM K 11 ^^«I1 n 
I • 
it i.i NotDi n . 

M'Mil (.1 Ml lUll ..-I I i . 

"• ■ i>- 

inxuii i i 'l i VONS ml kHh 

Hid St l,,ii I hi I' Ifc llgff I> i . 

\l s ion sun i nlirnli) 

1 1 1 \ |vm miii 1 1 it. Ill i.i "i ibe 

Itrparimml <>i ■<-«) ' Nui • 

ionIki Sutilikm; BJl Kanm Sun 
I mid i»iu. in.i.i" Ininndiln, |obni 
HutAini li"i|iii.ii. m < i in" nfii m 


DON ii ii k on il i I 


ROM D I | M'IMI li 

,u ii v \is hmii Hum — i 

I'' >i-ii I "in run 

rim l II 1 V> Ki >iu ii. 

ii,. i,i-.. 

I . liulilillUl 

n us \c ttooi rkli 

I nl>n>Ut •- »ll"»" 


i', jii.. in... Office h riOdcnil] .limicd hy 
.1 i, tcownunt 

I | Sdiovm 1010 StOUl » IhC Ru»iiw« Muc 
jXTt; n >. i ntanlij i>i U'lmodn 


Well-run Community 

Indispensable to iIh efficient operation ol the cam- 
pus arc llic people who <;nc for students' health, com- 
fort, financial mailers and placement problems. 
Though their lalxirs may not always be evident, stu- 
dents will always In- grateful to them foi their efforts. 

The college nurse i> responsible For checking stu- 
dents' physical well-being and is often called to give 
advice "i even administer first-aid. The business man- 
age! ititl accountant carry on the important task of 
keeping the financial records in order. The stall ol 
mi retarics and office workers cany out the wishes ol 
the administration, typing reports and keeping records. 

I he supcrvisoi ol tin- buildings and grounds has the 
responsibility ol keeping the buildings running 
smoothly and caring for the campus. Thrs was a big 
task this winter with the heavy snowfall. The rest- 
ih in heads, who arc the students' parents away from 

home, are responsible for tin- personal welfare of each 

student. I hose who run the library and student con- 

icr < ribute 10 the social and intellectual growth 

ol both students and faculty. 

Ih<« people through their many skills, services 
and interests in the students help do much tO make 

our college ■■ pleasant and well-nut community. 

Mm On < i.. . .ii.-.i nun b ilo \yt i.-.ii 
i" "H.i ii.i ■cUri-gpilng mUcMiom Dan 

|. buion i tin iiiijni*|r. 


RmiMioi out >rfi hn*y Khalalr. H*n 1 

Minnie Rain. MOMan M ihc l'loLlim. int. 
I'lin 10 fulfill ratw i.l Iwr mjix dllllO. 

VrliiiK id liflji nunv (nllrgr Rith In 
.1 mouiCfh OMCtii in Hn «i*>c. 

Mi. I>kiiii1i. Mi. t ri£t-wl!i. .in.1 Mi> 
(....i.ii hoiiwnMDai «ti m<*h\ 

-■•llllll. Il.lllllll- lj||l 

Supcnim <>> Bulkliagi mm) Giaindk Loab 
ki-ic. iiuii. ma ihe Hon ol tnpplfSi 

Mr. John |»». ic-lnit h«J id tli< Sc* Urn'. 


FIRM Koll. |n>K ken. Mntlo W-ihl. UlCM IIjiiIc IteUUB RlMfe I •iikMimc 
lamb**, MmIji Ohon SKCOND ROW; Benin OcUcr. ftin lldmon. kjtlilmi 

Assisting Personnel 

Vera \Wgnri Intcruca new Ubnn hi (hi <|>nilii <1(iik. Htikli 

ill" "MI'I IM*l(inll1. 



Reminiscent of Stout 

Through ihc Stout Alumni Association, 
all ol the pail graduates arc kepi in touch with 
the latesi news aboui ihcir fellow alumni and 
their alma mater. Stoui alumni are located 
throughout the United Siatei and other coun- 
ines in many area* of endeavor. 

This year the alumni received three i»ucs 
of the alumni publication, the Newsletter, 
which is designed to inform the past graduates 

01 important events, interesting .stories. :uii\i 
lies of iliror>..mi/aii(Hi.and other all li n.uv 

Stout's newspaper, the Stoutonia, has .1 roc 
rial section tor the alumni in which .1 current 
pan ol the alumni directory is published ai 
regular intervals, it contains the occupations 
ol past graduates and their place ol residence. 
Articles ol additional information aw written 
about outstanding alumni, who have achieved 
success in their field. 

The renewing ol old friendships and remi- 
niscing about old times prevail on Stout's cam- 
pus when alumni ohm bad; l->r the annual 
Homecoming and participate in the many ac- 
tivities planned lor them. 

Iitilimioiu mil .]nril inu Mgh j. in iimmg .ilunim jn.1 BUdCMI 

luil Minn'. (ii4tull <r4in Jl HiintrtormiiK 

"»»""' Sm i 1 • H ■ '.■ tathtik* 

■ hi" pre 
pur. ■ It-ilit tO 1'- 'luisnl 


Industrial Arts 

" |0 ImUiihI loll IniOhol Mtllllf >"" 

■ . ■ . .11 .-'i mi" ll» mi 

The .Mm "i il»' Iittltutrial Educaiion 
division ill Slow Is i>> provide each mole 
student with mi education which i* suf- 
in n nth broad to mcci hi* Future needs 
Itv offering courses in in- major field and 
in supplementary areas, 

The five majors offered on campus in- 
clude Industrial Educaiion, Industrial 
Technology, Industrial Technology with 
the Cooperative Work Study Op t i « u. 
Manual Aits ritcrapj and I n;in Building 

Industrial Education prepares Uic stu- 
deni i<»i teaching hi inajoi fields and l"i 
stipcrvlsing uoik in .ill's <>l cduca 
lion, riir Industrial technology cur- 
riculum teaches students new advances in 
technological areas and hrlp* prepare them 
in enter Industry. A new program! the 
Industrial Technology with Cooperative 

Win I Siinly Opt inn inajoi is licinj; nlfiuii. 

whereby men with outstanding records 
■ I vi\ ivork nil (uinpiiN for some iudtiMiy 
■in alternate semesters as juniors and 
seniors. TIic Falk Corporation in Milwau- 
kee i* one industry which employs Stout 

» i Ohm opUlni MbKlpki >-t dnlKN ind tuMliwi 10 VM llmlr jiiiI hi. Vndcn 


■ ■ 

ii. i! ,., n 


\i .1 Mil "I til- OO-OIBfHH Inching 

.■■■■viiii %. l i mi Mjiki dmormisia 
raipnm Mchnlqw u> hh mimkihi 
i > iiit> in Imluiiriil Vm comM* 

ill Mi innitiiiili. Hull "-lii-il •liulnilv 
llu-' •imtiill- UJlii | .'|i.H 

him ihiouith j|>)>ii Mm \ dpla 

IiiiiiiiI in llu Ii* ii'iiiiiin iin« ■ liili 
lily tlu.l hH UK OB I'"' MtlMMlla 


Ill* Hi. I- ■■■!■■ '■ ». 

mi ptni >•< ..|"'i 

I Ml M ' I 



' • 

I. „|.l. ,1.!. 

1 '" I" < il M.i.l I'. |..i, 

1 •' i" "•" V' iW iml •■ l(lm <>i 

Industrialists at Work 

Hi it i -nil lundi ihlmbu, >>•<• nmcMkni' io mi 

ilf»i ' • "■ ■!.>- ii" iii ■ i'i-"iit I' hi Ulnnnnii 

l ... 

Ilii.n|. >n I i.i-ii m.1 i 


Home Economics 

Many girls who conic 10 Sioul have .■ 

common Interest In In economics* 

ivhcthci ii be i"i purposes <•! education, 

(lirlciii v nut 11 tit (on in.Hi.ixi iiu in. cloth 

Ing .mil icxiHcs, 01 k< i» ill I c «< i 

lea I'hroughoui the student's* foui yean 
■he not only learns rrom books, bin .*!«-» 
Icarm ihrough practical experieno In 
laboratory count i 

( .i.kIii.huxi unii . mijoi hi home eco 

mi v require* each girl «■► hive oru 

hundred and twciHy-elgfii lemcitci houn 
ui credit; fori) <>i iIicmc need 10 Ik- in 
home economics counci Minora may bi 
taken In English, speech, journalism, 
physical h i' in- social « IcncG related art, 
01 i dentistry. 

i in general acadi mit bat kground com 

bined iviih the ^^ >< * ii n I c economics 

courses which ii» studeni takes enables 
Uie graduate to contribute mu« It tosocietj 
through pulling lo use theh knowlcdgt 






^,.N RaUlWl Kll "' ' ROOfl 10 ilniiU' Hi' nuni Inn Mm rMTCT \>nrt. O 
iiiiin.M Imiiwiar, !■ i in (m >|' "i n Mmii." IfauhuM MtitU 

Clinic on Appearance 

I ' ' ■ ' ' ' ' ■ ■ ■ ftl III) i". i-'" "" 

iii* vim land >< — 

I hUlMlll Nftlltnjb 1**1 (.i.lmii. iml IV'"iiii' 

\.|....i. .1.1 II.1I..1. M.ii 11 111 (llOWlllg COO' 

,,!,,,„ .,I.H ...| lllllllM H 


\ Mod <■( -■ U 

•< .in fi.-ii. im pn 

vii.ii Franil il i • pmlng wti«li h -< 

..-ini.i in iinlnlmi Dm |.n-r<"i..ti.ii ippMnm 


I u 


I,,,, ( ... . int grttliuu famuli] i" 11 

Nltt i-iiiil Kwll< '"' '"' ihrinnlli r»(~-inri.iit 

Ai Stout there arc numerous courses 
which provide many moments of challenge 
w the individual student. While >■]«■ 
cialized training i-» emphasized at Stout 
Stan- College, ihr curriculum is also de- 
signed i" give students a general educa- 
tion. Departments an- maintained in 
education ami psychology, English, speech, 
science ami mathematics, social sciences, 
physcial education, ami music, — in addi- 
tion the departments an- developed under 

c.nh socialized fit-Id. whether home 

economics, industrial education, or in- 
dustrial technology. 

Students interested in die fields of pre- 
law, medicine, nursing, dentistry, engin- 
eering, social work, or education in other 
areas outside home economics or indus- 
trial education may enroll a( Stout a* si>c- 
< ial students, l hese persons are provided 
wiih maximum assistance in constructing 
,t program thai meets the requirements of 
the profession of their choice. 

Many individual education and indus- 
trial technology men and women prepare 

for advantageous employment in ledum ;il 

ami executive positions in industry. 

m.... J' 

| ■ ■ 

u ill llir iilituul pbcBO ■> in Nil 

Hiii-'II. I.i,% .MilWrtm. •'"' lliun 


Ill V|i" 

■ . 

. II 

InquUllhv ptaptalog) miifcnU i"" 1 ' •■■""' 

and Swh Fra1ri.i«W l"M"' "'" I"™ 

pllwyS tin ..'-i ••■ <>"' IMJ IJ " '""-"**"■ *" 

i-.m niiiiiiiir ""' '"P w 


To learn professional, social, and athletic 
skills is not an easy task. It takes years of 
industrious practice to accomplish a mastery 
of techniques such as the athlete develops. 
The athlete must give his all through strenuous 
practice sessions and still more in the actual 
competition of the sports event. These indus- 
trious efforts are not necessarily just momen- 
tary events but rather a continuous process. 

i an 


\ .' 

I Dili |IM I 1001 

fighting Bluedevils Score Eleven Touchdowns 

i it. Hioui 111 licit i vlli o|>cncd i In 1001 

fooiosll w ■ - linn u inoiu I •" h 

wan Korclcu until inldwa) In ii" i 1 1 ■ 

|n i IfMl Will it \\ i . ..(. .1 ihii ijini I 

Inlomu 1 1" IVarrlm ■ r.n Maloj drh 

iiiK "*< i rlglll '■" l1, ""i"l ill. Ufil ((Midi 
l|0Wn \lii I lltl U .miimi | till i All. i 

I' Ii SlOl I i Ik I -ill for AM 111 -*n| dowiu 

will failed i -ill iln Mar) yardage foi 

Iirlown < nnliallxlnfl on .1 1 • 1 » « ked 

Ulucdcvll i"iin VVli allied rri 

in tiki 1 in Final 1 12 

1 in S10111 griddcM won ihcii (irti t ) 

i>\ <li 1. iiIiik si ( 1 1 \i ili. . nd ..1 

ill... quartan the wore wan lied ' ■ * • with 
iiniti iciini capital ill nfl mi tin opponent'* 

1 '-ii 1 lis v< ring h 1 i»i< on ii" Si 

< loud M, Inn Paulin ravi die lllucdcvlli 

llii "i iih tin 1 mi ill -i 1 "in playi I H' 1 

tjunrterbaci \i I'cckl wem ovci riglD 

i... 1 h imi tin lyiiifi 1 

In tin foil! ill rjliurtl 1 Si. -in tl oil,, I ,(,, 

lull on motIiik drtv< 

''» I"" 'I"' Iicroici wen I'-.n,.,. 

I M'llii imtl SlUIII I.iHii.Ik.I Ui U' In, it |||)f 

1 Inlown -ii iv ■ .ih. 1 ., si i loud | V 

'"H"! dead In Ulucdcvll II. Mr.. ., 

1 "' ■■» |'l«] Will j Id m. 1 Inn) al 

<"n "ii icon 1 'i. 1 1 i.l 1 !>..,„„ when 

\i I'erkliatu piulicd .. "" yard iiriki i" n,. 1 
I mini kMin Mti.ii Mllli 1 Ijaoted ihi 
I". mi to alvc Slum .. I'm, cdip mi 1 ihi 
iiiivii. 11, 111 , unu lop rutlici Willi 
ynrdiln liicarrici Sunn outiniord Si < l 1 


"■ ipln loui ill Ii iim»i 1 linn. ili< 

I'.i.i. di mi grlddi 1 1 dropped ihi h ll in 

"iK X'"'" I "lun [ 1 . <-,... 1. im 1 1 

ll.uu ul1i.1111.1l tin 11 KOI 1)1)1 fllllKll ■, 

'. Ill 11 Mil. !(.... m-OVI i»'l .1 Slum I 

un tin 1 '. yard lint Moving <■> the Indian 
21 and hi 18 Smut had two •corlnji 

ii".."" ■■ '■■■ '■ iii "i ii 

||. ..I .. I. I Ml I I 

hrt Mi « 1 Ita* 'I- 1 

ml* 1 mill iIh ' 1 ■■■>' 

\ll I. mi. 1 imi. 1 ■ 

I • ■ In. Hi, M .-.1. I'll" 

1 !■■> •■•'•! Wwll 

1 ml hint NiMH 

i..|ji, |ui kMuoh 1 1 

1 .'i 

***i I* 

M rnii'-H, BlacdcriJ ntunabid ■ ">■;> the but ji"' jtiunK« 
hm- ]; -l.ilin li.ljn.! mote Ihc t.ill deep mi" nlCOB ICttlWiy. 

DtnlM ihe Sum lion* ri b*in*eln l"<r Sfcwwuia 

: roan N'oraMD p- bfeh m ihe ill bi U UUWpi to IntcnrBl 
. i . i i. i Ung bard ihe Bloedctfl di-lonc nuiii*** n> 

boM ■ utoot 1 1 i nme uam i<> ocw iiciaeiul. 

chances but couldn't push across For the 
score Although ihc Blucdevils edged the 
Indians in si:iiLstics. Stout made two key 
fumbles which cost them the game. 

Id the second conference gamci the Blue- 
devils and Vellowjackcts battled to a scorc- 
less Ua Su|><iioi\ one big scoring threat 
came in the second period as a Yellow jacket 
guard set up the situation by blocking Bill 

Stark's punt. Superior drove to the two but 
the mighty Stout wall held. 

A pass interception by halfback Duane 
Ramberg gave Stout possession on the 
Superior 35 yard line. With the running of 
Wiley Hester and Pat O'Reilly, a pair of 
speedy halfbacks. Stom moved to the Yellow* 
jacket :> yard line. Although close to 'I'D 
territory, the Blucdevils were pushed back 
on a fourth down play, leading the ground 
attack for Stout were Wiley Hester with 57 

yards, Wendy Florence with 26 yards, and 
Pat O'Reilly with 15 yards. 

In a rock-and-sock contest Stevens Point 
KOred a touchdown in the final period to 
hand Stout it> second conference loss. In a 

great defensive battle, Stout started a drive 

after a Point punt went out of bounds on 

the Blucdcvil 2S. Al Peckham fired to Dick 
Frcdrii kson for a first down. The same com- 
bination carried Stoul to the 28 from where 
Florence scored. 

The Blucdevils dominated the early |>or- 
tions of the game when Duane Ramberg in- 
tercepted a Point pass. Behind die limning 

'■I-Hllitj ' Al i' 
prepare 10 ili|> ihe lull rioimlb Id 
mi '..-"i Iom I'liiiuin. «crp- 
llonal paning jitiim tui proved in 
be * .iiu.-Miiii weapon afpunu iHtif 
devil ip|i|">iiiiiu 

Touchdown Bound 

iikm Kmv; W. norenm R. Kn« B. SctaMlranlkr: A. PnUun: B Suite D. Roe>kr. M. UBta W Grope I KjI.,i. W a .:■ \ 

I'm lu.; P. Knllj r. Dingo. StCOND ROW: D. Bakn: J- CeUchowAi M Coir. < RaiabcrR M r.:..-i .1 . 1.. 11 . R rw. 

<.. iin.. ; n Haiti; 11 War; » dinger; s. Biwci: I, NmtuiKi. imiki* ROta \ i.n.i. 1. i™c it PeuuwrmU i> - 

■wan: P OKeilU; * Bonne: W iWm A. ikhnlu; J HtahlaMh: \ Ham; ' HaUonjcren H»i Kill hi n\ n 

•1 m: C. Kodiaai p. Rain*; i> McNaariiun; C. Salt; C Rams; I Rehkr; B B* 1 No . a B RrH 1 i.---i.- B 0m iirill 

ROW) |. CalHnei. rauipnou manager 1 Una, equipnuni manager; |. ik-mm* BaotfkU coa 1 Bowrtda 

l ni. coadi Sparger; I uc i-»il) Mdtotfi Line *oa<h RacKLi ]■ Bosnia, inter. 

' * ' 




; Ar^>-!«!±n±WVuli >^ 

«>I Bob Rcid and Bill Bigclow, Sioul moved 
Ki ihc 27. Hill Si.nkV tivUl k<:>\ attempt 
failed. Near the end "I the first period, the 
Smut griddcrs started a .hive which bogged 
down inches short of pay din. Again Stout <. 
baekficld - Pcckham, Rcid, and Bigclow - 
moved the ball i<> ihc I, but Sicvcns Poinl 
held. The final score was Poini 1 -I. Stoui 7. 
Florence was Stout's lop ground gainer ivith 
65 yards in l<> carries. Fredrickson caught 
cighi passes For 65 yards. 

Freshman halfback, Bob Rcid. exploded 
through ii»- Plauevillc line to give Stout a 
19-14 triumph. This was Stout's first con- 
ference win. Sharing honors with Rcid were 
Wiley Hester, Wendy Florence, and John 
RaFail. RaFail made- a spectacular <|f yard 
punt return to give Sunn a first period "-<' 
lead. Work horse Hester gained S7 yards 
in IS trips. 

Sioui couldn't contain a strong River Falls 
offense and went down to a 19-6 defeat The 
Falcons shotgun offense was so effective thai 
ihcy scored the first two times they gained 

iMKtcsMon of ihf ball. 

\n ctoiiili..1 ,1. n-n dtUDp(d Mum' aic!i-ii»jt lau i.\i\lr 

I • <> Mm dii> l,i( up«. the lllii«l"il« *ir tin rt mined 

;ii ihiim uutti llmiuitL iiiln llir ili"-«. 

I'lij-iinn: u> «" ibmlgb a bole 
(•|-nicil l>« ihc driving Itlui-il.til 
lonraul wlL iophotDO(c it.iiii>.<i 
Wik) lldtr iuin> ■ •!! ji> Ottil 

IHIM <il ^jnl-1 til .in rll"il In M 1 '" 

•i urilaKC. 

\ |uii nt liluritrtil linemen "«• 
ici«r tin itn* Ull a- lii'lim.n halt< 
bad Dob ReW tarai on ilu Ueoin 
in route in j Riin Kciil- tbldlnn* 
mil »ji«<I mil I-- -i future •«-" i" 


i nil Hill I*. ii. «.ji|i in urnin iIk (imr ithilc line 
nuili Mdiu-.- lii[~ in iiikIi mill iln BoUf*. 

(luidiiii)! ilit lull wnl> Hnbonm hallhut. Wilt* I loin 
U up-cnJol ai lit ilha i'" on) tanbgb 

III i io.Ljmiv.1 ...ninl. Uk ttiliil BtunliMl i"i»li'l ■ 

!>• htk N'mibann flHl, aucapa la Mod ■ 





Buckets for devils 

I In Blucdevils ol Stoul Stan College fin- 
ished Hit* 1961-62 basketball season with ;i five 
win, 7 loss conference record. This was the 
teams first year undci the inspiring leadership 
ol Head Coach Duke Severson foi whom the 
hoys played (hum. Muling basketball in turning 
back some "l the leading teams in the state 
colltgc conference. 

Sunn's basketball team tinned in lotnc Of 

the most surprising performances of the Hate 
college conference although losing several close 
games to some of ihc under-rated teams. With 
the ineligibility of John Steele during the firsi 

semester because of transfer problems, it was 
difficult 10 find a player to I ill his position. 
Fred Scggclink prosed lr> Ik- the greatest asset 
to the Bluedevil team as his deadly scoring .mil 
rough rebounding gave the Devils the deciding 

victory margins in several games. 

A recap of the basketball season found the 

eager s opening the season againsi non- 
conference St. Mary's. St. Mary's accuracy ai 
the free-throw line was the deciding margin 
of the game as Stout dtopped a close one 79-76. 

Stout debated the La Crosse Indians twice din- 
ing the season i»\ scores of 87-75 and 66*59. 

I hey later had to forfeit their first victors' 

against La Crosse because ol die ineligibility 
oi Steele. During Christmas recess Stoui took 

part in die Paul human Holiday Tournament 

ai Bcmidji. Led by the hoi shooting ol Scgge 

link and OttO. Smut defeated defending eli.mi 
pjini Lincoln Univcrsit) 67-59. In the Cham- 
pionship game Bemidji defeated Stoui 71-55 

to win its own tournament. In some thrilling 
noinniifeiciuc games Stout defeated St. 
I'bomas sssi in a great scoring exhibition 
by die Blucdevils. With the return «>l John 
Steele in die second miik-UT to the squad. 
Stout dumped in fourteen poini* in an over- 
time period againsi Mankato to win 82*70. In 
a real heartbrcaker againsi Winona. Stout was 

defeated 84-88 in a hectic affair. And finally, 

Smut ended a ten year dry spell as dies d( 
featcd Eau Claire twice during the season by 
m Kiev o| 87-76 and 76-75. 

inn, mi Ion ijpl "i "k>- '■■"" 

l,i Hit in jih.iIi.i nl.mli.l 

tin th.i- fllunlrtil US'" hill-liiiM- iixi-iU. "t i1ij|iimv • pep 

nil. and * *tll-f*rttfd id In lu. Iii-r m-ji n bead tailtibjft 
nutti. l>okc Jockui »d. up Ih* pt***> 

limine « tn-r iliiip" > : S UcC*l 

fjiw Hnlnp llillnmi jviiiK"' ,r " " ll1 " 1 " 1 ' |*" K*™' •till"' md McCbD i-In.-i loarucuh iod n-enUett in am- 

1.1 till I • 

Their lasi victory against Enu Claire 
was climaxed with a shot by Gary Simon- 
son wiili three seconds remaining in the 
game giving Stout the winning margin. 

In one of the mosi iluilliiix upsets of the 
season Stout defeated the conference cham- 
pion Whitewater 81-70; In the final game 
of the season Stout gained revenge for an 
i.tilin !<>•» n» SiifK-rior and defeated them 

The 1961-62 Blucdevil squad showed 
some very balanced scoring during ihe 
season and a real CageniCSS lO win. Al- 
though Sifiiit losi several close games, (he 
fans were richly rewarded when ihe lilue- 
devils nulled Mmie of [heir surprising up- 
set victories. Next year, scoring ace Fred 
Scggclink will be returning along with 
Man- Ilillmau. John Steele, Lee Olio. 
Bill Way. Barnic McCaU. and Dick Paske, 
and an exciting season can he anticipated. 

Iii the linilii'i" liult braird Can s.i'i. ">.ii: 
pair* ihe irltice'i u»i \ wdl-ramidfd >iiil"t. Siamnoo 
:n in Impoiuni man on ihe StOUl ic.rin 

li b mi Ion iiii.iniir-di the bukti ." ftahmui 
•homing j<r. John Slrclc | ■■ tii ■<* hi|<h in KOfC 
i-,,. ante poinu ii>t Stoui 

\ll l\. 111. I StOUl <■»«! |KC1» i|>[ii<li<ii<i> I'- 
ll at Hie mull juiim. 

&* \ 

mi m 

1 !'. 


Slo «" '»' St MarVi 

SlOUl 90 St Cloud 

Sioui 87 (Irnrcil) 1... Cruuc 

SlOUl B8„ si. Hiomu 

s,l "» 79 RJvn Falh 

Sioui i>7 . Lincoln Univ. 

s "»" 51 Bemidji 

Sioui 83 Stevens Poini 

Sioui ** I Whitcwaici 

Sioui ii si. Cloud 

Sioui "I Suiteriot 

Sioui si' Maukaiu 

Sioui Cfi La Cnm 

Sioui 8/ Eau Claire 

s «»»i 8S Winona 

Sioui 79 I'WM 

'•'"ill 67 l)-)il,..|i 

Sioui GO Hamlinc 

Sioui 81 Rim 1 .41- 

Sioui 76 Eau Claire 

Sioui 91 Superior 

■Denote* Conference Game* 




SttftOUBdrd In lh* Li* Suiui Int. Ii 

Victuio iiiou'H-i an tntpo m m D*t]< 

Bustling Bucketeers 

FIRST ROW; L Quo; U. lliliiu.n; <■ 9mon«Ki; n. McCatl; l. sttpiini. u. Pad* micimi ROW: \»i re Mm^n. 

J. CulllniN. i' Gknanool; k Kahl: n lU)tium: k PrkbUn W. Way; Manager. W. Kodm; ii^nd vinwn 


■ •■ ' ith bad i.iii.ii i 

r, n . 

t, n . rntlmn " t- 

■i"iut> (in ifc« nitt'>i<»ii< 

V Nlutilnll i. in V|muMon pin 

..... .,., .I.,l- .11. ll.. 1 


i'"'". Mil ttmji Un) i Ira 

1 '■■-'- lr> 1li> li.i HMHMnll ti 

M-i till I.... 

■fail in 't>.t ball t'lultiin %••' H*ll 

'" s ■ 

1 Hi iliimol 

■ III . .. . ■ .' . I ... i ' |||| RIllgDlita 

Thrilling Action 

ltt.W.1 In HIi 

FM] i-.. | 



I'm his r!<.|mjiiii 10 aajw. QwUc I'-t.!.— .ii iBa men •- 1 ' 1 "' 

p| id ., I. n. ■!■!,- lu> off-HUDI. 

Die grim I."- "i wrotUM coach Mu Spatgci 
Hiim 1" ui "fang ill light." 

On i< i' SlOW pan 'ii Fred Lamb KM up « hold tiifnbinjlkiD 
fchkh "ill J'liin I 1:11 Dl -' in cum. 


)<>ff](iu<»i. ( -., I i i i ii iiir«ir. 

J n..iii.. n Inmn; m Ifc-..,... 1 (M .. ■ n ■. 
K lUlli Knw 


Promising Grapplers 

Coach Max Sparger's 1961-62 wrcsdcrs en- 
joyed n fine season with a I win .1 loss record. 
Which was y<n«t for Itli place. Also the stjiim! 

Finished second to ihe University. i»i Wisconsin 
in the Stevens Poini Invitational Tournament, 
an«I Leon Stephenson placed fourth in the 
N.A.I. A. Tournament ai Golden, Colorado 
last year. 

Superior and River l.ilK proved the Blue- 
devils loihjhol ooihiim ins a\ Sloiil WaS out- 

wrestled by scores <>i 22-10. 17-10 hy Superioi 
and 2S-5 f»> River Falls, in these meets only 
two Devils were pinned while Stout pinned five. 

()l course, we out k ,k *i meets, too, tan- 
burg, ihc N.I.A.G champs were 'dethroned 
by a 21-15 score. I his and the l .i Crone con« 
test proved to be il» best meets ><\ the season 
Beating Ean Claire 29-2 was another thrill. 

Ix-on Stephenson, a 177 lb. senior, \>.in the 
besi wrestler on the squad, compiling an ll-S 
record and was sent to the National meet again 
this year. Leon has won the Wisconsin Invita 
tional rournameni thret Lima in foui yean 

Oilui jiT'ttnisiii'j yi.»|»|)l((> on ili, iveit 

Dale Doc, Clifl Abbatc, Ed Chiller, [im King, 
.mil Glenn Hardy. 

Toulon tmi.i. itiin MMIUIMtlt tailing " * lojil 9WW tatruhfiK l*n ctjr. fcmrd <» *'»* tdc .lo* m»i ».ik*i 


Untda uratalng. tadei Jim l.-r,. ewtn <((mi 
|-l<:> la <|inllf) 101 ibc lii|[>i jump. 

Winning the Triangle 

Willi just a liandful of boys. Stout had iis 
first and <mh track meet in 1951). This was 
an introduction of the sporl here. 

\i the end of the ihird season. Stout 
walked away with a triangular mcci widi 
Kan Claire and Superior State College. The 
final scoring lor this meet left no doubts as 
10 the winner. Sioui piled up 9'>\' 2 points, 
leaving Fan Claire well behind will* 35 points 
and Superior with $ny 2 points. Five new 
SlOUt track records were established that 
day. The Bluedcvils also displayed their 
talent in Minnesota where they defeated 
Gustafus, Augsburg, and Bclhal College. 

Smuts only ibree year letteiinan. Glenn 
llarkc, concluded his brilliant record for 
sports at the Stale Meet in Milwaukee. His 
record of 21 feet, five inches in the broad 
jump placed Harkc among the stale's top 
athletes on the All-Stale team. 

Coaches Robert Bostwick, Ray Johnson. 
Itob Melrose, and Max Sparger worked well 
with the boys and the Bfucdcvil track team 
made a fine showing. 


hkm R0W;'C Bine, n Rantxn ] Haibauth; G Hukt; 

ntj; 1'. KmII: J. Aiboptf; l» hn'.i.iU-, n. McNautbtoi M, j. i..,:.-.. \ Modlen I >" w Cttibnu SECOND ROWi J. OlUl- 

i G KUllacn. lfllKl> ROW: Coach MrfiWff F. Sogtlfnk. 


Kr«.lj ■" , I Hi. ... nl -l "i ill* |UI 

■' ■'< I 

' ' '■ ■"■'■■•< 

I '■ < U.I.I. I II .... I I.. I '.., ,.ll.,l ,1. .1 

|H liH.lll. V. Illll I'- I . >. 

n"ii|f •!" i mill ii aim 

i III! ^1 '■ ■ 

I'm.i RK001U) 

Kim i Killll I rlltlJgtllrtl S "Mil 

m "mm i rinnguliii Slow ''mi 

sn vi ii. I'olnl Sioui It ml 

si i honut 'i v \»i>\ mci ' Slum "mi 

N1 """n I Si. mi ||| 

|>l ii . 
|-l. ii . 



Ii ■ < > | I >•■< M.-H . Mill ll ii I ".-. i 

Cllnm ti..i. ii. .'. p«iii i ■ null 

1 1 -it i |i . . ■ i ...I... 1 1 - 1. 1. in .ii. i i |.n.i|. 



- .m.t"|i >\ |»uhri ■> i" Kawtthj pi- •** 

Devil's Turning Point 


Che year 1961 wis ihc lurning point "I 
ou ,- s baseball program. For four years the 

Rlucilcvils have been straining to pass ihc 
coveted 500 mark. This year Sunn sue 
oecded. gaining a 10 and 7 record. 

i„ »hc first game ol a doublcheadcr with 
Superior, the Devil's were behind in the 
mmIi inning 3 to 'J. Hun ihcy pushed at rosa 
two runs, held ihc lead, and won the'gamc. 
I ike whirlwinds Hun struck in ihc second 
contest, romping io a 13 to 2 victory, 

Stout, riding high from die Superior 
games, proceeded to maul Kan Claire in Uic 
next conference meeting. The second game 
was Claire's until the Fifth inning when 
the Blucdcvils went wild. Barney McCall 
hit a homcrun; live runs and two innings 
later Sunn had another victory. 

I he lasi g es with La Crosse were ami- 

climactic, for die Indians received only sewn 
hits and two runs in die two contests, win- 
ning l>* scores of .t to l and lo to I. 

With Don Sevctson as coach, the Sunn 
nine had a well balanced batting attack and 
good pitching. 

MKM mm i v-i.,,1. n i.,....\ HiIk-ihI-.i. P. KubuiLji \t M.i ( l»pp; w. \,i M iir. 8 \m..ii \t Villa SECOND 

mm k c.iiim.u,, | in,.i. ii <_i„.i ,11,,. v Whiii-iihhtu A; (.. . .„. I- \\,\,,_ | Mtionnfau; * Mlll«: M. 



* Kin. i loot 'i bod omuIi 1'n'i viii 
-.11 >t ii. "mi" iiu diutitofl 

<l < OKI) 







1.1 ( [ran 


Sioui ' 


I . Cfosm 




Si ClOUd 




st Cloud 


S1..111 • 


Rivet Falb 


Stout 4 


Kiwi Falb 




\\ inona 




\\ inona 




Supi 1 101 


Si. ml' 


Sup: rtoi 


Stoul 1 


Lin Qain 



Eau < Satire 












1 .1 ( !rosse 


Stoui ' 


La ' Irosx 


* Denote* Conference Gaim » 

Wandpa up la iiu- tort dnle 

tint) M,..u -..I. tot in. 
mm .11 h 

\ llpk*l MOW Jl W'.Un.l. I'.il " SUN H ll W WWflJ 

•»in K hMiIi rumIc hii'i otw "i iht I"'"" tenting hiiun <ii« i>"' «•*«"»• 



\ >-■ \ Rlubkvlu i >""i Mibliroid 

COI 1 1901 

The 'devil Ironmen 

I'lic I'idii llluedevll goll learn climaxed 

II% waM ,n l»\ liiiistiiiiK III tcmll |»l*i* *" ill ''"' 

VViwoiuIn Stale College lounuuneni fti Law 
toaia, WUconiln. 

During ihe regulai wajon, Sloul compiled 
.in overall record "I two winj and live Iomcj. 
Ann lodng ihc icaion'a opciiei i<« Winona, 
■In h.mI Ironmen <><>" •> reiurn milcli 1 1 I 
I,.,,. .,i l!i. lix [doyen on Stoui'i (com ■•i**" 
in ilit- l(»is icvenili - 

In tin match ngnimi Rivci Fnlli, Bob 

Lorcm took tin Individual honon l>y •»! 

Enn .i icveni) ii\* ni 1» led lite team i" •« 
i ■■" . si . victory, I ryltig m avenge an carllci 
it j araimi Ean Claire, Coach jerry 
Calnc'i boyi dropped a cIok malcli vs. A 
freshman, bcniiii Stand iford, led the Stoui 
linlumen with .i sainon average ol 79. 

ii 'i ■ ■>! i ■>•■■ ■>■' |mj I i i i" 

• inii Umi .i ii- i i>r iln (.pit linn \n niiiii. MUM IBM innllk 

><<\ m> '" 'i i" rilglbb i" 1 i > iiini 


"■' WUtl-O •■• •■ tr.l 

1-- I mi ('nil 

I ,1. 

I I wis POR ».i 

Stout Netters 

Sumi'i "inns team mu Idle In 1900 dw 

i'. pooi iMHir ...n.l a; howrvi i. they iron 

lfl ecu -iiri i., i , lurii 

ipi Ids campaign I hi n \$cn 

coached b) iiudcni Diet Bora who wu alio 
il" " captain 

In Hi. Iiim same <-i thi icaion S I •'■> 

tented Rivci FalUon ihi homi couri bi ihi 

icon "i 8-1. f hej w m !• i . n th< 

I hi < iquad. > I \i Kim i 1 .11. iii. 

''I'" "li" 1 '• "" ';'n. clipped Mu I ..I 

winn with .i 6 ■ \ i\ in ii» [an meet 

••( iln icaaon, iln Blucdevili luffrred thofi 

nrilv |oU I" I in ( Inn J S I It. n mi loll 

can) m iln si it< < 'Hi. n no ..■ ChJiaoth, 
but look forward to more lucceulul »ticmjn 

III VI \» .11 

ImnhliM n.i tall ■■"> ii i i"i - ». •• rial .tiim.ii 

mil il' ("mi Ii turn > t.lii.Ui |.|.>.. 

I Hull it IWJiib i Uriudln | 

/ttllwh; i Km-i-i. !'!■"' ■■ ■' I' 



Friendly Competition 

Let off steam, release excess energy, 
or just relax — these activities are some 
of the opportunities provided by Stout's 
intramural program. Anyone who has 
not won a major letter in a SpOrt is 
eligible for the intramural program. 
This program is under the supervision 
of Coach Ray Johnson and Assistant 
Director Mitchell Miller. 

Teams may compete for titles in bas- 
ketball, football, and Softball. In addi- 
tion 10 team competition, individuals 
may vie (or honors in tennis, intramural 
swimming, ami table tennis. 

Besides creating a keen interest and 
enthusiasm lor various sports, the in- 
tramural organization dewloj* sports- 
manship and high morals. 

I'jlilc Iroim U juu one of ibt iiutit jtlun-* 
iiiincit in Sicui • prognn 

lli.V.lli.ll ■ • I" Iji llir liunl |Ki|illbl IlillJllliilll 

>i-ii. I ni< i>i -ii 1 1- in i> ><.-ii .i» ibt luiciinu 
(i'.iiii\ lie llir dorm rhhij" lm llM (liani|>ion>hip. 

ViJin.- FJIngCT, Si. jiii InluiNiirjl .liniti.i. 
(.ut« ■■]> I tn- »nlH luilillull wlHilitlr. 


I IKs i kow Doom I 

Ur V.1-P- M(OM) VOW ■>..!.. !■ 

Cubans m*m vhtiiL.. \i m 
II1IKH now Kill || 
W ■ -■ i wiiL. Poalm 


Enthusiasm in Person 

Eight ambitious, high-spirited, loud- 
shouting students were selected to lead the 
cheers in a great season of sports ai Stout. 

Those who served as cheerleaders for 1961- 
62 were Sandra Carlson, a freshman From 

Crcston, 111.; Hill Howe, freshman from 
Antigo, Wis.; Al Khalchulu, junior from 
Maui, Hawaii; Donna Lconhait), SOpho- 
more from Tony, Wis.: Linda Poulos, 
freshman from Noithbrook. 111.: Coralec 
Seelow. sophomore from Park Falls. Wis.: 
Mary Schultz, senior from Bruce. Wis.; 
and Sharon Wyss, junior from Boycevillc, 

Al Khalehulu was unable to be ai Stoui 
all year because of his duly 10 the country. 
But AI has served on the cheering s,piad 
very well in the past. 

As each school year comes 10 an end. ii 
means another group ol seniors will be 
graduating in spring, Mary Schultz is the 
only senior leaving the St|Uad. She has 
Hind .is a eheeileadel since her Iresliman 
year and was captain this year. 

SbUpl) Mlitfd in IO*l 'kill'. "Iiilc panU il*I 
bold While »"i! iui>* iiniml MUIA ihoc 

JrniWoi iv* i-il« |ii.-lmr il"d km. 

(li«». Lin »U. •|UiL IbC V.-il .(mil 



Through our extensive and intensive pur- 
suit of learning we can earn honor for our 
college and ourselves. We are able to gain 
esteem through our participation in the or- 
ganizations to which we belong whether they 
be professional, social, or special interest 
groups. However, not only is being able to 
participate an honor but the initial member- 
ship invitation is a recognition of others con- 
fidence in our ability. 




Highest Honor 

[.earning. Skill. Industry and Honor repre- 
sent Ac Weals of tlie Medallion Award. I he 
Medallion award is die highest honor given to 

Stout students by the student body. 

Since i<> inccplion in 1958, the award has 
been given to one percent of the student en- 
roUmcni each year. This honor is received for 
outstanding leadership and contributions to 
the college and totnniunity. Each of the recip- 
ients receives a bnni/e replica of the inlaid 
medallion in die Student Center entrance. 

JOHN IBRAMS rwdrrt ibe Medallion mart bi lb 

■Ml rntip be .loi-Ieit In UjiIm 1-. Omqp, national MMO^ 

.lumiiio (untiim. llr hu l«n .n .<n«r iimriUi ol M<ijI« 
Guild «.od S%« rau Gamm fnurnll] M-filng ..- rateu-rj 

-■ hi 1 j>]olc"uUn 

DIANI COLB1 I ■■■• n..i«fi! ibe Medallion (M ha i«imainl- 
,,., io n , STOI it>MV ■ • rtJtw She aha hai wed 

M imUm bCI jimm* int. Dune «i« Jili'r In Hume 

bom < tab. Studeni S-t ' Stow Grtdjotc OigwiaKon, 

I'tii L'pdlon Ontkton wning| .- leeortlog •etrcurr. Wcdci 

- .. . bi i..iiii.tjni"ii. .mi I hat I Kd In MIkA Who. 

SHIR1H (STRACHOTAJ i.KIHM .... i..-l . Kninal 
Medallion mnl Sbltlei hat i"n Mb* i" Uphi I'm OflM». 
national bono nn dramaita bvianlif; SHwni Fdocaiwfi 
Ai-miiii'M Sht abo cimc utirki i"i ihe iowir .mi 
moi iom\ She hu wwd on U* SnidcM Union 
ji»«i die Imembh i i.hihi ComabiCT 

vr i in k IIANKI n.iiM.' .i gencnl Medallion innL 
\n hi- Im-ii j iiiTtttltci <>i Sloai Modem tvoctailoH -ening 
.. uncoturn In- jitriHH ir.i; FanHon l'i lm. S i lob. Slnu 
iiw Gamma Igumkj, and ' loait Men'* * lob He puild- 

|ulnt id iiim" lij'Lnlxill in.l vitnl ■> MMlbOnOre 1 1'" uir- 

fiifi'lim. He Iij* i-ren mivni/ol In "Win"'* Who." 

|ofan Uiunit 
MiIiiHuktr. Wit. 

Sblllq '.ratini 
Urltotd, It". 

I I. .IN- * .-III* 

Mondcrt, iris. 

lil'mi IIjiiIc 

Anliot/l. 111. 

UAKLENE IIOK.I.IK i..rii-i Ihe Medallion mill lm 
rucHem miBf m ihe iowir .• Ifterarj edrtoi, Mtocblc 

■ililm. »lxl <«timi iii i [iiif Mul-iir tu> l-iii Jtliir in I iillin.n 
SlUltfOI \— -]"li..(i. Hhen 'lie wnnl ji lin tOphCMnOR! 

ir.i. and hi I - hai lien a member 

jlut wiirl.M ill \ Ij-lu Chi mbl HM0efl*< 

U it 1 1 \M I INDBO bat neehnl i Rtoeral UeeUIDon .— i.l 
lie »n i iiKmiKt <J Epiiloa i*i I >u. miiiiik n im-iiifm lm 
j^iiiii lm \h. km] < ui!> ' hiii ct ■hkh he ion ttoe [>n»nleiir. 
ii.uinin— ni RrtailoBi Ctobaml Stntteni EdwaUOa Iwriulon. 
iiill iu> luen Rtngniird lt\ ' "Iiim Who 

UARCARtl llliv hu reecrHd i (tr>"i-l Ueetatbaa 

■mrt Mie lui !<ni Klht in Hmne Finroimio l.luli; \l[>lu 

Upl j i.i -.'miIi 4m — i.-.l .- u.i- |.ti.iiliiii. Siinli-nl CdO' 

\-.-I.iI,i.-i: WOBKO'l 1 1 \- .... i n [l ... Phi | . 

: ;>,.:., Foairdlllnn; md tertoi ir|iir^cnunte "I 

: ^ VMOdaibXI M>r tu« lietti lei.-fliilieil li- "Win.*. 


klNNl; I II M \ MIS lui rtorilTd a Kemul Medallion attatd. 
Ken lia> lieeii aniic in SlOUl Miulnn Senile, wliiih lie veivtd 
(in rhiee vtOK InirilntiTini' CouBCtl; Mi ( lnli: jnd I'ln 
Mrhu Eptllon luntnils. vninc j> piruilcni Iii- xnioi m-t 
Ml- jI-i «i\eil i« MijilumMne <Ij*\ pie>UIent. 

( IROl Ml rZriORF ie.el«e.l tier Mnllltlon JiJiil fm lici 
ouMandlno oDtUrlbnllon to Milk -i Stout siie lia- been a 

rm ml- i nl Si 111 [ill. ill II Mll£i 1% Inl 1 1 I'll n.m jll.j drill die lid ire 
■ i! |irr>ii!inl iliiimt lin v^iliomnle «e.n. (aiol lu« been J 
inetntirr "I Mi.nir EfOnQntlci dull. I ullu i.ui Miulenl \». - uin-n 

■nd Miidiii.iii/i.l NHimninv Mic lm been duinuan i4 ihe 
t.ieen Tea and Kiinl Ml ihe Hinnnimiiiii; (liiecn* Irj. 

DAVID NILS5EN hu leiciial tlic Meitalliun .m.inl lot lilt 
-rune j\ Stool Minimi I'lrMiiciit. I>a»e fU Jttiiv In \n> ami 
Cnfu (inii. Epdlon l'i lm. ami smtii Siudcni AMOeiuIotL 

He MM 4 (iniiilm III (III I .iiiiInIi (|j|rini(\ ullill^ .1- hblOfiU 

bb icplKMnorc fev l)j*r rutikipaied in Inininiiral »i>»ni» 

and Kntd J« lunlol fliO me jur-iilnil. He hu 11111111I 

IfUCnllloil m "Wli(i« HI." 

DAVID KIIMM.IK irtri»..l 4 Krnenil Me.l.illii.11 j-jkI. 
I)*»e hu Iktii Mtt'r iii m.iiii smdtin taoifallon KnbMJ u 
lenctenUlht hh kiuoi >-.n. Scvnun Club! Meuli l.tiild: 
n ( In), .ml SlMU I'au < -lm in . li.irimti He (i.Ttidjuleil 
in i.niii hole .inl «inil .. |uni"i ih« 1 11 1 -iilrnT. 

HARV Mill 11/ hu iccd«ed j ram) MntalUon axard 
lm Milrf pinkipsiJon in Miniem jiii.n taodillon, iav> 

iiir .1 KCltUrylrca ■ i'ln I (.-iiim Omnion. -nine ai 

ireuoici: (hcakodlnij. mimj *• captain lm xnloi >cai; 
Mpha "leu. \ niiftr .tir 1..1. pmldcni bo tenloi jT»n 
Home Ewnoulal htb; aid Ihe STOUTONIA loi Hldth <he kbi 

1 ! btt '.in-.' m.i Uar) hai 1-reli lii'iii'icil 11 

I Ml IfooKeomlnfl ijiun. "Hh... win." ii-i<.rm<K*> ami ha* 

beta Hie nl 1 1n- .111111. 1 I'llMum \k.hI. 


XI... I. II. M.-J, 

i:i,r /.utr. II'ij 

Girol \ltt».WI 
/ . ||A, II,,. 

M jluairl I lilt* 

ItOnamil. Mil I 

M-n, vliuli/ 
Hi"". Il'ii. 

IKtibiu. II .' 

. - 
.'/ ■. tli. 

4iMm4 Hi. 

|«j, Hit. 

Ilin.l Ki-i«ii)«ti 

\f«lll4. 1 1 'ii. 

Raifann Mgtahl 

HVWr>. II... 

iwj> wenmnan 

i.inui Wiicnii 

<rt"«"«. I I'll , 

ill I t ^ SjOLAXUER b*i I..O-..I .. (nuul Mi 

jhjkI In 'hi DUMMkMnJ IMpftWI ■■! ,!: H '■ m wIm 

ilub. wiimi; . ■ II- ■ 

in Tin i "■>*" 

i.i-u iiuiur ID I'jiihrllroU ' • ■until »ni1 i*i iln I (»\\ I K 

I. ntitn hn |iin** ir-i '("I ■ 
. ■ raiai H-' - <* " 

I lo\ Ml Mil NSON Iij* ion- 

!,,. Mp jl.llil« l".II |..lil.ll|.JIr.l III i. 

i.,i i,.u. tan ii. »•- ajan i*J d*? inotlmti -1 1 

HJr,] RMM ulluMr Hl"ll<l III I'M «!■» *<■»! IK -" ■• 
inrmhn .it (he \n> jinl I i«H> (tub li« -In. 1 ' Ix >cm«l »Mni 

ikni: *v (lull. iko *. p ' * mciDbti a itir 

iviu Kappa lijicinm 

k.-iiiKl xwrwmw km rcoehvd n«- U«UUtoo .--'■! 
I.,!,, and "i"i lit don*wd i" U[J« •"*" <*■><*■ 

.,1 .,H,I. IfMflllil* ■ " * *■» 

j itmnl.t p| tvii.. Kappi < ■ ■ "■ «» CbO* »i- 

i iti .na ji-i |MMni|»ini in Mnuntml ipett* Hf I i 
im.i,i.u.i! ii. M W 

KMimw WICPUII ton ..>■■"-! ■■ r"'"* 1 H« 
awinj k>lt>1 *» -■'"' I" ' "■' ""' *««ww *- ' 
«■.,,,( *i «fci U ■'•"' f'-"'' 

•OiMW mi: Horn* I I" 1 ' ww* " "" P"»fcfrtn '-' 

M-ntot troi. \lphi PM " !• I"»t« 1 '' 1 - '■ 

Pwhcftenb Ooonril Sk *••>' Wtaw MuMI <;.K*ti hn 
■ '■ ■■ 

GLORIA win RUl ' "■' V, " ,J ' ' 

■Mid, Cbu lu> -i«"l >—■- I » •»" '"' 

h.ll.1,1, town ptwcwji I'm.-" "••!. »r»- 

to M...H siwtmi Sen ■ '■'■"" , "' 

. ii..- I ii ,■ cluh lounrtl 

,.i,i'- ■■-. ■ • i W| I* *™f * """T* 

III)! Mill'. I.. J",! (.iiiilll. Dtitfc 



it m 

IIK*I R(>M Mjilni' II("S»i; ( jii>) MadOTKi Kaitll ttn^Uh!: Mjirt Mmiitiwt: Kitrti s.niuiiliv "ni"n SMI Nr»», ptctracnli Mai} 
Lev Alrundn. »W pranltnts Gmt Hta* UatQin DaMm CjiihJa Cn» irauuia SRCOND ROU: Ktturah tiurim. advUoc; 

jlW Sue'. Mule Hamilton: llftl] »n«. |OH( I Iirfiuii~.ii. Hiiiitl Hiniuh.. llrkli Sjobndoi \nw Mjntull. jiM-t 

iniki) kiih. Ruth llopfaMfWtgrr bmi l*»n Jofcmonj Mai] IVjatU <-j!-- WoUli Jiuihw (wnwr: ]imi IJhh-; JikIj H«lln->n; Hu 

Kj> I'jiiIxii 

Kaik) WMgalil -i"! kiun lobMon ww cab and ka us \l,l'II-\ 1*1 II 

|nt) ilea ud Mai] li«or*ti at iIh- .\iph« PM Smka Ha 

\ IrM rn.-tn.ui ol r.l...i n>|.....1 W IflrtOI gult .twin* lfi*\fll\ftefi Tltlff\* 

vmti. Of*» li™« ^. ihcj thai wwh Mtai reman t/UpGucSc UGCOl 

"Phi IIOUSC Of till' \Ugtlsl M(HHl" Kill) 

Japanese decor-lanterns, oriental fans, and 
fortune cookies — lent atmosphere 10 the 
annual Kali rush party of the Alpha Phi's. 

Musical mem Ik: is of the sorority returned 
from ilic annual Phi Sigma Talent Nile 
carrying the dint! place trophy for their 
group singing act. 

A busy day. which was highlighted by 
a trip to Minneapolis and Saim Paul, be- 
gan with a breakfast served by the pledges 
for the actives and advisors. The day's 
itinerary included shopping and touring 
the Christmas In-decked stores and a visit 
to the Alpha Phi chapter at the University 
Ol Minnesota. Attendance at the play. 

Sabrina Fair, climaxed a perfect day. The 
trip afforded actives and pledges an 

opportunity to become better acquainted. 

Working in conjunction with the coun- 

iv weltare agency, the Alpha Phi's again 
brightened lite Christinas season for three 
needy McnomOlUC area families by pre- 
senting them with large boxes of food. 

clothingt and toys, 

Amid [he hustle and bustle of the Win- 

hi Carnival, the chapter sponsored their 

annual Sim-Ball dance. The week of 

F.O.JB, Stum Nighl found the girls work- 
ing hard on their skii routine. The Spring 

dinner dance climaxed the year's activities 

lor (.annua Sigma. 




H - 

; " 


I., I 

I I 

iikm ROW Un |mm Mania j.i.i-.i. GrothcB Suubbuxh. ip I l 

lo)« [ohruoa, >«ut.ut. Kownu Jobmon; jaac lim- »kt ptrudaui Huion IVwi MtoMi ROM Sjkl i 

CundrnOlU Pjt Frwiinuii-t; N»im l.i". K^i. it M <!,.,u Hu.lnn.i. Rul i IIIIKIi Knl\ M,,. I I K,,!_ii 

Cook: doth Diltnun. K-i Bt nW M in ; Lontu (lugri: Sin Rhld: U«ij GUtonl 


"Cover Girl" was the ihemc of the first 
formal rush party of the Beta Phi chapter 
<>i the Alpha Sigma Alpha sorority. This 
year A.S.A. iniiiHliucd .1 new •un! enjoyable 
pledge chore of takings male faculty mem- 
her 10 ihe movies, and entertaining him 

at a coflee hour. 

Just before Homecoming, the girls' 
dormitory was converted into "Mary's 
Castle," ami a colorful storybook theme 
was carried out in ihc sorority's successful 
campaign for their candidate as Home- 
coming Queen. During this weekend, the 

girls also held iheir annual muni sale and 

alumni breakfast. 

One ol the most enjoyable activities <»i 
the year for the girls was Sadie Hawkins' 

Week in February, when their white and 

red blazers were exchanged for typical 
Dogpatch .mire. Sadie Hawkins' week 
gi\<"> the Stout girls a one-a-ycar chance 
ic> chase a man. The girls arc supposed 
to have the advantage during this week, 

hut the boys gel even by making the girls 
tarry their Imoks to class, Open doors tol 
ihein. ami treat them to toffee. I his WCCfc 
\\.i« Muresslully climaxed by the Sadil 
Hawkins' Dance. 

The sorority's year was solemnly ended 
with tin- Senior Hum, when each gradual- 
ing senior was honored with a song esn 
dally written for her and sung ai .* spo ml 


mm iJ ocdiun ji itw ivinm (. 

. Jim. ji in 

I0I1 jrtitnl> Hip oioi .in ml 

* .1 jui lk«T obm ■ . i-aiil. 






^|« Ow*Ua* Lm. »». •[.«•: «■:■"'.. ifticnlt MnwpowHBH «j Connie Gam: Atetafc i«hi»r. RCONDMHAB 
i",h,,'V, > ».'■■■ ,.:. v .„; ,v,, n . I.f.,.1: ll« k,, T ,. -« ",,> IV,,W ^, X. l., ; |;,^.lm, |mi,l III 

E5S ►, . DtW . . |..,„- V....*i.. Mmi Wfc ■**'■" v """- Mj " """' lt - KdUot ,c "*'- |J| DMc Mjr > * nn k """ rt ' 

«ii. -....-.iiri; h>- Wan Brand). 

SECOND row; Shiran 


Rcnwmbtt thcM.iv itf iht ihict luilr pip, ibil ItHmc Itw BBUMf 

in »h(.li ibe I" ST prewrf 1 " , """ s '* hl - 

I,, v-. lljlbncrn Tra. otic ol nun» Rirni hit on M'""' Campus, 

■llom Uii'lclil- 1" oi(<" iflirOmitni. vron! In Kjrm l>t»jlil 


flowers for Madame 

The Halloween Tea, Stum Night, the 
Spring Dinner Dance, ihc Founder's Day 
celebration, and the Senior Farewell are 
a lew of the many activities of the Sigma 
Sigma Sigma sorority. The Tn Sigs par- 
licipated in tlie Homecoming festivities 
with ihc humorous Moat earning the 
theme ■>! "\\'lii|i mi Up." Later in lite 
year the Sweetheart Dance offered ihc stu- 
dents an opportunity to take their favorite 
dates dancing to the theme of "Flowers 
for Madame." Excitement grew as the 
presentation of the famed stuffed dog 
"Lover" was presented to a member of 
Stout's administration at the annual Sweet- 
heart Dance. 

Many children throughout the United 
States who are victims of crippling dis- 
eases aie helped to recovery each year by 
the lii Sigina's contributions to the Bob- 
bie Page Memorial Fund in Chapel Kill. 
North Carolina. The sorority members 
|n<A<ii(ed lood. clothing, and Christmas 
presents to .1 needy family in Menoinonie 
during die Christmas season. 

Each gii I in the sorority prepared a ham 
and made gifts that could be sold at l bi- 
annual Christmas sale to the student body 
and to the residents of the city. At ihc 
same lime the Sigma Sigma Signias made 

scrapbooks ol pictures and distributed 

them 10 children's hospitals, 



Most Humorous Float 

Willi the coming of fall anil a ncu 
school year, the Imoi green bla/eis of the 
Delta Zctas were again seen on campus. 
Leaves were in the air and Homecoming 
was here, ami with the DZ's Julie Thomp- 
son .iv princess and their float "Wonning 
Our Way to Victory." which won fir* 
place as ihe RlOSl humorous, this was the 
beginning of a successful year. 

After visiting Southern Mansions and 
attending Continental Coffee Moms, the 
excitement of rush was climaxed with a 
Grecian Gardens party. Pledging followed 
and was completed with Little Peanut 

Week ami a Halloween Masquerade Ball. 

As the first semester drew to a close, the 
/eta Beta chapter traveled to La Crosse 
where ihcv look pari in the installation of 
the I36lh chapter ol Delta Zeta. 

Widi exams OVei and a new semester 
in view, the Delta /etas lu-lpcd wilh 
registration as part of their Philanthropic 
Project. Second semester started with a 
whirl of snow as the members participated 
in many activities of Winter Carnival, 

With the coming of spring, the red and 
white checked tablecloths were laid out 
for the annual Heidelberg Lea. Another 
busy year drew to a close as sad good-byes 
were said to sisters at the Senior Farewell. 
An annual Dinner Dance made a ]>crfect 
climax to a full anil rewarding year for 
/eta Beta chapter. 

su. klun {uiredom the thiw "loadfi " 

ami ja»» ftolU-kk ji it* l»U«l M»ki« Ball 

m.„u Stortb, in. VI...1... SaBdj Titwm udGnn Doocfat) B» 
dm has] mjAIoj trta l« Slow ni»m 

FIRST BOW: K««i Olwip.illci: Man Manioc, trawim Carok Hnm *ioe-n«»fcS«»ti I - ■ mUta*; Oi 

Sbaion llatrman; Maiilu Siorl!>: l.U XhnU. ti.r-tirc-ii.ltin. sUOM) ROM \U<t'<" ■""■> 

MaiilR "i-.r» ; Samba Stvm U* Ibirai; IUiIum Werner: Tool Dntjm a#) Rwwt Ctei Camm, Boa* l "" 1 ' 

ROW: (ml. n«i)e(ii; Naoq lli^r: fad) llali: Shan) Cferbtama; Maij Caaapcao; Saoq Rrimii 

* • '• 

M »* 

mkm Run Ste|b rnkt»b idttafl I"" Kracttdt trowcr; MaiR Monlmti rto pioldcnl; Stan) Cbtbumon. in.ii.inn. Mien 
:.ui>: M.iii-v Olwo elm.. Gam SECOND ROW M.m Bnmli; N.n Nok «■») StbUUn JiniM Setttti janrt KUfnin 

I i hiklUn* 11 

■iiiniin-ii icnc rcftwhiBcau 10 rathta H iiic I'jntidlftiic 

la .■niTir.ii- m Brit lo - « lil' 


freshman Rush Added 

Inicrsororiiy relations were once again 
promoted through active participaiion ol 
the four social sororities <>n campus in 
Panhcllcnic Three members ol cacli so- 
rority, the sorority advisor, and the Dean 
of Women comprise the Panhcllcnic Coun- 
cil. Offices ol president. \ uepiesidenl. 
secretary, and treasurer rotate among the 
sororities from year to year. 

I'.mhcllniit s biggest project this year 
was the revision ol their bylaws, rushing 
regulations! pledging procedures, and so- 
rority quotas. Stalling this year, all Second 

semester freshmen on campus arc eligible 
to pledge a sorority. 

At the intcrsororiiy Christmas formal, 
"Dreamy December", sorority girls and 
their dates danced to the enchanting music 
of Ron Schubert's orchestra. 

Through the cooperative efforts <>f Pan- 
hellcnh and the Inter haui nitv Council. 

all Greeks on campus enjoyed themselves 

at the annual (.nek linn.. I c> climax 
the year, the sororities held a picnic. As 
the giiU engaged in vigorous outdoor 
games, ihcj knew thai thej had success 
fully (mill .1 close and lasting relationship 
between sororities on Stout's campus. 


HUM mm I,., i t,<n Slubt- j.« ( .!. Boqeen: Aii»n n.-i—n. ih-mi- Muki smisn kiiw m M. Frier. idttoR Adriu 

MiiHl... Ml...! Ml] 


Hell Week Regulations 

< ii'^.uu/i .! in 1*159. ihc Inter-Fraternity 
Council strives i<» develop and promote 
better relationships among il» fraternities 
on campus. The organization consists <>i 
two representatives from eacli fraternity, 
.1 scnioi advisor, and ihc Dean ol Men. 

Each year, tin Inier-Fratcrnii) (-11111111 
determines the dates for ihc beginning of 
llell Week and aids in regulating the 
pledging activities. The Council ;>!"> 
awards .1 trophy 10 ihc fraternity wiih the 
Iiim scholastic average and a trophy in ihc* 
fraternity with the best athletic record. 

During meetings each organization can 
In iuj; grievances and suggestions before the 
Council i<m discussion, rworoceni topics 
dis< usscd were the raising <»! ihc minimum 
scholastic average requircmeni for plcdg' 
in); and the budding ol .1 fraternity bul- 
letin board .Mid display case. 

I lit Cmmiil, along with ihc Pan- 
lulltiiii ( limn il. puis on .111 annual Greek 
Dance whii ii is attended only by the mem- 
(ins ol (he Grcek-lctici fraternities and 
sororities. I*hc IFC also provides a speak* 1 
for .ill pledges during Mill Week, who 
acquaints the pledge* with ihc ideals ol 
iIk fraternity system* 

III!"' ill I.. .,1.1.: .■ Did Mill. Il llic^ >.l, 

Khiil J ri'lr nt» L» ln<><lr iluiiiik l.inl IViiui liiii.i hiral 


,\ mmnoK ■•! iibi.lioi j«I<-ii!i •iu,(«iit> • iluru. n 

■ i odtcn ■■• iti<- i in iimi-i. Sam 

DlOrr 1 

In i \t» oiir-iii. iimantor n>tl Ilutakfc piocnU (atan i" 
UinM Cm aural lliirfct HUuklM ind bci Jin-nttaiit. 


Hew Orleans Air 

In ihiii distinctive new gray and white jac- 
kets with red and white fraternity crests, ilic 
Chi Lambda members are now easily recog- 

Again, -i* in past years, members ol the fra- 
ternity worked diligently to support and ipon- 

'"i mills llui would neatc a desirable mk 

atmosphere on campus. Early in September, 
thej sponsored the annual street dance, and in 
addition to entering .1 float in the Homecoming 
parade, the Chi Lun'»'as honored ibeir alumni 

brothers at a breakfast gathering. Active par- 
ticijxitioQ at Stoul Days. Winter Carnival, anil 
F.O.B. Stunt N'igln helped to round out a lull 
social schedule. Hie fraternity also bad a very 
successful year in intramural spoils. 

I'lcdgi-d to exert continual effort for the 
wholesome growth of extracurricular activities 
on campus, i In- 'in Lambda fraternity created 
the atmosphere ol old New Orleans by spoil* 
soring a MardiGnu Hall just before the Lenten 

season. Many months o| planning and hard 

work preceded the actual Hall as all tbc frater- 
nity members striven* to present a bigger and 
better celebration for die student body's enjoy- 

IIRSI HOW: Dkfc K.ilulo i 

Kjiwub. mrUn; i jM \ 

I I ■ : ■■ pratdaM) Rkhlfd Himwi InhlH Mlldln. |>; ll<>l, suplm, uraMiiit: I l»m><it 

' " Nfil, MhfMI s](OM> HoU: S'wown ( /u-iiuim. .,,111-n. ll-ivni: HjiUiuI 

*•**•• mil !>■.. -.. M!i. Moron; Rktnrd IToSn K.ij.ii s. ...... imikii row. i •!>,.,■, i t«rl- 

■ N.-.I-. k,.i poUioli n. \. ■.. i r -. s -r. buMran; Rofci Sabotai D»id h johwon: Can bukamn mukiii ROW 

llnrau Urt4mgtnon Urn Srbocubrrfcr; .«*.. Engd; [«c Bargrn; Dm Swphctwm; x..i-.i Gotham: S t-rne I'l.ll. l*-n 

i t 




f i i 

I $ 

f ' 




i he dupu) hi iiJi'iniK loapbootA mrA utd who Urw 

i'l iil.iiiiriuii..ii jiii.hi itn.r munr lulitt <<■ Hit UK. 

\ g*mbhi< (nti coam io Moot dura . , JU tn,l 

:.. ipin ih. .1 



Winter Wonderland 

Suiting this year's whirl Of activities, the 
Delia Kappa's again sponsored their annual 
Tacky Drag which served as a get-acquainted' 
dance for all new students. In .1 beatnik atmos- 
phere prizes were awarded to the tackiest 
dressed couple. 

W'iih a new school year well under way a 
new pledge dais was initiated and recognized 
around campus in their traditional red fez and 
sash. Other activities ol the ycat included the 

selling of Ihh collet' and thotolaU' al all die 

home football games and giving gifts to ;i needy 
family at Christmas. Winter Carnival brought 

added achievcnicni. .1 lii%t place lot ihcii mow 
carving entitled "Winter Wonderland." 

March offered anothei challenge when the 
Sigma chapter participated in .1 basketball 
tournameni with theh brotha chapters. In 
the spring the DK's traveled i<» Madison For 
the National Spi ing Conveniion which centered 
around the rratcrnit) objectives which wen 
mi reasing fellowship, encouraging membership 
in .t social order, and offering leadership ex- 
perience through group meetings. Stouts 
Sigma chapter i-> proud to have three national 

NK"I K11W [In Rktunbon Inn Genlon. iiraunn; Jim I'juIu*: HiJioi k4nr. |<ir.Hlnit. Ralph in-li>i imnin Mill ►> 

«". f Iml mi U'-lnl- <-. Ir,.l I. ..mi* M«.»Mi HU\' < Julio <■ HI WW; Bill M.« | .. % ■ i. 

Sirphmwni Did ItaUn ttuiln WlPbrou; Uno) Indmon: Bob K..»t iiiikh row EomkUi RwNKt, MD ' 
lij(t; linn lli«nl(ii; i.hi\ iiinki: Don Uni. CcreU Bloc; Jmi Lra; Alba Man luni i 

ft * 

»« ft! 

1 - ' ' I- •■• (I I ... 

"■•"I ill I til mlri 

■ ■ ■ kinii bull h ikq 
I ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ laid i [In in • paitUlj 

mi omro v hi i \ 

Anniversary Year 

I in l'l< i Omega Hi t.i 1 1. in mm. " i< 
linuing in SOih anniversary ibis year, wa% 
I Icil wcicily in 1027 l»> •> group "I 

Smut hum. iIiiiiih; tin llffllC WllCIl ll.lUllli 

iiia were forbidden on ihfi campus* In 

1031 tin ndminfiiraiion recognized ami 
accepted ilim fraternity "l broiiicrhood 

I'll ■ Omega lleia 11" I O B '« arc proud 
to iti iIh oldest fraternity on stout's 

Semi-annually the i O.ll/i mice in 
groups mI in » plcdgi i 1 1» »e pledges arc 
bedecked oinhi firm night ol 1 1* II week" 

unii nicoo iu, ill. H i bow-tieii derby 

liuU. mid while T-shlru which must bo 
worn iin tin i iiiim weel fhulng .hum 
in> mi imii swiii things .is devi ng •» 

M[" ,i icavciigi i limn, drinking 
Inrgo i|u.iiiinic\ ni "eggnog," and frciiuciM 

paddling from ihc bc(ivci< i> ■ "Mill 

\\ ', 1 1 sunn iiudcnu observed ilic lny.d 
pledge* carrying cfgai boxci around with 
iheui ii "in* wondered what iln ■ '■" ■■■ ■ 
contained our only had in Imik m ihc 
■.inn', ihoca ihc .iiiim* wore; ihc boxen 
contained ihoc Uiining equipment. Ifici 

Kell'Wcck" was ovci Initiates probably 
in \i i forgol i in activities of the week thai 
hud passed and ihc bonds ol brodicrhood 
u'biiii bound them logeihci forever. 

'"'■ W i'-' i ■■■■ lei I'' '■.'" Don M Him < ■■■. IVIMlim i»"»i Bmhtfltl <■•■■■■■■, 

''"'"'■■ ' IkhhIw " % l - 1 " Mnn#i -iii. mi wins ii,.„ Kbm I- > OKrllli *nf«nl r.rllmn; hnl 

' '«■■■ Hi Illlih Uilln iiohh imiW i-.i,. | i, ii , 

, ***' ' "" i 1" ■ ■ i .. i. . i mi, n 


I'll! SIGMA KP81L0N 

Efficiency Trophies 

\ traveling National inn « ni v trophy 
hm Iwcn awarded »> Stout** Omega chap 
1. 1 "i I'ln Sigma Kptilon, ll the membi n 
ol Omega are ibli 10 iii.iiih.mii ihcii win 
inn;; record lot iwo additional yean 

will lino in proud owncri ol iheli 

iccond efficiency trophy lincc bccoi 
.1 national organization In 1052 

I'hi Signm Kpiilon'i version ol "Dcvlli 
Delight" won firtt place ai thi moil orig- 
inal float in lite Homecoming parade. 
And ai Stout'* "Wlntct Holiday carnivals 
i in- 1 Ii.ijjh i tool another fim place i»s pt> 
wntfng "((Mini Down to .1 wlntot noli 
day" .»* the mwi original snow carving 

Many %t tti tt-ni ^ on cam put displayed 
iin li talents in the entire faculty •"»! itu 
linn liody ai Mi. i'ln si« 1 .iii in Nile, 

Prom the iah ol tickets, .1 ■■mi ol 

limiiiii'l dollan was presented to Prc*i 
dem William J. Mlchccli to i>< used foi 
tin lit idem loan fund 1 !■< lupport <>t thia 
lurid I'M, ihlcs itudonu in obtain additional 
money while Furthering ihcii education 
here -ii Slum 

I he mi >-i iniporiani day ol lite ycai wai 

when the Omega Mumnt cliaj ceived 

die koyi to il» Bryan 1 Houic here In 
Mcnomonle, which the Mumm chaptci 

,„,,. I, ..,.,1 |,„ „,, ,, . Ii.uiiiilv 1 ,,,,1.. 1 . , 

purcnascn 101 «•>• u .1 in i\ noun WMmt 

t'"i' RnW -"-I Dm 
..11 it.. Ph| s.g nod ui 

hum him 1 ti i.r.«<i..|.i . 1 ..1 1 .■■,: [In M<N«III tUmn llumci Urn 

■ ■>■■■ ■ ■ t Stil. Hm i... plfibMIII [lid lllkd M111M1 Hn\\ lilnlfl Mrtnl ' ' (it I'M' 

in, ii.n-n.i I'lim m i, Paul Com |n)in hmliam; torn n.n-.-i. Illlflll BOW hm I i ■ i 

1.. in 11... 1 1 c.. .. Hut Kowi Kuan Roth 1 hiii.. Miniic. |..i.n Knan. 1**1 fcM« loi mil mm I- . 

1 ...hi M..1111.11.F1 iim.i /.in." tinotiid 1 ■'- " fiuw&li Hik>i M""iM It tat Mmh. Mrt * ■ 



tii-in iinii-ig iiuiuiii. < -«-• -i ii I hiii* in., him xtuiiii. praldrai: lijiitl | Ounhli 

Mi UmkaL Mrt»n Bo* 

MM ROW; Ioiik li-cli. Dcnnian ChlWi 

Ronald vlnilmi. |«inmr Ilili. mrrun: K.J>ni |anrako. >i-t ptofakw: Cl«k (hrait StlCOND ROH 
llitxrn. i I " D I ■ I * Dkl Rwmiimi; |"fin MiiJin>: H-ii I J ilia; Eilwanl M ln-i. hltbor. I IIIKIi 

mm in. Mr," Stan Iih.i Urn Raihrn Brian Hnpal) Bob iv-ii-i. Brian Wjiin: Pcu BtttK KkIi.kI Ccntixi KM mil ROW 
Can Leopard; D**r Rruinipt: R'v Mdw: \n llwwi Paul lien 

M(.\| \ I \l (.\MMA 

5tf,<?00 Napkins 

The (aim unci! of roses seemed 10 be 

E resent around the campus during the 
«i week of November. Members nl Si^ma 
Tan Gamma, a national social fraternity, 
■in selling tickets to their all-school 
formal, the Rose Ball, held in early De- 
cember. Prctrj Sandra Laudon was chosen 

10 Ik- Rose Queen, with Ruili StcensUnd, 

Virginia Fellinger, and Kathy Towslcc 
serving .1% attendants. 

For the Fourth time in a row, Home- 
coming has brought honoi to the Sigma 
I .in Gamma Fraternity. Each lime the) 
have won first plan: with then float en- 
tered as the most beautiful. Recapturing 
the days oi the Roman Empire, th< • 
I. in- created a colorful chariot pulled by 
two beautiful horses, using 56,000 napkins 
to cover the entire float 

S ma I .hi Gamma foi the first time 
presented to the student body .» [an Pesti 
val, featuring Tommj <> Bricn I he eon- 
ceri followed by ;< dan© was a luccess, 

\i home football games the members 
tempted the appetites ol spectators bj -II 
iffy apples and |^.[*( <.i it. Intramural 
(pons, house parties, bayrides, a car wash, 
and a dinner dance completed anothei sue- 
cessful veai foi the Sig l.m-. 

vhinKifti ihi hi maMni mi, n ..,., lira plarc it rami hamorooj 
I"" "" • I unit n ph) ••> i 



New Black Blazers 

Alpha fin Omega, .1 national service 

foilcrnity. is represented on the Sunn < am 
pus liy the Eta Kappa chapter. Their 
goals are u> develop leadership, to give 
service, and to continue the ideals <ii scout- 
ing; and the two prerequisites for member- 
ship are previous Bo) Scout training and 
10 desire to serve others, This year the) 
have started wearing black blazers with 

ilieir emblem 1111 ihe pocket. 

To give service 10 the community, \PO 

member* work with ihf Itoj Scouts and 

the Red C.ioss Wood Bank. Four mem- 

bcrs have worked with Boy Seoul (roups 
in the city. In the spring they held ihcir 
annual kite flying contest lor the Cub 
Scouts. When the Red Cross Wood Mo- 
bile visits Mcnomonic, the APO sets up 
and dismantles the necessar) equipment 

loi ii. o]i< i.Hion. 

All It. ilei lulus on (.mipits ipOnSOl a 

candidate for the annual APO Ugly Man 
on Campus Contest. In turn each sororii) 
matches ihis with a candidate for (he Mosi 
Beautiful Woman on Campus. The stu- 
dent body then votes, using pennies as 
their ballots, and the proceeds go 10 the 

college .11 Honor's \\a\ 10 be used lor ihe 

Nation Defense l.o.m Program. Ushering 
.11 Commencement and Honor's Day <li 
max ihe activities loi apo members. 

\ ItmiiMi ii«hi timing |ilnl||in|; n ihr hjiiiiik 
..I I1.1t irinniii.. M V« Kiotlki jml \ 

jic .V'liiK 

IIKM hlll\ M \l I',!,. ■dlfcOR UllOO ■drfwv; l^lni-i A Kill-ll. H.i 

piabknli (ana Root, wacuni P«o 6vnirl; K r Oten, uMm SECOND ko« i>-i ( hi l> itunn-.i. *ditaa WaUradi 

Vol.. 1 llitntlii; J.ilui KlIlBOfQ Htiulil llcilnuii. Vrltiur SdnrfMBfCn COJ Silvn j.hi- 

u #« 



HRVI' ROW i [t*n Jiiii" <i!ii"'i. |(ri-tnr mIoh. \ltm DukMai. •oihjii: Sunln lliil'inik). cic.miici: Milium I*. I.itwllm, piofdfflli 

Liwiaxt i-i.i-i wr pttUau; <-rn\ RculoK: < h,ir Owra SECOND Row rtioaiM I Maacfi Mithal McDonoughi 6*t> Sugikn, 

hitftir Imc*) [bml iviiini i»-j«ik- luiii.ii. Robert BacAc I'h-llp R--<til. adthor. iiilKH Row Chuta lohnwti; l>j«i<l KlbKfl! 

ii-.. n,vi,r i :>il. Bud Sc-i.i Don Sthuii; R'-ipi KdJuratt Jack MyaiJiub l«n riii row. Ron Stnubcn* An ll«nir: Don 

M ! ■ ■■■ Don I nl I ■ "Hi. 

iNking "I J m«-fcl him* 11 ll'l> h.ilr lair h un-lulli iIi.hc 
i l.iiulii lunnlii-iv !li SwtOOB. Mi HiTilIrl. Jivl Ml Pknjll 


For Industrial Arts 

The National Honorary and profes- 
sional haternil\ in Industrial Arts and 
Industrial Education is Fpsilon I'i Tail. 

Its local chapter is tin* Ihcta chapter. The 
organization strives to provide means of 
improvemeni for if« members in technical 
skills as well as in «> poise, .ind re- 
search experience. This is done through 
socialt technical, and research projects. To 

be eligible (or EPT, an industrial arts 
student must have a three point grade 

point average. Prospective members are 

invited 10 appear before the Iratcrniiy and 

deliver a three minute spcecbi followed by 
.in oral examination. A vote is then taken 
to accept or reject the prospective member. 
Each year KIT sponsors a joint meeting 
with IT « i Upsilon Omicron, a Christinas 
party, a field trip, and a scholarship. At 
the meeting this year with Phi u, the 

speaker addressed the group on Civil De- 
fense. Then Christmas party is for the 
members and their guests, and President 
William J. Mii-heeU was this year's speaker. 
flu* annual Held trip is to :m industrial 
plant which provides an opportunity for 

MudentS to jee industry at work. And on 

Ho s Day, a deserving undergraduate 

Ittldcni i- awarded the KPT's scholarship 

foi continued study while here at Stout, 



Career Pamphlets 

This fall, Phi Upsilon Omicron, ;i 
national professional Home Economics 

Organization, began an active >eai with 
chapter inspection, a biannual event. I'hi 
U's main purposes arc 10 * nan an interest 
in home economics and to develop lead- 
ership through projects within this area. 
To tarry out their professional program 
they have a joint meeting with Epsilon Pi 

Tau. This year their speaker's topi, was 
Civil Defense. To aid their own members 
in their professional work, I'hi I compiled 
Career Pamphlets e>jH-< Lilly to In- used by 
the girls that enter the field of education'. 
They also maintain a box showing various 
kinds of textiles. This box is a very help* 
fill teaching aid for Stout graduates. 
During the first semester I'hi t'psilon 

Omicron held a Recognition Tea in honor 
of the home economics students who have 

a high enough scholastic rating to Ik- on 
the Dean's list. To encourage students to 
continue on in home economics. Phi U 
awards a scholarship to an outstanding 
freshman girl. 

For the student who has a birthday, the 
members o\ Phi V> present him with a spe- 
cial birthday cake ordered through the or- 
ganization by the student's parents. These 

cakes brighten many birthdays during the 
school year. 

rca b vmd br L Mama il the i.h Rev '"»mi- 

tliov- -rMMn -Ik. bait nu-lr Il-r Da 

IIK*I' Kow LoretU NoOrWi ll<l<n M'xioli: iinimr lng>iit>m. \lic pmitlrni: l>n« lii» mrudrM; l«j!«l t'ltnni M»vu k 

treasurer; KJbabcih Ntiiutrra: t'Uiw Colty, riling w-mrun: |udi i-ii-» rump un: Flttn i i"t SECOND kow 

1 1 ' . If.- I .ml-. |iiil> I i*. ; I [1(1 k mil ton: Sue Hi In. Slum t liriMnimi. Mn s W'tail |oHI ' hretltanio-n i iwbU < >■(■■; Mai caret Foan. 

lallbliOD .hUimk. I IIIKI) KOW: I Men Sinbntiri: |n.i In',. M.n ■.tiult-: (.Wm It^llm.ii Mm ki>-il'l Rulh ll 

Karen Lynn tobnton: (.o-iktoi- Wolimiorii; JimK immUuoo 

f f *.t t 

& t it 


Iiovii it ONOMU S CI i 11 

Stout's Favorites 

IVxtllei \i ill." "Foodi Around ilw 

World Spring Kailiioiu U.S.A..' anil •• 
i rip ia Rimu «n >■ a few «»i il» man) 

lonica ol ilimiuii iippmxiniaiel) ' 

l( ,iw mrmben ol Siouii II ft 

la ( lub Hi. eniln ycai wi i I 

nd i lu ii>" ' Ironn Rconamki 

lin ounl Ml girli lecking a maioi 

hi itii [Icld "i home n." in' .in cligiun 

ia partii i|"'- '" ll" organiiaiioii Kadi 

>i< v iiipnil i Iva < coitagc "I yellow 

rliryunilici * m i'» rrgulai i aiicin 

lony. which i- followed b) i foi 

mil COl [CC h<mi 

I luuiigh he year, ihc Home Eeo 

noinia « lub iiwnwreil il» Prcthman 
lircen i <.i ii" M.N Pea. iln Chrtumoi 
i . , and die ISih Nlghi Part) Demon 
mraiioiu .mil ityli diowi bi itiiui imi wen 

alia given ni iln progi higlrilghu to 

.nd I mil real and varli " to ilii row tingi 
sunn i I ivorlli - hi auproni laic till* 
in) .i cookbook won on mm io die gi n 
. til |>iiMn ihli yi .n li I* intended dial 
iin uli tv ni Miniiiiiii through ihi ni ki 

Colli .;< m ii Smtii I I .iM'iiii >. uliii h In- 

been edited i»\ ii" club mi mi" i' U i Mil 

111 I I I'll ■' ll 111 ll" * 

■ i ini ii tnii m 

Ii I t l |in1i |i'lm- 

\ ,.i,, M.i.L. ui.) I Mm hhufli 

|Killihliw in Si 

ii In \ini Vl.ii,. 

IIKM h»'» l»>ii"l" • Ini. nl. |. In Mm "viii ■ Ii I. li V'timl. i Itlnhlml Muil.i i»t '..ii 

' I"' 1 I." I""" "'|ii I '•»' I.I Hiin.1i MtHMilUiH v,,.h .lM-h l.i.n 

11 '•■■ ■'■■" tt |»nti i-.iiimi >i... P <■ 1. 1, imi StrohbttMh i iinin now ii.i.i 

*'•! Ni Hull li i - i... ... M ... m K.i. n s mi ii in. 

I . -. 


I IKn I H<l\* II. tin M.iiiiImi. |itl jablMOtli I •rolf Kilnci. Monlnnll Hii-'iin. luki i < 

kut. ink llrint Mmtoha m". l"i )ahnwn; K»i«i otmpitlln siio\n k<ih Mm i. 

v.,, Mullffl M00L1 I'll-- Ktiiit.- <--i"i»" Mcw»! Bubani Wna; loAm \. . lUtm Rata h. ..■>.- n iiiikh hou 

M.nldi- iilniiiii. I lull In Boutin; ShlilM H|«jIiI. Ntnci i |awi latnHoa; Njm* Rctadl ■■'no. 

tm 1 1 i ics (.1 1 it 

Easter Tray Favors 

k.inii HjIii h.ihiiIi, \iiiicii Hli>-'i- *ln«il 

n)ul)«nu in«in» «iiiiti oTta itir grattM 


I n tdviuKc the v tenet <>i dii tetics and 
nutrition and i<< promote education in 
iin k and othei areas ate the objectives "i 
ihe Dietetics Club ben .it Sioul State Col 
h p l n be eligible roi membership, <.•>!• 
person muu have completed thret seines 
ten in either dietetics oi tostituttonaj 

in preparation foi iht Christinas li<>li 
days, iluti memben baked and sold ihcii [ruil cakci at .i Chfisttnai nle, 
Short!) aftei this fi stive m ason man] bui u 
speakers launched an informative educa 
itonal program! During it"- Eastei icaion 
the Dunn Count) Homi received mull 
hand made decorations fa each patiem 
l he* '! *ii" were greatl) appreciated 

i i. mi Stout, girls »ill travel t.« the foui 
,0111,1- ni out countrj and pertiapa tr* 
urn lil in v. m ilu ii Internship aftei which 

ittim will become dietitians in hospitals 

hotels "i similar enterprises 


ihe heads ol i<*"i services in large 

On Honoi - Da) i seniw lucmbei »>i the 
Dietetics Ctub who has mosi lull* rep« 
lented the Ideals ol the club was presented 
with . lucdtcal dfctJonaf) t.» aid in ha 
internship and icrvi as a remindci ol net 
days .ii '""i" 


i XI. 

■ BOW- Uittarie Bimn; Iui!> Rfnrm: I»lif Thompwn: Willum Kurhn: fun C.ipp. pmiilrm: flairn William*. iiMiurrr; Phil 
„,„-"'' ««-iW R«N-n Wit >i" pinMcni; ^n«li» N'owtj l"i« ll..iwn. SKfONb BOW: nifl <i. Klin, idriwr: Gcnld 
ipSS RlE* K.i C«ilbrt: |..».» Bmjd.. .,11 OrtW Jmj Cjntat 1 HIRD r™ 
mi,-.-., m.«. II Hi Mkhad rtjloii Mehtn Kodlo: 0. R-n IMc Oah Ndwa; !»--» Kiwi. 


lkl> ROW: Kti"cli Ili-tiu. 


Club Patch developed 

Developed 10 educate and train students in 
the safe and efficient handling "I firearms, 
thcStoui Rifle Club has been an active member 
of the National Rifle Association of America 
since 1947. 

The equipment available 10 members in- 
cludes three .-IS caliber pistols, ■•ix Mi's, and 
five ,22 rifles, although most ol the members 
have their own rifles. The National Rifle Vs- 
MCJation awards each member free rounds of 

ammunition il oii.ilihini: rounds are shot. A 
black oxide fluid for ref iuidiing guns and othei 
metal was acquired this year. 

With die growing membership and increased 
intcresi shown, the club was able to make and 
carry out many new plans. Inter-club matches 
as well as matches with other schools were |wr- 
UcJpatcd in. The national meet was attended 
by some of the local members. 

I he club also accented female numbers who 

learned the fundamentals and in the future 

may he able to compete in matches of their 
own. During the year, turkey shoots and other 
competitive events held in this area were par- 
ticipated in for fun and competition. As a final 

project a new club patch was designed. 

■•I- IIi-.ih WillUm ilri»i «im i«i li,- 
wing ■ irlerotri mo 

Mi'i "-il piuiihI "I linci^ Uj\fii atlit And) lair 

* time *lml I'll I'icii ''"lltif n> iiuik ihf liull* fir. 

HUM ROW' Jfiimim $)buw, VVaonr Iihui. I...n.i.l Sinn, -im-ri I 

lUmm. ueuuia; K.i» i KranniKl), »M-n sn om> row: I'iiiiil |. i- . o u,^ 

Ihlc: l^ntoni VceoOKtufc GU) l""iml. RomM Milln: Juki Sduil; II >. 


Professional Skills 

For i he person interested in wood, metal. 01 
leather working, plastics, and ceramics. il»- Arts 
and Crafts is an ideal club. A hi^h scholastic 

standing is a I'l'ii nuisilc lor nuMiilKTshin in 

ihi! pre*profcssional organization. Since tin- 
establishment ol the club in 1931, many new 
members have been initiated into Arts and 
Oralis each semester. Weekly meetings, headed 
In Mi. Kranzusch, founder and advisor ol the 
club, fosters the growth ol hobby skills among 
its members. Club goals an* centered on fuuux- 
occupational usefulness since many composi- 
tions will be useful aids as models in leaching 

or perhaps in the technology field. 

On tin basis "I merii points, club members 
are awarded keys "t bronze filled gold and 
solid gold at the annual ■ lui> banquet. One ol 
the club' first activities i>i each ycai is .■ fund 
raising project — selling Homecoming buttons 

to the Student bod} Meinbeis also an 
annual caul party which creates 1 social oppor- 
tunity for faculrj .mii students i<> meet and 
enjoy themselves And as the eventful yeai 
came 10 a close, the Arts and Crafts Quo held 
.1 spring pi* mi. which gathered the group to- 
gethci 101 the las) timeol the school real 

WllHhMhllC Jlnl UKflll |-i--|-- »- ..ill In nude til lint, limn 
l-n «. 1 hi 11. 11 111 jtutr (>iiihi(ijiiIi Ujiiic Ij:ii-i ud 

aim) Wlmt. 

I Hi" I" I'ln . ■ ■ C '•' OU»J \'' >'• 

l*lrn bi Mi ltd .Mi. B<M StMk MM Ul md MO »-"•' 

\ rtUt wlttilon of HaiSDOtf] i> looked »i li> J umpui «*U at 
Clunk 'llwifOfWifi Jivt Hum Milium. MUld p tt U J ^lr. 

V point iJ fnttnu i- brooghl 10 ibc incnilon <.i s I n uhbor, 
Mi, ScIwiimikLi jnil Olba orpin i.«»ni nwiubo" lit 'lorn Hfllci. 


Master Printers 

\1ou- commonly known around campus 
.1- S. I .S., the Sioul Typographical Society is 
a service organization composed of members 
who are interested in the graphic arts. The 
main requirement for membership in the 
organization i* a major in printing. S.T.S. 
offers its members an opportunity to gain 
professional experience that will help them 
in their careers. 

Through their own individual effort, 
members may attain recognition by achiev- 
ing one or more of three degrees of member- 
ship in the organization. Newly initiated 

members are called apprentices or "Printer's 

Devils." This rank is die lowest of the three 
and is symbolized by a bronze key. Ily doing 
research, passing proficiency tests, or under- 
taking technical study, ail apprentice may 
receive a silver key representing a journey- 
man. With still further work he may receive 
a gold key representing a master printer. 

National Priming Education Week, com- 
memorating Benjamin Franklin's birthday. 

was observed by die organization in January. 

One of the major projects of die organiza- 
tion is a three-day tour visiting other schools 
or graphic arts industries in the Spring. This 
project offers members an op|xiiluniiy to 
observe similar organizations at work and 
at the same time become better acquainted 
with the graphic arts industries. 

IIK»] ROW: Turn Hilln. MOdocUM nunagri. Don Ainln»m. tfce-ptaWcni; Omit ThowpWO, KOMBiyj ken Coition, iiramiri; 
[kmd Grata*. |>tr.».t«.t- SECOND ROW: iiili FsmU; rom Lowe Mum WHIIanw \„,\ £hmiinly. wMkt. row ki«(>i. I lltKl) 
ROW; [mi Swfaa; t>«t ArfMo; HhI limn. 


Brass Cross 

The NUuls (iuilfl, an ever-growing or- 
ganization composed <»t men majoring in 
metals, is under ihc direction of advisors, 
Mi. Halfin and Dr. Wichc. Membership 
in this organization enables individuals to 
Further their knowledge and increase their 
enjoyment in their Future life's work. 

Guest speakers during the year included 
advisor Dr. Wichc and Mr. Kufahl, also a 
member of Stout's [acuity. "Without a 
Shadow of a Doubt" was one ol the man) 
films shown during the year, showing the 
use "I a comparator instrument. Local field 
trips through Mcnomonie's Badger Iron 
Works and the Gincoski Garage afforded 
club members an opportunity to become 
acquainted with small industry. Additional 
field nips to Crcnlo Industrii's in the Cities 
and IBM in R<* hcsicr, provided additional 
educational experience for those in attend- 
ance. \sa group project, the Metals Guild 

designed and made a brass cross which is 
imbedded flush in the sidewalk in from of 
the Mcnomonie Trinity M e ih odist 
Church. Besides educational experiences, 
Metals Guild members also participate in 
fun activities; ihey entered a humorous 
float in the Homecoming parade, and 
sponsored a car in the Winter Carnival 
jalopy races. 

In kin H.*l>"!. JiJiti tbna I ■■■ii. Dm 

.■■i. aw) linl l*rn<lri|(ju. 

1IKST HOW: lli««lt>ir Wirhr. Jiliivn: I(, ( IVihnti lime: K(" IWnhof. tti-Jtuici. Ijfmxr Bora. pmU 
linn; tlimk Johmon, uimiiv. SECOND ROW: IKm Kent: Jit Dtc Hn b trg g; lupi* CuUm Jnninc 11 
»;fi«iio. third ROW: Etntnc J.-no: Kan Ahmw 5. «.«ic I'icii. J<t GtonmnE Mniin Bk«.v. Brim iiq>, 


#* m 




HR*l KOH Mi i - II ■ •■■ I ■■ !•■■■ ■ ■"" i"'" 1 "" prHlilmti H"iet Muwtl H«i 

I. II M ••■* Iflflli MiiiMt Pull I MM IMllrj -il»t-. i Hnti'il I.- HWI WltlUin., 

hdtlbi i ' ' ■■ ■ ■ ■ ■■ "■■■'>' PI i IHIi »»M "■■-" \lt*1 1 "■"in M.. i., 

■ ■ In '■ i 1 ' ■ I !■■ H ii kin mm Wmn l#hriunnt Offuu 

..,.;-., . 1. 1 1 . .. i...,. .,,ii. Hon it". i. 

■■ ■ i ■ ■ i ■ H.-.- .1 .1 i-.., 

1 i.i M.i>. Wl ' •""■. « | . ■ ■ . l . I. ..-I 

It mho i ii (I R0NIC9 ci.lli 

International Morse Code 

I in* ffni moinlil) nit < i ink hi iiir Radio 

ii" ilea < i'ii' i« usually .i business 

v, Ml which ijwiikcn from various 

in Itli '»i • i * .in asked in address 

tin club. i"|iii»iiii discussion consist ol 

.Hi Ml I. I'll". lull III*. 'I I'll 

luiiiKij and mill i lubji i ii related to ihi In 
n K »i »ti i lull members \i olbei inonilu) 

lings, i In students cumtrui I, study, arm 

"I'MiMMiii ivlib practical electron u ch 
cults, as mil ai '"I'M .mil linprovi iduiiiI 
i •iin|iini in Moug whIi ibe k""'|' ncilvj 

ni«. i nit mi nihil Iiim Itis OWtl 
|.i<i|i i i \\\,u h In imiiI - mi iIiiihikIi"1II llir 

mci Members alio jmnlclpaic In .i 

irnniiuluci hum I •% trying to locale ;i 

Hi i lending ilgnals in oi t i 

Mi M 

i Itosi wlio wldi i»> take ii» ii tiuallfylng 

I'm in Mlimeapolli to obtain 

iheh Pwli ltd < iii adorn < ! % 

lion \m ii> in i in tin .in m quired to 
know tin Morse Otitic 

['how persons who havi obtained a novice 
or general llceiiti bavi iho opnoriunli) lo 

"i i tin radio irauimlitoi in die ham 

ilini i in I ryklaml Hill \ wealth ol 

|" w "|nt| i wfl? nilri il during 'In 

\< .ii iviili Ii i nablt s i x|n in nini ituHenu 
id inaki ronlacl with otlici nalloits across 
ii" in 


i in- I'l I KlIO) , i i i || < mi Si ii 

Collegiate and Religion 

Kclljl i tii|ilmili Wei i in Mini ibi 

in ij«i ii \\\ \\\ '»i Siom \ hiii I K< 1 I 

* OHM ll. VVItll till ill 1 '.11. ... ,1, .ML I 

Kc)lf(|rm,' flu pi<.|.i. i , m in Ii» hull t! 

,i ftongfesi 'viil» ,t utiPU «|>i ii> i ih > mi 
II. Liiiitliiuiii; tollci limn. . H lunch 

c nil fol lilt 1,11 llll\ Hill In. .1 | ... i.. i 

Him it . < 'tallon Without i < . 

mill a riming addrcM b) Mlu Ma) Roach 

IH( vims (.. Inn graii il" n lig * ■" 

ganind ^ "ii camptn b) Iilj mci > 

pi | "I i. |.n .. MlallVl I I '< Ii m -ii ilmniiiii 

til Ii rwpomllile i»h preparing Ihc t/%rau 

Yam V.hurrh bulli tin mil * n raglt 

< latin ii Nlghl program on rampui to 
actiuninl iiuili nu wTlli (hi urea I'hiirchti 

mil i ucoiirage ' him Ii HI. ml. 

In IKC'i tonitlintion the porno* nl tin 

1 0U114 ii i* nan <l ,i» lollnwi: in n i 

|hiIIi » s U) id- rollegi nl in In ill i iilon (»» 
illinulallon ol muileni rcllgloiia (lovclop 

nu tn. i Iinlniiici rellgluui icilvlitd in 

provi ti \-% i)i< coum ii ."id .nl lira i Ion 

""I ii. promnii in undemanding no 

1 1' ' mmi m. Faculi) tii* ihIm ... -1 mi. nu, .hiiI 
narcnu ol ihc relationship (hm ihoultl 
okIh between hjffjtci education mil n 

liniini in i ill hm KM i' I] 

I ! 

I I . . 



i ii 1 -i HON l i. fchnlli K«lh| WMthH I 

Mat* ■ i . .. i. hiiv mm, i ■ 

kill- Hili.l. i I-.. Iil-n 

Ms ^ 











L "* 1 

V \ i 






1 / 

1 u I « 




1 * 

«r ♦S'v 

l iks I ROW Cbrrine Huwen Iu4) Kenuuns Untta Nounn Richard llanoa n««m... Bntan Kmim. jMCrifcM: i<-lir iv"„. 

. , „*,!.„,. Ifckn li-rfm KOTiin: '<<» &»*fc '••"''■' OirtacDiea SECOND ROW >™, Brubakm Doom »MMn Butan. 

il iv.Ih,-.!.; tank iii»: I*l« Rotti "•<• Mtali Craw Doughty; Dianw- Keinwdn; Man Hut KnMiU Gmi Frwc 

.. L,np- I ifiKi» now Vtafmb inn Im»w Mhk Wuk Balm Dm--' >■■'<«• >»» """"- 1 ' 111 " 1 ' «"*•; !""'" ^""i™"' 1 

1, Uxa-o: Cw£a Ban*! Rig* talk*. FOURTH ROW) h»» M...!^..: •;-"".« «. Hull. R«.r. i« Ann 

m,,,,. M.m.M ihl Ml Wltloml: kMM Dud; CmoI Pairhb: Dlanrw Colhp Joan l M.»i. Cr-iii. a,, he; (Ji..k "««"*• 

I, ... ..,.,„ ni ui nn» Iton Bunnell; i .mi Ii.iu.iii |.M. Rowci it"'- Cookj: Unj Newman: tt ilium Sami !»••'• A*n»i ii«inn 
Hi.-ni.uii. Cnocft Cttront RoaaM Hull; Rkraid Bmhouwn Ljk Barfino; N • N*«wneny 


Mission of the Church 

The Methodist Student Movement on 
campus and (Ik* United Campus Christian 
Fellowship, which consists <>( students (nun 
the Evangelical United Brethren, the 
l 'nun! Church of Christ, and the Presby- 
terian churches, have combined 10 form 
Wesley Foundation. Through this com- 
bination, it is hope<l that spiritual Fellow- 
ship may he brought to students whose 
church groups are too small to organize 

"Flic Mission ol the Church in the 

United States," the theme used by Wesley 

this year, was well carried out with the 

help of speakers, panels, and discussions. 
I in- State Conference also emphasized the 

theme by dealing with 'Segregation. So- 
ciety, and the Church." 

I he year's progiain included worship 
services which departed far from those 
which are used on Sundays, ranging from 
unices done iii complete silence to those 
done in j.i//. A wotk gioup of fifteen Wes- 
ley members went to the Lac tin Flambeau 

Indian Reservation for a weekend to work 
with some of the Indians in improving 
homes and living habits. This year Wcslcj 
acquired a suite of rooms for the student 
group. The center has become an impor- 
tant meeting place of the Stout Wesley 


Wakl »>'ini«i< -iii ituanbn Ihb «'■>• ■■! 
Sanda] noting imah ind lot iou* ihti »iii i- 
hai •(-..-] -on-.-n. 

1 ■ ■■ ■ 

FIRST ROW Mil \un Olion. at1i|<c»; Kallit WipUM. pinldrnt: fail mi. |h Buna 

iccoctllng -iiiuii. Hiul Knatua. mrropoodiM Marian SECOND ROW <.•!* Ohm i i ■ 

Pctenon. Iliuoriani C*rol Hrtfttoff; J»'i» Sickii! Kino Nthiing: MjiIhk- llnry^i. hi-ii> Scbulu iiiirii kou h. i i 

lioiii.|in-: N.niii Reynold^ k.iL.ti VVkchnunw Kitlt pvtcnM Mil namrr, Anhu vfi-ii.i . 


Candlelight Communion 

()|nn house hi the Lutheran Student 
Center during Stout's Homecoming week' 
end began a busy year (or UNA numbers. 
A horse drawn float captured second pi izc 
as the inosi beauiiful entered in the Home- 
coining Parade. 

The purpose "I die l.inheran Student 
Association \s 10 deepen, enrich, and 
mature the Christian faith <>i college nun 

and women, and 10 recognize dial special 

disciplines are required in the vocation of 
the Christian student. The main disci- 
plines emphasized are study, thought, 
prayer, and service. 

An active yeai in building fellowship in- 
clude.! ;i retrcai held .11 Green take, Wis- 
consin; a Thanksgiving Banquet for facul- 
ty members, local pastors and students, who 
were addressed by Mrs, Jean Hagen on 
"Goals,"; and Christmas caroling .it Men 

1 tnic Memorial Hospital. Dr. Herbert 

Anderson, who spoke ol his experiences 
in the Philippines, was another «>t the 
many guest speakers. 

LSA members activcl) participated in 
Religious Emphasis Week, World Daj ol 
Prayer, and many oihei campus activities. 

Candlclighi co union in the LSA chapel 

highlighted the Advent season, and the 
cliapcl was visited by main Lutheran mu 
dents i"i weekl) Vcspci services. 

•1 1 jii--i> -ii 

■ ■■■■■■'■ ' * ■ 


Catholics on Campus 

Catholic students arc given opportuni- 
lies 10 develop personal rcsponsibilii) 
through active participation in the educa 
[ional, social, and spiritual aspects <>i m! 
lege life through membership in then 
campus organization, Newman Club. 

Discussion ol William Whalen's Catho 
Ha on Campm highlighted manj ol the 
ivccU) fucsday night meetings, Newman 
Club's special educational projeci for the 
year was parent-education regarding the 
goals and activities <>[ the club. 

Educational and social opportunities 
combined when Stout's Newman Club 
hosted tlu West Regional Conven- 
tion on November fourth and fifth. Othci 
social functions included a Saint Patrick's 
Day dance, hayride. socials, choii partici- 
pation, Communion breakfasts, and Satur- 
daj work meetings ai the new Center. 

Open House climaxed two years' work 
on the new center, a three-storj house 
which has facilities for an ever-growing 
membership. It includes a chapel, large 
meeting room, modem kitchen, library, 
TV lounge, chaplain's suite, and ;i lull 
third story. Ilit students' training at 
Slum was quite evident in the ii.liiiii.i- 
tiim oi [In entire house. 

()|-n linn*- U llic ( lut,' Hi- hOOW 

. . : i - ...i " ration [m Mr. 

|.i Uin lliimll. -iiul Kiilli H<-]i1- i 

hum n<>i\ iqia Uihilta; Rotkai h \ a icnbacn, rirr prakkK Rct, \nhei Redmond thapbbi; Caikon iwed 

■ ■ - .- i i-:> llna mman SECOND fc<>" Man 5»atn v^„ sobmu; Carol Sobiofci: Onfc Bune): Man 
BtumU; Simla /limit; k"- U*n ivi.i-,-1. J«di v. v i... |ntkc Win MMKh Ki"\ GaNgmi Woliciuarfl Mir) Bomb; Outlet 
Xiximiu: Dill II raft) Ricx: RmuM Sclm lilru Moti. 

** w \ 



MUM ROW{ Don R6ffe vjinlr. S'lei. «. irtju. Ri«jlir Kil'xttim. lir»>uirr. Ma Kcfo n. pmMlnii . tltubtth NrimrKi. iwr 

piafdmi: Ukr |aw Pnotai SECOND ROW Rita H . , .< \\, (^mabtigtion; kum |u» 

\» piti ni die SO program, si""i> «»»Kiiie Imiob* 

ilmrr Rbllomhlp r.. ivi" MflBtel 


The Bear Trap Ranch 

\f filiated will) (he lnui- 

\'.iimi\ Christian Fellowship, the Stow 
Chi istian Fellowship onnniiation ai- 
terapls to further ihe religious growth of 
its members through individual and group 
stud) .mil places .in emphasis on mission- 
an work ai home and in tin lidd abi 

Discussions on current questions of rc- 
ligious ligiiilicincc. Iccuiu-s l>\ uui.sidc 
speakers, and Bible studies form tin basis 
ni the weeklj meetings. Month!) socials 
such .in .1 weekend reireal 01 a swi mm i n g 
pari ) encourage Christian fellowship 
Some ol SCF * contributions to campus lite 
were their Homecoming float, an annual 
Christinas card salci and the presentation 
ni .in nil uIhm'I mm ie. 

I railing ofl campus, SCF participated 
in meetings with Intci Varsit) groups u 
neighboring campuses and icni i< presenia- 
lives i" tin man) area conferences when 
ideas lm action were exchanged. 

] In- Inter-Varsirj Christian Fellowship 
owns Beat li.ip Ranch located neai Colo 
i. ni.. Spring*. Colorado, Even summer 
students from all ova the world gathei ai 
li«. n trap i" prepare Un campus leader- 
ship, l In personal growth and leadership 
received here will give the individuals a 
bcttci understanding ol tin world around 


I'm" Ilntir Wnulcr. (h—fli ftOM mm Mbd bCWUBUl i)»<m 

aHdMMa rrrdvcd •><■» crown ji comaUM lime. 

RrfmhtHlHi ilr «iml -I it..- ..■ !■■ I" ijucrn <-irnii- 

tlili* Auili- 1 \ « ili>. Man vlnili/. N.m Nov j nit | til ir 1 hOVMBH. 


£tttyM? Organizers 

The Sioui Student Association worts 
for promotion of the best interests of the 
student body i" cooperation with the ad- 
ministration and (acuity. 

Each spring the SSA elections arc of 
major importance on campus, whin the 
tour executive officers are elected. Be- 
sides the executive group there arc two 
remaining pans of the SSA, the Senate and 
the Student Court. The Senate consists 
ol fifteen students and three faculty mem- 
bers who approve the formation of new 
clubs and organizations on campus and 
help them with their organizing according 
to the rules ol the school. The third pari 
is the Student Court, which handles stu- 
dent conflicts on campus. 

The SSA also plans and controls all 
social activities at Stout on behalf of the 
students. This year the Stom Student As- 
sociation revived the tradition of the an- 
nual Christinas Dance which had been 
dropped for a few years, but through the 
hard work of those in SSA. this year's 
dance was a great suCCCSS, and it will Ik- 
held each year in ihe future. 

Again this year Stout's Student Associa- 
tion is promoting "The United Council 
of Wisconsin State College Student Gov- 
ernment" ami has done work on the consti- 
tution of ibis new organization. 

hum ROW: m m Mob, nlvfarw: n-iiriw Gamer: Crfdc Onw, 't" pini<l«»i; D»id N'tl<«i>. pralttrnt; Tcwl Dono. kctcUij: 

Rulh lli.|it.n«|--i[(u. Iiranra Mrlla rnlnmi .ulMutr SIXOND ROW: Olio W. Mil. adtiwrt Jjnr I ulr*; SjtttllJ Neiiwi; 

Sandra ! « Wns Gloria Wtuiaft; Da na Leonard; Ralph G. Iwnoa. adtbor. I tllKl* ROW; \drUn Murltti; Jim Mock: 

One Rri.ui(n: IV>t> I'rlii. R.nulit Vhiiticil. Ri-;<-i Vluctri. 

"v. ." > punning baud, Kan) i" k»c ibom mnniicn i damn 

lii iln M|>lti£ j~ Kuril llu|ifrti>|iriK<'i Hrll kltOM 

Iht millennium al 

-• . . i. 

|. mi,,.. 

Working for the Student 

i hrouth thtrolkvc "••' SM mmi- 
ben Ulr lta»« Rob Km. i;.-.. ■ 

«-Ii.i-Iii. I'.iul IK (In. jllil Rulti Jir 

railed <-•! in"" 1'iit own nnpai 

:•• ;-..n Otha RIDUpl hi l..imiii>ini)[ 

"f* i'lr-i> 


\n «m|>lc Hipp!) "i inmi (--*• and <xiio tdtou .uwHK 

t-ii! hi •(!.! »l lln- 1"il iliui; 'lino. Urir 1 1 in Milmiij 

•nil. Mon rfeil Short) i" ratanUnfl hfa -"i 

upolla m 


Informing the Student 

Ucginning ihc second half-ceniury of ser- 
vice i" Sioui. ihc Stoutonia is more than 
just .1 college weekly newspaper. It provides 
a lm).id educational experience in journal is- 
lie principles and practices lor the mem- 
bers "I the staff. The Stoutonia is complete- 
ly written, edited, and printed hy the stu- 
dents on campus. Although with every is- 
sue al least one major crisis occurs before 
the deadline, the work (alls into die routine 

of handing out assignments for both copy 
and pictures, writing, editing, setting type, 
proofreading galleys, making page layout. 
writing heads and captions, making up pa^es. 
taking proofs, and finally going 10 press in 
time to meet the Friday morning deadline. 

of the 8,600 copies ol the Stoutonia, 1,600 

arc sent to Stout alumni and friends around 
the world. 

This year a new Stoutonia office in Har- 
vey Hall and a new priming department 
with larger facilities in I low man Hall were 


Each week the Stoutonia strives for cur- 
rent coverage with news, pictures, and fea- 
tures of activities, organizations, and pcr- 

Minalities on campus. Student opinions are 
expressed through editorials and letters to 
the editor, and news and articles on the 
alumni and friends of Stout. 

hum ROW; Din ,\rob: Mm 1'jgrh; fnonm MrhiEnc. butinwi manager? John Suaiioni Sim IWij. <o-e«liron Dbnc i"lt». <•> 
..ii«..: Don l-iiim rafauni rdltm; Man Sthulu, ntm editor; Fran PJcucu] Sand) IVhjii SECOND ROW; ikiilmr Gamer; 
Chaiknc I'l-i" Dei loom! Utb 1 1 hi" i. i j mi. llomn: laninc vmi. Barbara Werner: Martha Stoclb; Man Mahhwi Lsnrtte Sthulic 
Sine, i..,i.hiVi i iiiKt) ROW: tVQUm Dottc; Darrell GroMjionf; Pal Cron; Sana Elkhota; Karen atoorcs Sharon Wn*j Unci 
lUpW. |anc liii": I)i4iiii l.i.i; lliiiKl Mil line. KM Kill ROW; I I. ml Wln.ii.nli. jiltimi. DWM imilu*; lllll Dubatli NaiK] 
I ■■' i ■.■!.. I in mi! Mm Shanon M.iiiiu: i iii ii Cnaar; J< t «t s EiKhridi Uarj Chajnpeau: Cynthia Gregg, in III ROwi Donald Andcnon; 

1 hn In Mull u> |m, vln'iri. Hi Hi i- Unit. /uiiu>li; (line I. I in nice; "ti^n IIuji". KiiliJIt) Aililtn. 

^ * V 

II iiuut limn I 

in »i1ll«n III . bfllt |i 

OO -r M4< -iin.1,1 ■ . i 

Mi Wbfdal . 


l"i *n "*' "I 

DllllllI llll i'ii-II 

4 llf/l- l|llJfkllll III tll\H1. I)-."l. 
10 111^ .1 IJIRF IU}>C( llilltl 111 (111 

Fttn I'ut-ii brine '" ">* ■iinUin" "' 

m,,ii..iii. ■ Dun Cotbi ■ pi 

be h nvilin K Iwlme <)i. I 

mufBinR dodlbM 

Willi .iii too) toucuion* made and 
pUiurc* in. um tir.iiiiiiic i> nr.iiii mfl 
-inn him ..i'Ii^i ]■■[>. i uVi- i" pra< 
it Mil limn .mil I inn lliiri* Iwp 

■ In- |»r"i-» lulling 


i pnlcUion need) • praldmi. dohaua "' mi 

Mirlim- Hi«*k-i • ■- mm i!i"li OH p-luio 

Jin i cnpi bngun in «fir bfMU boul 

£(/*?/■ Growing 

Long ago :i pebble was tossed illio the 
waters of .1 quiei link- hike: the |>ehblc i if *t 11 sight, I'm it had started ripples 

lliai spread into a larger and larger, ever 

widening circle, until die farthest shore 
was touched by a slight movement of the 
water. This is ilie history of Stout and 

tin- history of our college yearbook, the 
Tower. In 1916. and even years Ircfore. 
a small group of students recorded their 
memories of memorable days attending 
college through pictures and writings and 
bound these miiiiojis into the Stout An- 
nual. Later the SlOUt Annual became 
known as the Tower, a symbol of the col- 
lege. And similar to the circle ol ripples 
spreading out. the Tower staff has grown 
through the years. With new editors each 
year and the combined efforts ol the many 
college students, the entire staff woi ks 
many long hours in hopes of leaching the 
farthest shore — the production of an All- 
American book. 

The Toirri liegins to lake shape during 

(he summei vacation as the production 

editor loruiulates a bask' pattern for copy 

ami pictures. In tall photographers capture 
ilu- highlights oi an exciting year as the 
literary staff prepares copy. 

iiksi ROW: n»U BuuxL j<!u..r. iv,,-i. k.,.i Uynme SOuihr, Darrcll Lopr, praliKilon cdlion<iw ll.«™-r. olinn; 

u.ini sjoumta, — .. '.,., Rdodl. liimn editor Ho Jonm: IDIGurran SECOND ROW! Cato fedora; Saml] Whytq 

I J " h '\ ion WW Lo« HaoMn: Carole lloncn: (ml. iki|tni: Joan Klingf-rii. Cmtei v.i.,,,. (.i,„,.i M„h.,i. 

ililkli ki»v l.jnda amkky. Vir»» nibon; Kuril Stnti k Louim RcmMj Matknc Mutim; iii«ji*ih Neumcro; Jmis Wdw; lane 

i ..■ i ihc lino, Httiar. Millie llnrinn. 101 urn how i,.m 11,11.,. Nino < Urti Uinam Inq Glen .- < irol Gcurtnk: 

I m k""' |*o hhnablj M*iil>» twtml. \iwi« 

TOW: >' Richard tifntn; \ 

.ti:..:ii. Ratal!* Kitboum: ludi WCOaM 

indonj (mil Viii-.ii. Sharon Konwcli lean N'cvbt: k«j Inn. Sfaanon Mallin in III 
Urn; Hilli.m IV.!!-. |lm>M krl<o; Rtiltrii l rf; Koilnrt I uhil; C lnnk |*>itn<r; In" R"»c: lolin 
.1. Him (line 

r fl 

> v 

With .ill iin wtmk required in mm ranual tlmr 


laurel ioo» ^iijih- tiiiiioK iiir Minima ." production 

■I Itjtirll GtDMUpl "i^'lt J KalMhfi ljy«H pUlL 

In recent yean improvements were made 
in the work produced) deadlines nut, 
mcetingi held, and ihc lx»ik look on .» 
definite charactei ol its own. rhroughoui 
ihc entire yeai everyone worked toward! 
one common «"■! lo reach ihe farthest 
shore. The arrival <>i lecond rcmcstei 
round the iiall working on the final < 
lines; bui die work <li<l not terminate [here. 
Iijp> io engraven and printers to check 
final details iii production and ">|» as 
surcd an aitracuve, inforaiaiive, penruv 

nun rcconl of another year al StOUl Siaic 

\.. nvmlaim mmM i* wmpku Miboui M* 
v.. v, MtMniirh Di Barnard and Hi I 


"Ilirrc Jit al-i x.iiim m!lt<.i> I in.U \. union. fjiull\: t.[jl"». •|-.iiv |.i i . Km... 
OmntUliMu; Jill KIlMIC. "*ijl; (-nil Murllrr. -.ii.ii' 

With lilt.' approach of graduation anil 

the students looking forward «> summer 
vacation, tin* books arrived and were given 
final check at die annual Tower Staff 
Banquet. After many long hours of work 
and much anticipation, their personal seal 
of approval was placed on the ln»ok by the 
proud and happy staff members. 

The l%L' Tir.rfi has reached you; the 
students, and the staff can now sii back 
ami catch a quick breath before starting 
the next edition yet this spring. \ll that 
is needed now is progressivel) unproved 
editions until the farthest shore has been 
reached once again with an Ail-American 

<<i(ii Jiitl u[iii<>nt .iir iltc irM>m-iliiUi% pi Itlcnn 
alitor Nanq r<>h-ii who beads the am ■>( mtlon 

" : ' N« mmiIh p nhukc If ilrtlnlit 

thai mn«hfD|| Nibl i-- ktotm ■ i<^tn ihc 
aprtvtom worn b) Uuidl »nu Nine] 


\ tni ol hmwi'l'i nt ilir photo l»ii " ?ii|oni1 ii> hut 
AiiMm. Kjkii i* Wild, ami n-ndi Cmdofri 


Memories are Made of This . 

\n M\\\r nhoti j> been Hut 

>.*! ifrt in Iht rfnim Dm 

rin.icmiJ])hrii KUIuitl I in'.-. |)jh joV 

i'.ii iv.ii' jihi i.mi Bonim 

I.. .Iioiik thru <inmi> Ivlme i..c'i|iiilinx -multi 
l"*'i iwljntortll 

Sfmil >Iih1iiii i , m WWW 

. ,,(it c*pt«ttll) limine <hr !• 

■line irln-lim.iiu in 
itilull tu>l>Hull mum 

liiiii | in cwnhil -iiium in lofca r^K ud Sin 

lliluiiiil ji i i n.inl iti --> in it In iitir ii( ilu mini ii >(ii . -i 11 11. 


AwM)^ Stronger Students 

[*o the outstanding freshman in vanity 
athletic (jikn .hi j ward in acknowledge- 
ment »f lti<fc accomplishments. The award 
is presented by the official Biuedcvils let- 
iceman's auociation licit- on Siom cam- 
pus, the s -Club. Membership is open to 
those persons who have earned a letter 
in varsity sports. Two years activity in 
,i vanity spoil while maintaining a "C" 
average in college studies is the prerequi- 
site lor attaining a letter and jacket award. 

A light-hearted stpirii is in the air each 

year when the S Club offers all oigani/a- 

linns mi campus an opportunity to par- 
ticipate in the annual S Club Carnival. 
Fraternities and sororities pay nominal 
lees io creel a booth or concession stand 
thai will blend with the festive atmosphere 
of the occasion. Proceeds of this annual 
event will mean that dub is one step 

closci to its goal in the purchase ol let- 
ters and jackets which arc awarded to de- 
serving students ai the annual Honor's 
Day program. 
Perhaps one of the greatest achievements 

of the S Club, through their intramural 

program, is the building of .i stronger stu- 
dent body by developing good sportsman- 
ship and high morale in the student. 

IIKSI HOW D(U U.I..M; Mm IViLlum. IrlRUIfl GcfK RnUul. lion Strutim-fi. iiicnlnil; Utigri "*"'. »i<<- iimnl.m. 

1**1 n.1... Wiin.n Dmln |.in ii i-iv Pied Xxnrnk smomi Kim Rat i lohiuon. whiiun Duanc RunbciE I'm O'Rdllj; 

|..i Kcubaiw: Hainan i hue; Rkhud. RocmIct i>"i,,. Itm Ptuluw iw. R-./.1 iiiiku Row i .mm \ndcnoo; tri n."ii.. 
n. !• RchlBRai • ■ • -i SnRtlUt) i ..ri« BcUl; i.Kii IHngt*; MiVr in.' m i [Ire Block; Mitch sniln. 

\ \ \ 



M M V 

" v 

,1 I 


7 r 

• J 


V f 

« t *» 

• t* 4 



8 *< . 

" - -' 




ROW I Jirtir Mln. . ill. SiltiU I .m.l.»i. n i.jii llni-., „1, [„.. . |-i,i iU. 1 1,1. ■.!.,. IM.ii -, . M,, 

Sin- IMimiiii. Mill Jilir (piiiiii.iii. Iir.ii KO*\ S < liol U llbu ll'-'ii' Rldh 

Owe; K.ii-11 li' mi. i. .in-. H.--1.1: Bnttl) Kent: mm 1 Kaity RwWH Riiht m 

Wfimmli. Biu ll.iiiwn; M.i. I.mi ki- li 


State Affiliated 

iimi *-■ ..i pan 

.■I Hi .,ilnirpp"KV|.". 

The Women's Ku realion A*«x iatiorj 

is ihc student-led organization on cam- 
pus which promotes and conducts many iports .tint social activities foi 
women, li is affiliated with the Wisconsin 
Athletic .iiul Recreational Federation of 
College Women. 

W.R.A. offers sport-minded girls an op- 
portunity to develop skills in basketball, 
field hockey, badminton, archery, volley- 
ball, and bowling. Members who have rnci 
ihc requirements ol W.R.A/s poini lys 
tern by participating in their activities arc 
honored by receiving an emblem, a pin, or 
a letter. Extra points arc awarded to those 

members who serve a* Itadits ol the ^ -« i i 

ous spin i- activities such .is »< ikating. 

sun ing, and hiking. 

Besides intramural iports activities, 
W.R.A. also sponsors many wcial aaivi- 
tics. W.K.A. also participates in many 
activities oil campus. One ol these l» the 
Maie convention held annual!) -»i differ* M 
colleges within the state, I his gear's con 
volition was ai the Univcrsilj ol Wiscon 
sin— Milwaukee on Octobci Rand 7. The 
convention and ihc iports days offered 
W.K.A. members an opportunity to gain 
new ideas loi use in ihcir own group, 


nuvi «m» Rflbai 1 ■' ii ■■ ■ lulu 

Km n ■■■■■■ ■ ■ ""•'■ 

i '"» "■■ i 

II i Win M Ikhilki 

Mini sun skydi\ i RS 

Sk) diving m a iport ii relative I) now 

in ilic i i Smti v bin 11 Li rapidl) 

mi; popularity. I li< Si Si«t< Skydivcr* 

( Ink. ivllll Ii WDR oi^.Mil/fil in I 111 iprillg "I 

I'JOI, hid lent ci il rcasing popularity ol 

tin ipori ••« ihc college campus 

Mthough ii looks like .1 dangerous sport, 
actual!) »k) diving i- quit* tali ii propci 
lv done. I lie rim jump practiced is llii 
uatii I. ill In dm jump die parachun fa 
.mitPMi.nn .illv opcnctl lot tin junipci Prom 
llii* i.ill ■ niiniini (.in proceed i" id' Frci 
l.dl jump. n< > in" ii ii coruidi n 'l (Inn 

■.; • liowi vi i. members must In !£l yean 

•il age before ilicj can jump. I hU age limli 

1 M.llll .I..-I1I I I l.llcl. llllll 

i .. \a Uh |nmpei 




i ...... |lit>- ■ |. I ... 


ii..- n i. mini iin growl Ii ol (lie orgnitlmiion 
.iiul ii t In- limit were lowered, intorcii in 
die vpoii would probabl) increase greatly. 

During l lie ycai ii»' Sky Dlvcra furnished 

enicriai ni ai wvcrnl ipcclnl events «> 

> reatc more inicrt SI in ilic i lub and u 

tribute lo campus lift 

in tin future iln Stoui Slate Skydivcr* 
Iioim to bccoim ■ iiiiii. Hi (I with iin National 
( ..n. ,.!. Parachute Leagui I'lic n< IM 

i- promoting Ii Mi giali |«tra< butt 

jumping i petition which will icrvc to in- 

i i. iiM inn ro»l in lllll 0X1 ilitlg IICW l|X>t1 


Skiing In Winter's Snow 

An organization open u> all Stout students 
Who like outdooi ^|«»i ^ is Ski Club. The 
members of this club arc interested not only 
in SHOW \kiiug. bin aliO ill water-skiing, ice- 

skating, and tobogganing. These various 
activities allow the dub to be busy almosi 
the entire school year mid a,lso to provide op- 
portunitics for many more students to join 
and take pari in its functions. 

Dining S0U1C "I I lie tegular meetings «>f 
tin Ski Club, films were shown on how to 
ski and oil the SCCIlll places when- skiing was 
available. I'iojht equipment for skiing and 

a fashion show on what the well-dressed skier 
should wear wen- also presented. Lessons 
were given during the year for beginners. 

Club members look pan in many enjoyable 
iiiu\ unforgettable get-togethers wiih Other 
near-by colleges. In January during semester 
break, the members of the club found a way 
to lake il easy and really enjoy themselves at 
Porcupine Mountains in Northern Michigan. 
A l-bar anil a tow rope were offered to 
allow the skiers to gel to the top of die hill 
more easily. A chalet was open 10 the Ski 
Club members at all times. 

Each year the Ski Club sponsors the "Ja- 
lopy Race/' which is a major attraction at 
the annual Winter Carnival held in Febru- 
ary. Cars entered 10 compete for ihe honor 
0l receiving one of three trophies. 

Our "I llic Wkki-i aiiij(iu>n> |>u In (tie dub incmbcn 

" •'«• i»«W net t iluifiiR Winia Camftal 

i-.a.ii.i!. mken Mil. <..... Hcmm itriim, «nd Kvii 
<.u».l..|>1 (.1. .,<!., I I.. .tr>irn,| ,n«, being f.ii>lni«t In 

f* 1 ^ ^si 



IlkSl l.i>\\ k ■■■. .ii - !■.,-■ i). .1,1,., n ., ., ... J||<|f(|| [ . -|. Ki.i ill 
t m- ptrt|(lmi: l'.il Julmtoii. icocatt: Kmn jlmi Milium: lloiil* 
K"ll; Kir, III: dnilr HiHfpn: I'tii S(iy,l; tC*\f Klt|>la-l: IHnmr « 

I llantlff. Idmmimi: |..|in /Jli*h. |>it<iilinl: Can <.. llwf»IM0n, 
rill*. SKoMi Row: Dantll Growing: Kaih) Rudfolli Kmh 
Hum; Jmlv Witum: I IIIKD HOW: I'.ul <.«iikh<; (.i.iiii llm: 

tutu. Ku|Min (>onlon JDhnion: lu>ti siisii.n: 1»<hi llodt: KkImhI \\cik I nil HtiW. xtttm; rltoniM B>i*iah ioi kiii 
ldn: Daw Latntnte Btihop; jim Stliem; I'.iu: Jim \l n: ttm n.n..i.ii; Daw Schmxl in in now 

i'jhi iiiiiKr: Un VandrnUoom; Dick Mlmli: iicscti nihui; n*tc R«*til: K«i Maah« ia Knlnn Jim Biu*i. 

ROW: Jj<K 
|mi. i QoBKti 

v» y v l. 

Suturi eoibuliuh i*p l«*ml uiatuilnl) ">nlm .»i>um i1iti.uh k.iIk-h 
llucilt U oar »I nun> burnt (<-.|1ull ijiiik* -i> lii> bMM K' 1 ^ J Ijiniliar 
do*n beat Hit toad 41-1 puild|Hia ji ilit bufccttall kjiho. 

I hr Unit mtlon .iiiil- 1 oil mrllnta Imit in 1I11 

OTH .11 I'll!. I ,,! (he ClllltC IMthl |lll1\ IVet*, 

|iii*\ UlUrrinL ml Joaac Dud mmrtbaic 

.1 Uiik |-ri 11. iin- lamb' taarm 


Atoe Facilities Occupied 

This fall the Sunn State College Band 
moved into its newly opened department 
located in Fryklund Hall, Besides a large 
rehearsal room, the new facilities include six 
practice rooms, two spacious storage rooms, 
and an office for the director of the band. In 
addition, there is a control room where mem- 
bers may record their music. 

The band, composed of over sixty en- 
thusiastic members tins year, provided addi- 
tional spirit to many college sponsored activi- 
ties. As pari ol their fall activities, iliey 
presented the annual hall time show during 
tin- Homecoming game. In addition, the 
marching band participated in the Home- 
coining and tin Porch Light Parades. 

The formal fall Pop Conecri featuring 
popular tunes stimulated an interest on cam- 
pus in lighter music Spiritual and religious 
numbers dominated the music presented at 
the annual Christmas Concert. The spring 
activities ol the band included the annual 
spring concert. 

Besides providing lively music for the 
home football games and Stimulating spirit 

ai the basketball games, the band has gained 

much good will lor Stout throughout Men- 

omonic and the surrounding communities, 


1 ... BMOaMr i- 

ii.iui.i wd |. .:-. m i mac m j" alto 
dutoa lira Rnkht. Mamaiing faa .iiiilii* 10 

Ciin- ..i---. Hi.- iim-n|i !■! band ncn- 
In 4 iljil. i>i.ui»r -i'"kiii 

■ dtataiOB 

<« Hi Idiid.l Odqprth I-" 

..! rwa ii-i.ii" pRwnud la ihr *■ 

both) Jitil B'luul |-iIi1« 

I in- ( iii nil ii.i ii -m bflnp i" Sioal 
iikiiiIki' iiictilMiw i licit >ina"'« ulctii» 
and p** <•• *n Jiiniint ■i«Iimic. 

In —in* r i 

a pTDgRID i>l *|il(n.!.n 

Whether singing a cappella with piano 
accompaniment or band accompaniment, 
the Sioui Symphonic Singers provide en- 
joyable entertainment here on campus. 
Meeting twice a week and practicing many 
extra hours before a concert enabled the 
members to present truly outstanding per- 

The first production of the college year 
combined familiar Christinas carols, Negro 

Spirituals, and classical Christinas music 
into a splendid musical experience. The 
cooperation »f the Alpha I'si Omega. 
Stout's dramatic fraternity, helped to make 
the tableau memorable for all who at- 
tended. The band, the Symphonic Trio, 
and i in- ensemble added variety to the 
program. Both choir and baml extended 
a ".Merry Christmas" to the students, facul- 
ty, ami many others in die audience. Im- 
mediately following the Christmas con- 
cert, .in open house tea was held in Fiyk- 

liiml Hall celebrating the music depart- 
ment's new facilities. 

The newly funned madrigal singers 

were SUCCCSSful as ihey made Several well- 

received appearances during the year. In 
the Spring, the Symphonic Singers pre- 
sented their Spring Concert consisting of 

a wide-range of musical numbers on the 
lighter side which ihe group spent many 
enjoyable hours practicing. 

[!« 1 ^ H|l "F" 

\m ■ 7 

Spirit! .unit i!.iiii|.<iki! OCII lltoiigll 

ihc - ■ - ii'-: •houcn pom dOMI uj-ni 
li.iil t.| iiiiiiii Wiinri'iii 


Mill' Itif ill ought by unini til 

one "i ibe man) it, mi rational* Mrabcn 

(!>ii.jini a ,uii ijiuit ill iTiinnal (minimi. 

Tainted, hi i.iri.ui Odqnid doni mnd ihe boi io> ttwb- 
tutul vonbrn brfoir« oa • t..i,i Hi tl 
™ Iran hh dr^otcd muunl intm 

Talented Song Spinners 

I1KM KiiH: Jincc ( 'hiixmxin: l>i-nr Wnnln; Jiun kliiiRlx-it: lUrturi I tmlriii- ■ S 

Oberohller. Mto\l> ROWi Sandia Mixtion K'ih> Mxwfl: Kutn Kardcn: Win tan I'Mtut fl 

littic (limim.n; |"<!i RotCR Df. OdtOfd, Vilki-n IlHKn ROW; Mi.t Kti"|x>v Pi i I'- 

PotlcR Mulhnn Sirlnbctfc: Don llinv-: Mariljn Meek; Gloria Mkhaok \n-it.* tnlffl* < ptihu Borne i«'i k i li Rim 

M»; Tiii.h Vi-mon; lh.imc WjImw IMi \imlx; P.llll Holm: H*toW ll.r.m.r Din CmNtaji DH \<.'1. \.i S.lm.11. I.irii ■. 

ion; Mjn s<iik$; join Mcwr. 

n I 


IIRM R<»1\ MlAO «;i'Iki. Mm t'l-ihJHi.imj Odttfal V1i.ihi.iti: Id. Long, flu |ii.-.i.1i hi. UUUDUdC Mniiiimi. "vicUrl Viiunii. 

rbnomt, nan.iM. I. i.t" r«h, MOkkBB Ngutcfi Hun limli. I barlow I'IjU SECOND ROW: Iktii MjcIk-ip; Utirl Knuiwii; I on 
Mtnh lloaat; lh««8 van v<i»: MahaaKd Onu Abdd-Ki hMin DJrJnn Comctill: KJIctn t.irrjili: in-min \(hck. jiIii-^. i iiikd 
ROW; r..ntui.i Mk.ih!: Gnolc Wiiiiini; H<<vlir KllbWtin! liS.nil lite; Silolii Mulitu: He«nK' Jlrlrlr: Iiinr <>)il<iiiuii; |<un Klin(- 
brii loiKiii rou Cuolpi Mom: (ctomk Robud: Manin Btodc; Wltllan Jotbn Dwjto: Dnitar. 


Broader Scope Through different Cultures 

The bi-monthly meetings of Stout's 
International Relations Club featured 
speakers, films, ami panels composed 
of our international students or out- 
side speakers. These meetings dealt 
with customs of the various countries 
and current problems of interest to 
everyone. The discussions presented 
by the international students were 
especially interesting and informative 
as tncy interpreted problems from 
'.it Jons angles. 

Special events sponsored during the 
year included a dance class twice a 
month to enable die students to be- 
come familial* with the culture of die 
other countries, and a Thanksgiving 
dinner to acquaint the international 
students with an American holiday. 
The Christmas party was another spe- 
cial tveiii which drew the students of 
different cultures together. 

The Collegiate Council for the 
United Nations held a conference in 
New York City in November. Repre- 
sentatives from Stoul heard discussion* 
of world problems by competent, in- 
formed leaders in world affairs sucli 

as Prime Minister Nehru. 

MoLttu poiou '«ii lii" nitve Ethiopia 
e> latnfMal panlrtprau *i ti" i tilted Nailonl 


« 3 * 

riRSTROW: limb (.illc. i .mil I'-niili. Mm \im, I la Ik Ilia KoDpca SECOND ROWi Danu IUn ■ -.,, Hal \i,.. 

fchkgd Mai* Statm. Cai) Rtombcr* THIRD ROW: Gall bim\kw Suapwn. J,,,!. WiUnml 


lor//? £;/ Doing-to Make the Best Better 

A newly formed organization on cam- 
pus is the Siom Stale College -l-H Club. 
lis purpose is 10 provide continued ex- 
penence and activity in 1-H work 10 
those persons absent from their home 
organizations. The representation of 
many counties offers a variety of ideas 
which can be incorporated by club mem- 
ben into their home clubs. 

Among the many [unctions on cam- 
pus, the l-HVis sponsored square dance 

parlies, an all school lea during Nation- 
al 111 Club Week, and a hoi dog sale 
at the dormitories. Square dances of- 
Fcrcd a country-western atmosphere lhai 
was enjoyed by all participants. 

An a community service, a welfare 
family was presented with gifts during 
the Christmas season and a collection ol 
books was distributed among the patients 
at Mcnomonic Memorial Hospitals. 

It is the aim of the 4-11 Club to build 

a stronger organization through mem- 
bers living in accordance to InC dub's 
motto "to make the best Iicii.i." This 
motto is supiMii led by ihc club slogan 
"we leant by doing." 

IN BlUng Itinti mm 
a l.-Ati-t. \tii- > 

nbo art '!-■ MMig 




Awards Three Awards 

/<u li.i.t. the local chapici ol Alpha 
I'm Omega, i* ■■ national nonorar) urn 
ni.iiio fraternity, with ihc purpos* <>i pro 
tjiling -Hi hunoi societ) i<" students 
achieving .1 high standard in dramatics 
In addition 10 pin) production, ihc 
MpN.i I'm Omega member* participated 
in numerous social activities Mir group 
lis* liad iHi nil v iNiriie*. and hnj attended 
professional plays in the i win i Ifth I 

Each mm /<i. 11.1. gives iliree awards 
in deserving utideiiu One aivnrd i;"' «• 
B M nil n iihiiiIh i who is choicn becauu "' 
liii exceptional ""it ■■• dramatics while 
unending m«>ih I'Ih recipient >»t this 
award his nnnu engraved on ihc Vlpha 
P«i Omega honoi plauuc, l<> .1 freshman 
student having contributed tin- moil 10 
dramatics goes i!"< $25.00 icholarship i"i 
continued study at Stout I'hc third aivanl 
known .i* tin Medallion \ward i* given 
id tin- itiidcm allowing outstanding pai 
licipation in Alpha Psi < tmega iliroughotn 
iln '(.n 

In onh 1 i<> become n mentbci ol Upha 
I'm Omega .1 itudeni musi haw ihc grade 
point "i 2 3 and ■> total <>t 100 points 
awarded in accordance with the poini 
schcduli as Mated "> llicii constitution. 

iii-- - 1 11 1 |'.ii n>e mill ma i"i ii" in «i lullfci pin 

ilin 1 inn air hut 1 1 mi 1 1 nil I mi H-ii'i 11 1 'i m 1 ' 1 1 

>i"i Uidirt » i'i r.Mnnitn 11 in, 1. ...1. mil* 

■■"ii • -"' '-1 Ik iu 11 tin 

MK'I H.H. ( I...I,,.. I M.., (.,„, Kll| 1 (inn N.l-.i. I'n. 1. '.i. 1 \ , K II 1 111 Mm In M...' 

'" Ml. l\ll|l. IH \.., ,. ... , / ,| | |( II,.,,I,„.,„, K „. k.ill.,,, |,,.,| M| V.I,,,,. 

' " ■" l> I llllili II. .11 I, .,1 /,!.., M,„ \ ,,,,. Il„.| V.I.I limit..,. II-.... 

IIirIi |iitn|ilii|t |i |>jii <>i 'miii * ix.inl-ill HllM 

Strictly Candid 

Mi Siniwimii i Hi H*if Kmlil 

I'mM'ing i"i .1 n» •• I'll ' umi 

i in mu ■-"" ii-iti iIji.ii im... •■ rwuAi 

.\bbMi. Own-IV SI. IW, 

ttukl-Rahnuri Mi"hjrool~lll ra J*> 


Ahott, liU-lll 65. 167 
Ahroiiv KuilK-IV SI. I.I. 1*3 
Aiit**>«fih. Sandra-Ill w> 
Albmht. Jo*«-II 69. IW 
Alruixkt. Maruin IH , „ ,_ 
Alexander. Han l-w-IV SI. IM 
Alll«n. (Jwl*-IV SI. ISO 
\"iili4; WILLIAM "■ I' 9 
Aran. SubIm-HI 65 
Amktl. C«ald-IV M 
Andcnnn. OlW-i 3* "■' 
Amlcoon. IUk— I 75 
Amfctwn. l***kl-II 69 

ladnm ivifuM-m i «*■ '« „ 
wiiirson. hf.rbfrt *. »*- '2" 
Andom i. Unnj-iv SI. 171. IW 
Andriwn. uiipm-w SI 
\r*k-*». f*l|(c-l 73 
Andrt«n. R«*«-ll 69. IM 
Andcwn, RoruM-l 75 
Andtnon. Bo*nu»-l » 
Andnwn. Thorn**- 1 501 
Amlcnon. Vmul-lll 65 
Aivli-. CtnihU-l 75 
Anjsrll. John-Ill S3. 172 
Antholt. 5Ir*c-l "J 
Anton. Cailiarine- IV 81 
Anion. Walla<e-Sp Si 
AnroniKiu. fttd-lll 65. III. 1M 
pkton. |*rat*-ll 69 

tpMCtODi Jam** -I 
ATJEofM. /*<l-ll 

Attnl. Hfim-IV SI 

ArMro. Rkhaid -II 57. 6". 182. 193. IN. 197 

Aicinhiirfi!. Palt*-ll 69 


Ai..|*. Daakt-UI ITM. 193. 201 

Arold. Cahnl-I 75 

Aurm, lunilala-III 65 

A*kin.. Roht..-l 75. Ii* 

AIIMN. I'M I. Ill 

\t*rv Rkhard-lV Si. 201 

BadtinU, R»wm*i*-lll 65 

lU.lnntli Sonlt. Ml 65. SI. 176 

Rjhi, Mi* I lit- II 69 

Baitc*. CmkI-11 69. lsr> 

Baltr. Bruce-IV SI 

RJlci. Hick II 69. 111. 171. I9S 

Rjnltium. (hingiif-l si 

n*iH(«<i. r*i-iv si 

lUivrtuh. Suun-ll If. 199 

ll\RS\RI>. l)\\ll> I'. 111. IW. I'M. 195 

Barnard. Sarah -I 75 

llainaid. U,,. .■ . Ill 65 

Rainr*. Caioltn-lll 52. 65. IS* 

niKim. Nancy -I 75 

Hallow. Thomat-lll 05. 170. II*. 201 

Banal. I'M*- IV S2 

■land. Marl-I 75 

B*r<h. Bitlj-1 75 

H'Him. Jem— I 75 

Baudk.. Vktor-U 65. 179, 201 

Hairman. Mini- 1 75 

Bauer. M*il*-I 75 

Rami. William-I 75 

iittic*. Hnlc-.1V K. 179, isr. 

Better. Judiih-ll •» 

fll'CKI'R. MINNIE f. 125 

Batman. RotuM-lll 65, 175 

Hrtirji. Fnndt— 1 75 

B«r. Cram II IS. 69. 165, 200. 201 
Betel*. Retennc-ll 306 
nm$I.F. FRANK J. Ill 
lit II. M>erm»n-I 75, 1KI 
Bell*. Jem -I 75 
Btiabiniier. Bnir-I 75 
llnvr*ri. Mii'-IV "2. 161, IW 
Renin. Ixwie-I 1*1 
Benjamin. Rila-I 75. 189 

Kciiv-inawi. Alan-Ill 65 

|Wntni»n. Kaj-IV K2. 165 

BENTLEV. it. 120 

Hctrn*. Kiihlrrn-ll 69 

Brt|i. Ku|[«ir-ll 69 

RciR, Mantm-I 75 

(lei*. Miritw-I 7> 

llcijcn. ju.lali-111 6.5. 167. IW. IW 

Bcfgn. lkntiK-l 75 

lki»n. lJint*-l <5 

IlnRlomi. Rkhaiil-llI 65 

Bend. M*iihn-lV Si 191 

Bfimli. |»int»-II 69 

Bcm. \V**ik-II 69 

Bnubc. 5\'*II*<C-IV S2 

BHi^ I'rtn-IH 65. 17* 

Hr»l*l. Anion-ll «9 

Hid). Ihunc- II 69. 300 

llio*. (kr»ld~lll 65. 153. 171. ISI. IS* 

BJfdQW. Willum-I 111 

Bljrntll. Aita-III 65 

Bin*. Iruti-l 75 

ninchim. l-.'i. i. Ill 65. ISI 

BH.h. l»*ip-IV S3 

Binhlrt. Room-ll 69 

Bin). I.>nn-ll 69 

Bi*brv. jo*«c-lll 65 

n,*,rt7N<tl-ll 13.19. HI. 171 

BI-VKE. HlFJ>tRICK D. 115, 300. »l 

atttk. lntt-ll 69. 165 

BUrxi. Mfte-U "I. "W. 173. IW 

BUiMtunl. Robnl-ll_ 69. 200 

Bb*imi<h. JJir»"-l 75 

Blrxnxlr. (Jn.l.m-1 300 

Bl(«l. UncM-ll 69 

IH..I. |*mr>-IV *S. S3, 151. 190. I9S 

Bkrolr. .M*flta-IV S3. 1SS. ISI, 20« 

Blumwl. Ciqqt-H 69 

Bltthm. Mjilcnc-lll 67. 179. 191 

Rin'hmc. Ka»— I 75 

Bucllthcr. K.»hnn-!l 69 

rtxhtnan. < ■(! ' 75 

Buhnr. Otll-II 69. Ill, 172 

Boho. I>**(d I.-ll 51.69. Ill 

Bo*c. RhIuiiI-I HI 


rbmr. 'IIiomj«-l 75 

Botinrr. Ktnntih-IV «, 171 

ll>xihcii. Miriin-I 75 

B. nl {«,. jjmo-ll 69. 170 

B.«Rm. l-.-i-l. Ill 65. 169. IS7 

Boil. K*rl*n-ll 69 

Born*. C*mhU-H 69. Isfi. 199. 201 

llounn. ]inli(h-IV N2. 179 

i'.<-ii i. Ilmmir—IV S2 

ROMWH K. ROIUKI K 116. 139. III. Ill 

Boihol. Ktnnrth-IV S3. 170, 1"3 

Rem, l-iwwivfc-IV S2. 170. I S3 

IV* r. Joanne- 1 1 69 

Boilr. IXicuM-l IS9 

B.nle. Rnllcfl-IV S2. ISO 

Hiirtltf. Riia-II 69 

BndV. D*lc-l "5 

llunilnn. |i>n— I 75 

Bumlnw. fican-IV »3 

Ilmniti. Di^mh*-!! 69 

Bun.ll. tohn-lV S3. IsO. ISI 

B.*«nli. M*ii-IV SJ. 166. I6S, ISS 

nrinn. loanne-ll 69 

Btnlp. Rohcn-I 75 

Riehrim. IXiiknt-IV S3. 166 

Bitn>ci. >iol«rt«l-lll 65 duuka— 1 75 

Biniivrr. |<-qih-ll 69. HI 

iir. ..;.>. inu'i i\ S3 

Binhou-n. Rkh*td-IV S3. 1ST. 

mlii. i»i"-ni in, i9s 

Rmniinci. S0*n*-I1 69 
nionwjd, (lilfiml-l 75. ISI 
Brown. Maipnit -IV S3. ISO 
Brown. OIUr-1 75 
Btnwn. R.d>cil-ll 69 
llruliitit. S*iMnnc— I 75. IS6 
lliiiiiii*!. N*no— I 75 
Iir' in John— I 75 
B»M in. th<*n»»-! 73 

RikIIo. 73. 191 

lluclkc, Rot«fi-Ill 65. 176. ISI, 202 

IluCTinr. R.*cti-lV 83 

BucltiKt. I.jk-I 75. 123. ISO 

ituk, k*ihl(fn-l 75 

Buitl. Itjnirl-ll 69 

Buuhcll. AUn-II 69. ISfi 

Buijc. I"--' II 69. 201 

Built. (.cijUI-IV SI. 171 

Buimtlici. ll»k—ll 69. 17 

Biiimctun. Nail)— I 75 

Buit. ru«kl-lll 65. ISI 

ButiiMi. laiiy- 1 75 

Bum. CMT-Iv HI 

Btnwfll. J»mr>-U 33 
Bunnlichl, lujccnc-l 73 
BikjkIi. ll»nn*»-III 173. 201 
BVRNS. 1-OIS F- 109 

CUO, H*iiv-lll IK 

(Jklwrll. M*r)-ll 69. 201 

(jmuell. Il*.b*«-ll 69 

Cinnlll. ludilh-l 75 

(jntiir, Ahiii— I HI 

Ijidini. Joe-IV S3 

Carbon. Kd»ar.l-IV S3. 170. iss 

<ail->o. ludiih-IV S3. 177 

Carbon. MarvAnn-l 75 

CailwHi. S*ndra-I 75. 159. 173. 187 

(ait. Cflia-I 75 


<jrrull. Inhn-I 75 

Caner. Aillmr-I HI. H7 

Caiptrwin. IJUli— II 69 

(■>■!.■■.!. Mtnu-lll 52. 65 

i .:„]....,.'. i 1 73. Ill 

( li.inil«i.. I»... i.l- Ml 65 

<Juinikrau. Man -15' "3. 1*7. 179. 192 

<!.**, Dranun-IV 32. S3. IH, 17*. 198, 208 

ChSJb Hl«n-ll 69. IB9. 193. 191. 199 


( hjtc. Suc-ll 69 

(liCT*croan. Jo-II 69 

Chon.ll. Aurdti-I 75 

Ciiki, Rkh»rd-Ill 63 

CM IN NOCK, ItWIC.HT l». 121. ITS 

Chrtnricc. Hank. 201 

(hiixmwn. Iht»m-ll 69 

(hiiutomi. Paula-Ill 65. 186 

<lui>t)jn«>fi. Clarjrr-1 75 

( riiitliinton. (iaij— I 75 

(hritlianton. K**r-II 69 


ChrfaKMOn. Jot«-lll 135. 166. I6S. 178. 201 

Cliii-im—n, Shauhmtc-IV S3. 167. 168 

( hiiuman. Irrnr-ll 71. ITS. 301. 206 

Ckdtov. lawrmtc-l 75. 131 

Clpa*. l.»nn— I 73 

(Uik, ItoruM-Cnil 176 

CluL. Judith— 111 65 

(Ink. N.rnv-111 63. 191 

(J*rk. Ronald-I 71 

ClarV. \V*tnc-lll 65. 176, 181 

Clinic, lu'iiy-1 17. 51. 75 

Cllin, Bailara-lll 65 

<t.fli]{h. KtndrkW— I 75 

CM'RF, DOROIIIV 121. 178 

Chdc. R»bctl-I 75 

(Ml*. Shirle»-II 69. 122 

Coduaoc- Andicw-lll 65. 175. ISO, 201 

(.-lore, lim-ll 69 

locrprr. Ittwo I ; - . 

(«ll>>. Iliant-IV sj. 162. 177. IS«i. 192. 193 

Collcnbtifx. Man -I 75 

(imiiutln. Jamc»-II 69 

CihiIc*. I'airkk-ll 6V 

Cenivorv I'aul-lll SS, SS. 39. 65. 173. 201 

(VHitidinc. June— IV M 
63. IAS 

(..4. Shirlrt A. 

Coolo, R»lwil-II '«. ISfi 

(«..m«, l«i>-l 39. W, 16. 17. 69, 173, Ml 

Core. Mkhatl-ll 29. 69. 111. 201 

(Ma, llanl-l 73 

COTTER. MRS BKTIV 3. 121. 179 

Cwrfrai. Da*ld-1 73. 201 

Cuillard. Koinclli-IV SI. ISO 

(Miiidiivr. June— IV * 
(.-i.iinr. (jittrt- I 73 
f.-A, Barlara-lll 63. 



i o\, tl I WOK ll. Ill 
On, Miihjrl-I n 
Ciay. Mnj-t 75 
*-iqp'. IVmm- I 75 

i ,.,,,. rurfai-iv ll. m, IB. in i9i 

I npo, Walm-lll Ml 
(■•Mttiiu. lanei-1 75 

i ...,o 1 .... ti 4 Ml (A. 165 

< nlllnc., lw.eph-1 Ml. 147. 152 
Cumn, vtttw II 69. 194. 209 
Camilla. Gnmifl>-I J* 
(li.liinai., 5Vallet-ll 70. IK 


pabict Puricb-in &s. toe 
pabl. Maine- 1 75 

llahlm. M*iiUn-lV HI. 166 

llalimt. I'airlcii-I 75 

liatineii. Allelic— I 75 

Unto. I'li.lli.-ll 69. 199 

llillm.ii. Gloiia-lll 6'-. 165. 177. 176 

lljinul. Bealiicc-ll 69 

DtUkb. RUhaid—1 75 

Diwtrdmfc, Hm*-I 75 

iv, i.i. k.-uh ii m 

Dcelcr. Jmihnn-1 75 
IWnci. DcMcr-IV HI, 172. «H 

|l.-.-.riL,..n. K..---M I 75 


DcUntln. Allm-iv *l 

iv Leeaw, GoiM-IV II, hi, 171 

He l-nli*. Jaroe*-ll 69 

larliih. Ji.uc-11 89*. pa'ul-l 75. 191 

ItcW'M. kam--III 65. 166. 187. 107 

!».■>. »rr. .\n!oinetle-lV HI. 167. 190 

liKKMANN. DONALD A. 113. 123 

IMfUrn. Albn-IV 84. W. 169. 171. 176 

IH<L«i. Jrtl-I 73 

IlirtcnliciBer. 1«-q>h-ll '». 173. 183. I« 

DirlcnlxiKCt. Marj-I 75 

lUffcmlnrlet.— III ITS 

Dillnn. |ainc*-ll 69 

Dlchl. Gail-ll 69 

llldil. lan«-l 75 

IHncc. Th<iaia»-ll JS. 69. Ml. 172. 1W 

|li.Unw. Sue-I 75 

lHumrr. f;ml*I-IV HI 

lilt. Pale-1 75. 151 

Djotun-Su 206 

UolUw. Shaicm-I "3 

lh.nct. l»a*Ul-lll 65 


Dornw. Ju»Uih-II 69 

[lotiha. Grcp»rj~l 75 

linuglii*. Gia«e-ll 69. 167. If* 

Ih-nnla., i"lioma»-l 7.'. 

DMk. William --IV 97. III. M5. 172. I"J. I'M. 

]h jnitimg. llailiara- II 69 

Itirsiw. IHnd-I 75. 150. 131 

llmal*!*. li*«ial I 75 

■holer. Shatkn-ll 69 

lhe«Vn, Manano-1 75 

DutaU. WHliam-I 73. IH0. 191 

Duel. leannc-l 73. 186. 202 • 

IhiRiniLr. Hcnni. II. 6». «*. 171 

Dunn. Maiian-I 73. 1*6 

|tl KIN. ROI1IRI 115 

in.- :■; i (hii'tina-1 75 

llriiha*. Il«a*nc-I1l 65. 176. 192. 193. 206 

iTOPUmn. Rii.n II <». IT<I O.ilnie-IV HI. 177 li.n-1 76 
IMnuiin. MaiiL.n- I N 
EiAmo, "mbIikiI-IV 172 

Ii M ih-«i. |u.uii. i :■. vi 

lh«l* -IV -I 


Hilm. Ileknjean-I 76. 131 Rwlger-lV HI. 176. IM 
bUr. l'*»l-I» 63 
Ertwanh. lamn-1 "6 

Munich h. Ha. I 7i.. IH6 

Ekfchora, NUiCT-I 76. 192. 191 
Elnum. Ilm-ll 69, R.iwll-IN 6%. 1*1 
FJIncrr. W«ne-I Ttt. Ml. IM 
llli-. Iji.-Ic-I 74. IM 
Mil-*.. l'ailh-1 76 
RlnblMi lfomn-l 76 
EDRtL Tom-Ill 65. 170. IH6 
iJigclle. Ridxil-l 76 


IjUi, Kmimli-ll 69 

Fuk*. ivbhu-ii m. an 

Ijnrll. Willum-IV 97. IH7 

Ps«nLe. Mdk in •*, IM, 177. i-v i»*7 

PatM. ]ime>'l 76. 201. 201 

.net. Miry-IV »l. 165. 208 

loin. Jr*nK-II 69 

i.-iin.(!fi. Viiu.mj ll 

le.-1-.ii. I'raoh-lV HI. 171 

leiul. Kolkn-lll 6',. 166. 1W. 'jm 

Inrniuin. r*liui.-IH l.\ If/. 

locniiuiki. Rotnui)— I 7* 

triwi. MiiK-tl IH 

Hdlct. lohn-ll 35. 70. 133 

lw(«i. Gi*ie-lll 65. IN£ 

PlKfacr, J4HHC-IV PI. 179 

Fh*nT*" i MaiRiieillc-l 76 

llemlnK. Jinie*-! HI 


ll-.T.i...-. WmWl-l 76. 139. Ml. IM 

Ihiii. R<nuU-IV 85 

loin. Doora-1 76. I* 

l.-ino. CbrMne-ll 69 

lot. Rnl«tt-IV » 

Hair*. Noinui-I 76 

lunti. Sauli-I 76. Ill 

I'iniKlwn. lta«n-H W 
FndtfckMB. Ri<ljnl-lll III. W 
tinhitlMin. Sudfl I IIB 
llecv. GoikHnc-U 69, IM 
llcsinc. <-*il«nl-l 76 
Frdmld, Tboiw»-n 69. 173. 2« 
IKllliKKH. KKIIVKIl P. 10* 
liiir. Km- IV •'.. l'»l 
lloliici'h. ( -iii-i ll 70 
■ mil. KuilU-l 76 
liicii. (iabilcllc-lll 65 
llillci. ChiilM-I n 

C>«k«. Williiin-l 76 

Gjlbglicr. Kaihlcca ISA 

Cial'iti. Mmon— I 76 

(.iieli.. \nhui-ll 70 

Gutt. |«*ce-lll 65 

( lUilnc-IV K3. 167. IM. 192 

Gained. Iloili-l ISA 

(.jnen. Ja«L-IH 65 

i?H <;■!«. Oottrte-ni B. 166, iw 

tollman. Mar*- 1 76 

Gaipninl. Uwla-ll 69 

GcBWb, IVmna-l 76 

Gdxet. AinoM-l 76 

l^i»ei. lanitc-1 76 

Gei.lo. Id-ard-l 151 

(^,aei^ IinUe-III 63 


<.eil.ct. |«cpli-HI 65 

( rf ,Un.i. |".(ilh IV K3. I7H 

(*i«ci. rctn-ll *». 173 

..e.M.Kt. Rkhaid-lll 11. ITt, IW 

(^»«ain. <.JI\-I 76 

(ri-mink. (J1..I-IV "5. 19* 

(.icmIi. lilcn-ll 69, 206 

(.1II..11I. (i«tle*-III 63. II* 

I.1K01.I. M»i*-IH 41. 65. 165 

GtamUi Nwk* 1 I* 192 

GilbetiHWt. /«ia— I 7* 

4.111. Samlia-IU 63 

(;i»cv Unda-lll 65. 207 

(.in>ha«h. Ralhh~ll 69 

«.k»on.«». b* -IV v.. |H 

Ghnawmi, Vtiei-I 76. M7 

l.iim. imiH-IV «. IM 

1. 1>«. SinT-l » 

Gkmwa »Uip.« \£>-n *»* 

t.mlllr. V.i.lle\-ll 09. »H. »■ 

ckxiiic>. Cnr-u » 

(lomntl 306 

l-4d»i. I*>iixt I 

1— 1.11. II.(I«M 125 

l-h.. AlMe-II 71 

<-«.!<«.. Jnn U -'. IJI, |M> K.t.mili IV "*>. Itt 

bgmu, Han-n 69. I» 

{.MwUirt. I'bilir. I M 
(— .. J.-imr- IV H3. I** 

(-(ham. Rolmi-IV M, 17(1. IM 
(^xihIkIL. Pwrtda-I 76 
Ont. K 11 \\ >•'•. 176 
«.i*ham. John- 65. ITS. 191 
<.ialu«i. PaiiMla-l 76. IT.'. 133 
(....t..*. Rebr»a-ll 69. 196 
l.uinlo. June-Ill 65 

».unl. j«tin-ll M 

1.1..*.. Mln -IV K 

l.ii. I)i.nii-tll 69. IM.. 191 

i.k \\. III11M" I. Ml 

(..r..o. ll 70 

(..rcn»..Wi. H-l"» l\ ~> 

e.i*«. C.inihu -IM »'• IM, 177. 191 

GraSooC, l»ai.ell-IV %6. m 173. IH2. 192. 194. 

195, 196. 197. 201 
<.u.«lft«t. Eenneil»-1 76. 201 
(..ouinl. MaiK'irl I '•> 
C.r.-li M.i- -I 76 

I mtmunn. I'hillil- 13 "■ \ — 

......ii. sudn in '•••■ m 

i.imi...ii. Manta 1 « 
(..Ktinrl. Naw»-lll 65 
Gulaav l<«nr-lV W. 183 
l.tillMl— n. Rdwwo- I M 
(.ullUl-m. N. \nili-."i I '.- 
( Muiun-lll 165 
(.umtbuKwn. Sallj-D '". 1*9 
..„«! Ch.ile.-1 > 
Gunatan lad-Ond 173 
(..*.» HomviI 1 n 


ll.« IhmaM-ll 70 

11... . K..1--1. I 76 

llaaw. W'illum-ll 70 

H.C.-1E. IV-inna-ll 76. 3J1 

IUr»ir. KoiuUI-III 6'.. 301 

llalrman. M.,..-, 1\ -., 1-7 

Ilien 1*1 1 -15 att ITU 1". 

Hw Vuh—I 141 

lUlmv I Vane- 1 76 

Ham. Rohett-I 76. HI 

IIVkM \. HOSUJt R. no 

HAKA1A, MRS M\K<l\ *. !«• 

tUfeUW, hrti* -I 76 

llalama. lanHC-H 70 

lUllta, \.n<li«-l 76 


H.ll. hi.ltll' III 6'.. 167 

Hall. R.-I5I 

Halle. Man Vnn-I 76. 207 

lUtlinipini liigrn' I <6. HI S.IJ-IV 86. \&< 

llainn. Ronnie -I 76 

ll.m,ll.-i" MI '■■' I"" 

11 William-I 76 Heln-IV H. 179. IM 

ll.n.t.. Mior. 11 6'. 

Hansen. Be*nl»-I >6 

IS::! KSnS.».in.m mm w 

llan-ii Riia II 70. 199 
Rnom Robai- ivn, IK 181 

ll.iiHii l>.nn»-I 77 
llanwn. Mm-I 76 
llan^xi. ki»unt- 1 76 
HMkaon, On* I '•• ._ 

Han--.. K..I1.1.I HI "' !■" '-" 
Han— vo... HI JJ. IB- W 
ll.ii-qt. lhoma»-l 76 


i.h. I»l« 1 7" 

ilamatxa. InU-l 7o 
,|„f r . «.lnn IQ. 153 


H'!"i>«> BiiIiiij I 7" II'- 

IIARI'KR. M\R(.\Ri:i" lift 181 
||*l»s Rkawx-IV I*. 179 
Hani-. i*i..iii.-i :r. 
HanKTmn-m im 
Hanfa, I<an-ll 70 
llaiiiwn. I'jiihL-III fi> 
Hart. WebMci-IV 97. 173 
Ha>k».*-! 76 

Ha<i«lr. Jtm-I 76 
llatitanrn. Mta»"i-I 7'. 
Hi-Kii-m. IVtinit-I **• 
Ila-kin-Mi. |u.h-lV 86. 166. I» 
Itaulcn, <hailc— II To 
HathwM. Rohrii-I 76. II. 
Hcaion. [Wb-I 71. 76. IK" 
Hoiki. Jan— II •■*■ 
II. -i. M... Ill 65. 166. 177. 192 
Hn.W. Pjub-I 57. 70 
I loin. Ila.til-ll 70 
Hcthi*.. Cavawtra- 1 76 
Helen.*!. Inn 126 

lltfcnon. K—i<r -IV 96 

Heller. II. 'Ihnout-H 70. IK 191 

Helmle. <iil-IV I* 

Her-iiMkmti. Ja<k 76 

llriikr. U.ii-11 70 

llcnninc. R<iheti-I 77 

limit, Rii i ir.l II 182, 193 

llrtitmh. Brian-Ill 69. 171. IBS 

llnixk. IK-ina-lll 65. 166 

tl««hl<ri. II. ]imn-II 70 

tin"*. juan-I 76 

Nov lurfiih-lV 8ft l«. 188 

Ilmei. Witei-ll 16, 70, III. 112. MS 

linnet. Witliara-H 7o. 1*7. 197 

llemhdm. Ifcoma.-I 76 

llkict. Mkhael-IV 86 

HmU Vkki-I 76 

H.gMe. W.irlei-111 A) (lark-ll 70 

HichlaniK Jamo-I 76. Ill 
lliklen, Mai\-I 76 

H:I!mi.ih |m» 1 76 

Ililfman. Mai>in-lll II}. 117 

iiiiimci. Carel-1 7fl 

Hilt. letnme-IV a, i;«, 176. ins 


Himle. l.ra.c-IV *6. 160 

Hlitky DutuM-l 76. J HI. aw 

Hiaridn, llanki-iv "7, IAS, 170 

Hir«hn.i.iHi. IVmna-1 76. 207 

Hirle. Bruie-I 76. 192 

Ilium. Iiji.-IV tt, 206 

llwr. Rortt-IV 176. IK 

llrunt. (ante-IV a7 

Hod, t.»rn.l<.hn~l 76. 207 

llod&C. Un.U-11 70. I'M 

llwlt. lk.naM-1 76. ml 

ll"«t". Mailme-IV 87. 163. 166. IB7, I '.'I 

llnqmn. 0UO— 1 76 

Himerraan. smari-ll 70 

ll.rfllurm. Totn-IV -7 

IMInunn. (lu.In-Hl 6'.. I7> 

I hafnium. |<b -I 76 

IMInrei.rr.. Elarii-I M 
IliJil-nk. Jiun-I 76. 167 
II. ..In |i.lin-ll 70 
ll«kc. Nano-IV *7. 167 
Holder.. Rnbrti-I 16 
Holm. l'anl-1 76. *.1>| 
Ht-lnim. Mini. .-II JO \mt-\\ "7 
Holt. laV.mne-t 76 
Ih-ltan. Vlrjiiiia-IH O, 179 
H..lubtM. [on 171. ISN 

III 1*1.1 '" r <..'■■! J 'I, 

lh.|*meri. Sandra- 1 77 

ILmadel. l>ailene-IV 87. 199 

Hoover, R<*ri-iii I7J 

lliTlri.-l^Rci. R.irh-lll 6T. Iff.. 177. |;*. in.. 

190, I'M. 208 
H"P(i. Wtlham~IV *7 
H'iKni. (amUr-IV «7. 187, lie.', I'M. *.■"! 
H.-l». kaicn-H 70. ('« 
HORN. FER.N M. 117 
limn. Willum-I 76 
llmig. Mariin-ll Ml 

II.hiiIik". (niMiir-l 77 
ll,«.l tn . lbuu.-lll O, 171, 
H"-c. IWI-I 76. IW 
IHmlawl. RoSni-l 76. IMI 
Hint. <k"K>a-H 70 
ih.ioi.i. I tick 170 
lluttir*. {Jik>c-ll 70 
lliifl. R«»n-I 7ft 77. IH6 
Hun*". C«ti«-I 76. I«6 
llmluu. AiqtrliM— III 05 
lluituii. MIMn.l-11 41, 70. 191 
HuillMtf. I.ii*i«i-ll 70 
lliiuo. I» 76 
Huulitiu. .Sluiim-lll 0). 132, II 
Huuhin««. Bonnic-I 76 
ll.ilc. Jiihn-I 76 

Ihk. <>. Ra>-IV 87. IW. l«l jucliih-l 77 
Inman. Lnn-ll 70. 186 

IwiiI-ir. IilU.\tUt-ll 70 

IVIRMIN. RALI'H I.. 106. IIO. 190 
l«v l«v-|V 87. 177, 178 


i i.i 1.11.1 i ;; 




\lon»J-l 77 


tla« Ann-I 77 


Rubcit-I 77 

M\R(.ARl:l A. IL'I 


Uirjici-I 12. 77 


. R..lKit-lll Vi 6',. 171 


Sluton- 1 77 


JOHN A. 106. 176 


Hailmi-1 77 

1 \\. J< 

l.ncn-l 77 

HN j. iao. iw 


SMJ Ann-ll 70 


Chela— II 70 


i, DotWh»-l 77 

Jr«. Maiy-I 7K ' 


K.iMii..n n ;o 


i-lai. Williani-lll 6->. 9K 

■4in. Willum-I 77 


Hai.rA-IV H7. flOO 


(lMilr» -HI 61, 61, 130, 170, 176, 183 

ohmoa, Darid Ra>-IV IS7, 170. IM. 197 

(Jin ton 

David .stiMi-m ra 


lupnc-l 77 


R. PaiiUU-ll 70. 301 


CoaW-ll 70 


<-a.ln.n-ll 70. 201 


lame (--II 70 


jamo R.-IV 87 


ia n -l 77 


■at -IV 87 


ldKtivr-IV 179 


Jill-Ill ft'.. 179 
tone-Ill <•>, 165. 179 



JDdHb-ll 6'.. TO 


Jixlt K.— Ill I7H 


Ratcn *.-IV >*7 


Kaicn I -II 65. IW 

kauri liiin-IV W. 161. 106. 177. 201 



llniU-HI ". 


ManKn-l 77 


Mali -1 71 


MaBa-l 77 


Nano-I 29. 7X. 192 


Frta-I 77 


R.tmma-IV Wt. 165 

JOHNM)\. RAV <- 117. 198 
j<»m«>«. RUhatd J.-ll 70 
lohnton, TTmaiw in i"i 
|(.lin-rti. William I.-l 77 
|i.hnom, IVilliam R.-l 77 
muk, i...;.,-!,,,. l\ m. |... 
aim. Hetnli-I 16. 77. 192, 191 

ACf. l.i)tciK— IV *K. 176. 181 

-I. Janr(-IV 8*1 
mini, I'jukllr-I 77 
unirii. I'auioa-H 70 
uOika, rctcr-lll 17* 

KadlBMn I)1*m-i 77 

kal.l. KimaM 117 
kalim4l. Itniirtti-H 06. 175 
kallaml. l-i. I 177 
KinnK A.ii.I-IV 1& 16. IW 

KlDT. K.. ., \\ M. 8X. HI. 171. 198 

kai-clliiHli. katn.-II 71 

kautin. (J»tl-II 71. 2W 

Kautin. Kami- II 71 

KUboa Kaicti-I 77 

Kami, (.an-ll HI 

kaipv K(HUltl-l 77, HI 

K«lcr. Jamn-I 77 

knsrl. IteiMhl-lll 06. 180. HIS 

kcipc, Miiir-H 71 

Kcitln. Lame-I 77, HI 

krll«. litn-l 77 

KelkT. Iatij-1 77 

Ktllv. I'atikU-HI 06, 201 

Kclic*. HatoW-IV 88. IW 

Kcmiocr. |udilh-I 77. 186 

Kcim.1. I Annie- 1 77 

KriniKii. Alkc-IV 88. 166. 201. 207 

Kent. llocil«-ll 71. 191. 1TO 

Kcpliait. Jrancllc-I 77 

Knlrt. l.Wic-1 77 

Kctn. JiKliili A. 126 

Kniinciii. Ilianiw-I 77. IW. 

K, i ..: lohn-IV 88. 173 

khalrhulu. Al 29. IMI. 119 

Kilb, Katlinn-I 77 

kilt-urn, Rmalk-IV 88. 185. IW. 191. 206 


KHUMen (.,,.:.• II 152 

Kin^. Jim 151 

King. Rkhanl-I 79 

Kinti.i.1. MiliiNi-IV 88. 171 


Kirk, Matv-IV 63. 88. 166, 179 

klaimc. land-Ill 66. 165, 168. 192. 191, 208 

KlapMr, Jamo-I 77. 201 

Ki-vrr. dick <;. 116. iso 

Klanv Oiio-lV 172 

KU«(in. licnoievc-III 66 

Kla-iic. Ju-Uib-III 66 

Kldn. latk-II 71. 201 

Klrin, -Snc-ll 71. 167 

KUnRbdL Ju*n-ll 71. 191, 2W. 206 

Kliiilrl. Kaic-I 77. 201; ions i_ m 

Klmlcitnan. Krnndh-IH 66. 173 

Kindt. Marikc-HI 66 

Kiuun. Ikitlara-IH 66, 185. 186. 201 

Ktmim. Itai1uu-ll M. 71 

kniBKr. Ki-aM-HI 66, 181. 201 

knight. Man-l 77, 186. 203 

KDOmr, Man-IV 88. 166 

Kiiuiwn. Hhel-HI 66, 177. 187. 206 

Kohall, Woki-IH 66 

Kmh, Man-ll 71. 199 

Kix-Hri. Mrliin-Ill 66. 173, 180 

Kufal. Bdinnd-I 70 

Knlfainnv KathciitK-l 71 

Ki.lii.tilck. Kath»-I 77 

Kohl*. Jand-lY 89 

K'.ll, Ruth- II 71. 201 

Kirnwiu. dUUka-ll 71. 188 

Konkrl. Matv-IV 89. 177 

KitUak. l.«ic III 66. HI, 198 

K<mir*kl. Illlun III « 

Ktt/ikmki. Ihane-ll 71 

Kimhwi. KUine-I 77 

ktattich, Jone-IV 89, 166, 168 

Knll, I'at-lV 89. HI. IW 

Kran^ I hi..ime-IV 89. l«9. 191 

KR\N/I M.ll. R\V P. I2S 

Kntoc, Kathkm-ll 71 

KtatiK. Slrohni-I 77 

K.cihlil., (Otriivc-I 77 

Knncr. Jtan-I 77 

Kitiffct, Carol- 1 1 71 

Kinrwrt. I'luiln-IV 89, 171 

KrnrRti. lrt.1ni.-IV 89 

Krncicr, Otlo-II IM 

Rrnfik. llionui-II 71. 129, 1 57. 182 

Ktilulrk. Rkhaiil-ll 71, 170 


Kuchn. Wllliam-ll 60, HJ. 180 


kul.lil. la. ..-Ml M. 
MIAMI.. M\RVIN M. 119 

K>in<. Hiiih-lll (.. 1 1.'. 


lailnei. Ittiluia-I 7* 
lahnid. Rohoi-IV B9 
lahn [r-n-ll S7, 71 
lalb. (.onlon-IV H9. 174 
1-il.m. iwl-l 77 

Um.ll. Ui'i" 181 

lane. Carl-ll 16. 17. 71. I7J 
l-inj. Saner-Ill 60. 165. 179 
liHUld, lut-l 77 
Ijnjtr. Suuti-I 77 
lar^trju. Ih-m-IV 89 
Upon, Tberft-l 77 
laiUn. ItoiuM-III 174. IK 

IdlWtl. I'jllKil-ll 71 

I ji— n. Scoti—I 77 

Lanon. Amd-iv w> 

latum. Gan—1 71 

tamo, jume-ii ok 

I ai wm. Jrinnic— 11 71. 20J 

laivm. Karen— I 77 

laiv-ll. Krnl-ll 71 

lai-.iv : ■ .. :ii IV. 

Uxioo, Kiiiiiii-I 77 

laiibentlein, I'm- 1 1 71 

iau.lon. Mn.l.i-ll 71. I'M. 199 

I jii.| t . M.i k ..u( I 77 

l.i.t. June-I 77 

Inllil. I'iank-I HI 

Ire. CliHmd-IV mi 

.-IV mi. |6fi. 177. 17H 

Ire. luilllh-IV "). 
Ice, Richard -I 77 

Irr. Rob. m l\ 89. l-i. 191 

Irc-n Clitl-I 77 

lekhi. Shinon-1 7«. 131 

lri«einann. Wairrn-I 77, l«l 

Ulnar. »imr III 8ft l-l 

I im.iii.m. LORNA S 113. 2Q* 

Irai. Kenneth-Ill 66 

li'"i'"l Mrnni>-I 77 

Ixotunl. Can-Ill 66, 171. 181 

l*i«iinl. Ihmna-ll 71. I .".9. 190 

l«nm. I)ciiiii<-I 7H. IM 

Lmft, Male-ll 71 

lc"UKc. J*m*»-I a 

IfjKh. I'jiillnc-I 77 

Ixti. Iran-IV 166 

I«ii. Ill 171 

l«ii. R»bcTi-IV 89 

Ixwit. Riibiia-ll 71. 77 

Uttft. Jiiilillt-I 132. iDI 

IcHit. tiMrtia-ll 71 

lien. hnMI 71. 174 

Uocb. hiM-t-II 71. a» 

lilbuin. Maiiltit-I 77 

llmllKiK. Ilcti- J I 71 

l.indlm. William-IV 176 

Undenun. Haibaia-ill 06, 187. a»i 

linden. Can— l 7« 

im.i.. H , i »*»..! i ;; 

Mmkiiiiu. j»hn-l 77 

Lbnc janct-iv «'.'. iu> 

I.ITII.HIFJJ>. MR III W. 122. 176 

KliinoM. J4«>c*-ll 71 

I <>N i. ( Ill 141 

I ..hi. Iki Ihanh-IV •■>. 1*3. 206 

IjKMth. r«ed-ll 66. 141, 110. IS9. 171. 

I.«mr. Uiarlo-ll 71. 191 

linen/. |jran 111 Mi 

I wen/. Ruheit-lll St. in 

li.uditii, Tenincc-H 70 

!««.. jmct-lV 90 

line. Jeaii-ll 71 

U-»r. I«ei<u -II 71 

1-m.p. .'eiei-l 78 

l<m*. lliomi. -Ill 06. Ht! 

I.OWRY. IDW.VRII M. 114. 115. 171 

l.ue. Edward-I 77. 206 

I.iehle. Mary-lV 90. 166 

l.ueil. |jni«c--ll 71 

I.u«k. .Ntanlej-ll 71. 174 

l.tin.t. fck.Ue-l 78 

limit, Kav-I 77 

Land. R<-lne>-II 70. 194 

Iiikv \l-i,-..i l\ -'j. n,». n... i J7, i;- i-. 

IftZ. I'm 
l<.i> H'UUm-l 77 

MkGkbx. Miaukl-I 7H 
UcCalL lUiti« III ll\. 117. II". |M. IM 
Mil tare. k. i.vnii I n 

Mi( hur. M.ilirl Ml I/.. IW 
M.< „.-,!(. K-.i,.. 1.1 l\ '-. 

Mc< <'"«. '"'ii- "I 10 

M.I NII.-K. Hull, Im 1 77 

M.I unit. I.,,! I 77 

UcDOBMd. IKKI^I.. t\ I7L- 
M.IX-H..IKI!. MMliral'lll 17'.. OS 

UtCUrav. liolen.1 II 71. ITS iv,ll,.m III Wi. 171. |m 
Ifcllatnr, vq.iin. i :; 
MtKnxui. Ilirtie- II 71 

M.N-ii| Ikm.1.1 II 71, III, IK. ITU 

MtNrill. Jimet-IV M, 171 


Mj.K..> l\ ■«. I ..'» 173. 201 

Mmv M>i<irI-III Mi. IM, I'l 

Mui. R..l«tt 1\ '•' 

Macbovn. CvaMU « !"■ |» 

M...I..I... Iliyjlirili III "> DM 

Uadwar, bihtriM m 71. W, 204 

M«nKi. |t>t<e-l 77 

Mater, kiim-l 77 

Milnun. K,. . ,.,' 1 77 

MjIi. Ku.vll-I 77 

Mil..t... Patffcfc-1 77 

MalHa, m^k.«-im m.. ihg, in, 194 

Minn. Ihixuv-IV W. 90. 129. H», 17.'. 17'. 

Mji W .I.I. Rublo-II 71. IM 

Mufim, MaiT-iV k>. 0ft io7. IT 1 ', i": 

Manic. Hark 11 :i 

M. :. M.HIIK II 71 

Minihet. lUnWI-l 77 

Mjil)iii((ei. ( 90. 172 

Mardu, Naiut-m 8ft 171 

MaroM, Miinc-I 77 

Marolh. Naoo-I 7; 

MARSHALL. \NN>- IM. ""•. !•"* 

Mmin. HciinJii-l 77 

Man. Rofani-I 77 

Maaric Jc^n-I 77 

Mufalaan, Wane-I 77 

Mjim. IkmaM-IV ••> 172. I7i. 

MjIIIic... R<>t*it -II 71 

Mjiii.n. Ijinrt-ll 71. 201 

MjIii-L. Kolen I 77 

Maxwell. M1.I11.1-II 71 

M*t. UUn-ll '" "••'■ 171 


MclntnR. IIkiimi -IV IH 

Mriihci. laMitiKr— I 77 

Utter. Riwci-iii fi. 174 
Mein.neei. MalflTO-ll Tl 
MeRrt, laan 11 ID 

MHKOSI.. ROHI.RI J. J".. 113. 139. 141. 143 

I H 
MOO, J-> -II <•-. 7". 171 
Mntc s.hij- IV 90 
Mn-m. M.t. II 71. 17*. -'>! 
Mcwi. Ia»it«i U •■!. 17V. 1». 
IW Mcftkul. iarol-IV 90. 163. Ifl M«*-l 77 
Mr«i. J.un-M 71. I-.. ->» 
Mtio. John-Ill 6li 
Meter. Rolwii-I 7« 
Meter. William-I M 
Ucwn, l.-jXnn-Illfti. 17- IBB 
MhIuI. (.luria-l 77, 194.201 
Mkfce, Shaion-n 71. 207 
Mlbalto, Jitui-. 1 77 
MiInlV... JObB-IV 91. I«< 
MIIhiikU. I^iakl-lli 66 
Mil In. Ca)TOl-l 77 
Millet. <kni«U-l 77 
Miller. Marirn 1 ''• 
Mtlln, Minlwll -II 71, 111. 172. I!»* 
M,ll,i. Ron-M-IV 91. 1-1 

Miiukm. tan 1 :- 
M1II11.1.. ( .nil u n 

mS2:5S;!!!S '" I:1 ■'*■«■» 

M.i.hell. |4M II :i 

«'^mihii». Loom i\ M 
Mo— raj. Milium in ... 

HOC* M.r.lM, |\ 9|. ,... ,-., 
M.-ne. k-.n. I\ '.I n... |.^ |« 

UoraiL Ukharl 11 ;i. 1:11 
MiiRii \\ 1 1>\\ \hi» l( t |- 171 
Maria, h.i.- 1 ;: 
Mortofca, h.i,„ hi u>. 177. 179 

M "" Uamra i\ ll, u.. 1... 

M.— t:..l.ln. \ J1 „t hi wi. |»; 
Mmi. l.lnm-ll 71. I-- 

v vi ijm. -I :; 

Mm. Elabx i\ M, SH 

Mu<I(rit. lam -in ,/. [hv . 

Mueller, dfrba III ... I",;' i". 171, t :, 

Muelln. ln.A l\ m. 9| |M 

MucUa wiu 11 7|, bi 

Miwllei. M.n,. 1 :; 

MlblU. N1W0 11 70 Lt.. 

HaDor. infaw i\ SI, |7ft |X 

Muniii. Mmon-ll 71 
U ur aa t rotd. Dtrc-I 77 

Mui|ilit. shrlU-l \-,. 7«. 132 
Hurra*, rani III 81 
MmmlLll l»i. ul-l IJ 
Mn-.ll. R.,n III 8ft 175. MM 

N'let. Kolwu-Ill Mi 
N«lr. Olllilie-I 7K 

s.iA.. Saadn -ll 71 
\itk«. Inno- 1 :• 
SmBum. Bnab 1 > 
Nardhan. LaBda-II 71 


Nettling. <lii...leiir-l 7n. 132 

Sebrfaa> Naan III 1- If] 

\el»> 11 I'.'mt.i. I > I ".' 

NriaoB, cauli Ml <•>. I"0, 2D> 

n.i— 1. Donald 1 PI 

Nc:.,.i |.me— IV 91 

» an iuda 1 7ft 1*6 

Netaa, MM- II !•>>. IS 

\,u.i, mi. -I '■:■. :- 

\.'~i. 1 1 1. mui 1 Jf 

\<-.. N.m- l\ tl VI ite in 

\,m.i Gmid iv vv vi. i:„ i-t m 

Ncoteaer, |*i-ll 1ft 198.160. lU im 171.196 

Nmnwiii. R»fieit-']\ "I 

Viimirm. I li«1«lli-lll 8ft 17! 183 188 I'l 

19ft 3M 

Nni-i. V.ii.11. Ml 65, L»: In.. 198 
Nrria kan I B 194 

Nr»l-llt. Mini I ■ 

Krtrbcm, Vwra-I 7-. 1— 

Net. nun. lant -III 66. 173. IM 

Skhbk I""i I Jl 

N.'.t..l--iu. 1 Mill.. 1.1 l\ 171. I" 

\iel»tn. k11.11 I "■ 

NiUvn. M..M l\ VI. 178. IS1 IW 

Ml/ Ol 1" » in ITft 190 

MMll I \NN 122 

Nohtn m.i-.iu 1 ;.- 

Nolkr. DaaalaVI 78 

Son) taatftie I > 

\. .,..,,„ Carol 1 ■: ■■ 

\ -!. sl,.t,-.-lll '.. 194 

Soman, n m ' * '• «* '*"■ *" 

N.-nv CmM t W 
N.«t-i i'»inh 11 ;i 

Swt-- D111.I 1\ "I. IT" BH 

Ntanac. i""", 111 8ft 1". I* 

N tl.v l'lt.l-1 7* 

Vm. I— I 71 
NiaadaU i"e" n « 
Mniliui. M l-l IV 176 
NiKi'ii. 1 bcata 1 tt 

OakbOd. Da*W ^ ■'-' ''•'■ -"' 
4>U-fl«|llcr. Kai« '«' '*■ |l,: i: "' - , ' 1 

udfLvrm 1 mi in 11 iiv .■>■' :'" -"'■ 
Odenxd, Rini.ll 71 
!>ylici.h. In -■ M 71 


osrnsG, £ R "< 

ollenlahl. l*n.ii«-l 7» 

Oik. lhnm».-II 71 

ODngRft Maiy-i •* k T. iin. ia». ITS 

Ohon. Rarbaia-ll 71 

Ohon. Oarolyn-I 78 

Oh.*.. (kiakl-t 78 

Ohon Jelliey-I 78 

OI«i. Mai.kt-III 66. H'". "*• « 

Oomntv \dii*n»-H Tl 

llptrmwlh. lanei-ll 71 

l&hl. shiiW-lll 37. «*. I» „ 

o'licit.. nmkfc-11 m. iri IH 

0.r»e, Tcire-I 7* 

OHh. Ilaiold-lll M 

OR I II Y. m»S R. 123. IW 

osi«.\ri>. ikinaui E. ia> 

O-nanJ.1. K.hbjii-11 M. 170. ITS 

OmaM. IU«i«l-IV 85. At 174 

Oil. R<*eri-HI Ml 

(>m>. Ire-I 78. It; 

(Ulo, Robcil-I 78 

OWEN. WILLIAM II. II) <I»te~IH tt. 17*. I« l» 

l-alrw. Rulh-1 78 

IMelai.1. janke-l 78 

l'»<K l™hn-lll V.. 66. 192. 198 

rjouriaouffaou. >*«-i ;« 

r .... -i.- i*.. -i.r.i ii ;i 
i-jtti*. Cmt-U 7t. i«. w 

|'il>KI<. StIMn-ll 71. 199 

tvkt. k„ :■■,.: ii 71. U7. H*. 172 

rain, itmdi-i ;» 

Pi«> IIjiiiI-IV 171 
Can, l*w-IV 92 

Paul. Hiubeih-IV 92 
I'julxn. Eh»-!V 92. 166 

rauha jamo-m r*. HI. 132. in. iw 

rinta, Man-1 7' 

l"a»ne. M*nley-ll 71 

reatvHi. ItouU-l 78 

Cohi.j. I)une--Ill SI 

Holhim. Alan-ll 70. HO, HI. 151, IW 

Cnlencn, Gale-I It, IW 

I'EIIERSEX. STELLA 107. II*. 185. 190 

I'rdemn. Kaicn-I 78 

I'nihcl, R.netnai.-lll 67. 166. 188 

Pendenja-l. Ittd l« 

I'ewtei. (laude-II 71 

I'ewcr. lin.ta-IH 66 

I'LRMAS. MARGARET IK. 161. |67. i; 

I'eim. WiHiam-11 Tl 

l-ctriwn. Adele-IV 92. 117. 199 

rcii-r-Hi. Alue-lll 66. 171. 183. |H9. SiH 

I'timon. (.tmhia-IV 92. 183. 187 

I'CICIMMI. Ccoijce— I 78 

l'cl«*on. Janiie-ll 71 

I'rteiwn, Stir — II 71 

1'etii. Robeil-ll 71, 190. 191. SOI 

Mall. ChJilnve-lll 66. IW. 206. 2ttt 

M.alen. John-I 78 

1'IIU.rS. ROR1RT U 109 

i'inii,|.j.. iv.i.!.!» i > 

I'llRsUI. ARNOLD (. I IX. 176 

I'M1iuum»4.I. I> 78. HI 

rkwh. .ran.i.-ll 192. 19) 

HHl lleieil»-l 78. 191 

1'iunrr. Sara-II 71 

I'Uic. l<t«ui.l-lV Vi 1*1 

riaittl*. raula-l -,* 

l'«haiu»m. Sam 3*1 

P.*«(l«. Jotm-IV n 

P..l(in. han>l--IV 173, 176 

I'oWn. lohn-IV W 

r.-iiiiii-. Cwil-1 HI 

roptA JihIKIi-IV 9Z. tM 

PouKnlt Kaira-III 67 

I'oiin. Ir>lir-.||| 67. Il«6. 3)1 

I'oiihiu. \filliam-l 7* 

I-™!—. I iriid I 7R, 139 

I'icll. V (.tnc-lV 92. 170. ISS, IM 

1'it.lim. Jam- 1 Td 

I'RKI. MI.RU. M. 106, IJ3. 190 

I'm Idle. Ropi-I "». H7 

1'iMtinaiw. loan-IV 92, IHA 

l'u«i. l>a%vt-|V VI 

tJ.ia.Ltnhii'h. Joan-Ill 67 

Ra<«», Rotxil-IV 92. 159. HI. 171. I9H 

K»h»oich. Patiida-H 72 

KalalL J.J.n-1 7«. Ill 

Racatl. Ntal-II tl. 71 

Rain, Kami-Ill 66. 179 

RanuVo. Kaihijn-1 78 

Kami*!!. Ilia<ln-I 78. HI 

Ramho*. DUOK-UI W. III. 158. 135. I9K 

Hjiiikkhii. M Jip-iii- II 7» 

kjuldth. (kiaUlioc-III R, 65 

K.i»luili. Shltlo— IV 93 

Raihci. Jamo-ll 49. 68. 171. 175 


Raihutt, Ih»uchi-ll 72 

Raintr, Duole-III 167. 179 

Rau. (*mI.I-1V 97. 172 

Ray. Rila-ll 72 

Ka«. r . . : . n 95 

Hcol, (<iaW-l 72 

Kriihiiumi. t'lconc-IV 93. 165 

Rod. Robnl-I HI. H2 

Kriiull. NjMf-lll 67. 167. 179. 191. 196. 208 

Rciiiinulh. Man-Ill 67 

RHMnpi. OaiUt-lV 95. IS). 171. 183. 190. 198 

Rcitcr. Dunna-II 71. 131 

Kctiil ii(rt. Alice— I 78 


Rciinun. Baituia-llI 72 

kpclil lounc-III 66. 194. IW 

K. i;I..ii. <■. ■ p. 66. 176, i-i 

Rc\ Nam. -II TJ. 187 

Rhtrl. Sa.a-lll 67. 163. 169 

Rhnk^. karcn-1 78 

Rlhilcv Vrtnuii 179 

Ruharil.m. jamct-lll 66. 130. 171 

RuiinHxiii. Sunn-IU 66 

Kirunhcift. (an-l 78. 207 

RIHEL. ivti.VN c. 121 

Ruh.intl. Jitdi-l 78 

Rilwn. SfxiHti-1 78. 180 

R.rf>lr. IWc-l 78 

«■■!.:- . ludlih-I 78 

Rolik. Rogn-HI 33. 38. 133. 173 

RucitcHiu. RKhanl-1 78 

R.-Ict, B«i-II 72 

Rolpr. Iiidy-l 78. 201 

Rortil. I)ailil-Ill 3H. 67. 173. 201. 209 

RncHler. Ridunt-lll III, 198 

Rutland. lutlith— III 66. 132. 166 

RolUad. Jtttxnc-ll 71, 2Ui 

R...I. lamo-IV 95, 173 


Riw. Ri<haid-lV 17) 

Rihcihiw. Kail-II 72 

Rr-c.1..... Patit-M 72 

Ri-<iiqulX. Rkhaid-IV 93. 171 

Ronmrtcr. Ji»mt>Ii 78 

k.",u;. Muun-I 78 

R.ibt. Crfial.lin«-lll 66 

Ri«.r. jnit-IH 66. 186. 191. 196 

R.«.r. Rulh-ll 72. 186 

K.....-I1 WillUm-l 78 

H„-^ien. Mii.i. i\ '.ii i:; 

Ruik. Ann-I 71 

RUDICEK, E. ROHLRI 121. 127 

Riiitucll. Kjitihn-ll 72. 199. 201 

RfE. K. L. 117 

Rucuc. |aoc-lll 67. 179 

Riwhl. Judith -I ISL 186. 201 

RIUII. I' W. 125. 176. 181 

Rudrr. <<nr~l 78 

Ruiu»*. RtJ*ii-I 78 

Riivli. SjihIu-II 72 

RI'SSLLI. MRS jriillll 110 

Riot, l-aiiku-l 7>. IM 

SaaiLamii. Cm-Ill 67, 170 
Sal«llp Wj.iw II IM 
SaUMOfl. <'ail).-l 81 
SUwO. R>«rt-ll 72. 1*0 
Silo*, Innmr-IV 95. 176. II 
MLVKR. GUV 105. III, 175 

Nwii'sos. jack 125 

Viin|N«i. |".imi 111 66. 179 

-aiiRCf. 7* 

Saniariii^ Karen-Ill 66. 166. 178. 191 

.Saw. !>j»-III 66. 170 

SVIIIIR. RORT.RT T". 10i*. 195 

\aii«. Inn-IV 93 

Saiilo. Shar.m-IV 2W. »» 

S>«mr, Robcn-l 78 

S-hMfn. !!■■.-. ill 67. 17). 190. 191 

S.hacln. San.lna-1 81 

-. : n. ■ I r. ■■' « III 67 

Sdulliwi. Rmh-IV 93 

•-halU-r. (^.ijine-lll 66 

S*I»ilkt. M*i»kc-IY 9). 18t. 200 

Shall, luil. -I 81 

.Vhail, jamo-IY 95. 181 

M:llKMANSkY. OERAI.It lla 111. 182 

Vtiaxkl. Vnilell-IV 93 

Sdllra. Ctatlo-IV 95 

S.lii™. l-'iolnkk-Crad 117 

?khlcn*l. UTni-4 81. 186. 201 

Sthlci. DuniM-IV 70. 80, 95. 173 

fehlawcr. I***M-1 78 

Vhliwcc, llofl-II 72 

Mhloi>Kh. W'illiam-IV 91 

Sthlum]>l. Janio-lll 67 

Sthlumnl. Suc-I 81 

•khmld. Rkhai.l-1 78 

Stlimidi. Bciiuid-I 81 T'om-ll 71 

SctmiM, Untcc-ll 71. 191. 199 

Mmr.1. lta>id-ll 71. 301 

vhitccbcin. Mcltin-lV 91 

S-hiwidct. 1'i'ni.i I 81. 186 

Schoebkr. (kwM-ll 71. 172 

VhiKkkf. IxRuy— I 78 

vhn.i.l,.. ■•_■■■■- IE 67 

SdmelL Anlmr-IH 56, 67. 201 

saltociiMT. TTioinai-III 66 

V horn tin vct. I .mi 72, 170 

Schorndoil. Dailnii-III 66 

•I IU'1 !'!■ II I. 121 

•khom. Jim-IH 171. 192. 201 

Vhonmulkr. lUuxe-ll 71. HI. 151 

Sthrani. Hollv-ll Tl 

-.. I -. 1. u ,'i 11 71 

.S.Inoe.Ui. Ronahl-III 188 

Schulieit. Ronald-Ill 61, 66. 171. 176, 190 

Sehiilu. All.e.1-1 HI 

Vhulu, C-knda-I 81 

Sthulii. henc-ll 72 

Sehulu. Juan-I 81 

.S.I111I1*. kaicn-I 81 

SchtdU, l.tneiic-lll 66, 178. IK3. 187. 192. 191 

S,huli/. Man -IV tl. 91. 16). 165. 168, 190. 192 

Vhtill/. Robeti-I 81 

Schnlir. Svlvu-lll 66. 165 

.Schulr, Kalhtin-I 81. 201 

.Schul/. Kenneth-I 78 

"kluilf. Renee-I 81 

Schmi. l)onald-HI 67. 170. 176 

.S|liNait)ii)i. Ilntv— I 81 

Sch»il>iiiRet. Aflhiir-II 72. 175. 187 

.Searlev Ralpli-ll 71. 170. 1*6 

Srtailiaii. Oattavio-H 206 

Scriow, (inalee-ll 29. Tl. 138. 191 

Sepridahl. Iatl-1 81 

stiffrlinl, Imleikk-lV 115. 117. 152. 133. 172. 

Sdlwil. Jamo-IH 17) 
Viler. Jamri-ll 71 
Vil/. Jan>et-I 81 
Seller, Sandia-IV 9). 198 
Sruil. Jube-IV 91. 167. 168, 192 
SntfHD, llonald-IV 115. 117. 155 
Scwwn. <ilci»b-ll 72 
Mmulun. Jnhn-I 81 


.-111 67. 17). 192. 193 
12. 186, 206 

S!„.i.l, |1ailuia-l 

.Slieny. Jnlin-II 69 

Ml ill 111. Ki.'i ...! ! 81 

SIkkI, IV.nna-1 
St-Kola. llailuia-HI 67 
SIEfERT. EDWIN W. 108. 173 
SiepT. I11U-IM 67. 201 
Sineii. Umt—II 71. IW. 2117 
ISihuiunii. Aimamaik-M Tl. 206 
SOunUk. CcnU-l 8i 
Sill. Matil.n I 81 

Situ**!, Clallr-IV <M 


Slflaomon, c.,.1-111 I4fc 1(6. 147 

"iimi~.ll. llr.nilJ-1 "I. Itfi. 107 

S r .Ui»l". Hrlcn-IV 94. I6J, 166. 


SUihuii, Gan-II 51 
ftiOBCr, \»n-IV 94 
Minn. I'aiii.ia-l 72 
Mull J. 157 

Miit.i.u<i. K.II1.1-II i :- 
Mud, Williiin- I *I. 1«6 
Mnni.inj!. Sandra-I HI 
SMI III. 1IKV III Ml \ V II? Bnndow-Crad aw 
Sralih. I.j.i.I-C-1 n 
Sraiib, i>ji«1 N.— Ill 66 
Snlih, i.<™— ll J2. HI 
■ GcnloMIl >-. 
StalUi, land — I HI 
Smiin.1jni.r-ll n 
Smiili. |-uil- IV 91 
Mmili. Ulllijin-I 76 
SnobreL /«mn-l!l I7S 
Smicina. Miit-I Ml 
SMMbcfTV, InrAiin-lll 66 
SoUrO.1. Ctral-III 68, 160, ITS, I* 
SotxMta, |.mr-IV 91. IHH 
Sobotia, Riiih-I HI 
SWha, jci»aK-lll IH2 
MllUKItHK.. 4.IOK4.I A. IIH. II 

SM ■)(. J"*— I *l 

Si.|>|k-|4ihI. Wane- 1 hi 

Scrlir. M , .l ill II 72 

.M'ARI.IR. MAX R 117. 1(1. ISO 
I7H. 1*0 

177. 17". 191, 

V">". Catoljn-II 
S,„m. IV.ri.-H' 91 
Snath, N-iikIij-II 72. ISO 
.Spunhwltf. AtkC-1 HI 
Spriugci. Miaiilfn -II 72 

m«j{c. cina-iv (M, los 

Soil. FrakfU 78 

Suaitaid. i iiir.ii.i- iv iso 

Mji.k-1. Amu Mac-Ill 66 

Mail. RoOrii-1 7". Ml 

MrOri. Maiv>-IV 91. 206 

•■-.: john-ll HI. 1(6, 117, 14H 

Strro<Un<l. Ku(h-ll 71. 199 

Mrlkn. lohn-l HI 

Sirmlmli. Maiil.n-lll (.7. 201 

Strlnlr. llattuta-I HI 

Stcaulton, »jmi-h 71 

Stent, Mirila-I 81 
Strphrm. Clariic-ll 71 
SUphOMOn, lV>iukl-lll 67. 170 

MrphciMMI. LttB-IV 91. I6J. 171. IHI. 19* 

Mfin. Iruiiaut-IV 91. IHI 

Mcicin. Inane— I HI 

Strati. Kdih-lV 9". 

Millnun. KjiI-I 7" 

Sioclh. Maiihi-IH (17. 

Mi.llrl. R.jIkii I -1 

ton&oa. Shbky-IV 1 

SUUMT, 1n\nn-l HI 

Stiaiion. John-Ill 67. I 

SlNO. li*icnir~lll 66 

Scrohbuch. !.!.:■.! iii 66. lei. I7H 

Midi. |iihti-l HI 

SUnitk, l'aul-1 HI 

Mum. Miitlo-11 60 

Stuhow. lanci-I HI 

Sntfaow, lVoni«-l HI 

Suplcn. Rolx-ii-l 60. 170. 170. 201 

Sut.l. jimo-ll 70. ITS 

MuxMnxn. R«hanl-I HI 

Stare, Marj n >>\ in*, 183, ihh 

Sttjcn, Jndii»-tll 07. 100, It7 

hniUOD. Doroth>-I HI. ISA. 207 

Swanton, iijin-iv 91 

SWANWN. ROBERT 119. 170 

shjiih.ii. Sue— 1 71 

Strribh, J-*l-l 78 

NBo.riUml. Guyll 71 

s.l*iv Jantfi-IV 97. IBJ, 184 

Mimg. (hjilitue-H 05 

V'inVinrUl. Ia»rci»ir-ll 72 

107. 192 

V 162, 16V I'M. 200 

7). 192 

i .run, ii. Ii«un i rg 
I j-1--i . kirm-l 79 
Ij>|..<. Miih«l--III n?. in 
111 I IRS. JllMl'H t II] 
It*!. llbn-IV '•'. 171 
Irn lUlcn. Iiiii-I 79 
[«W li.-i... I III. m 
l.|.|*n. I'juI-M 16. 72 
l..i«. Knh.i,i-1 79 
li,.. v., Van i\ H 
lii.mrc. Shlrir) I 7* 
IIikIik. Martu III 67 

I'.i.iu.i. Minn 1\ ■.-. 

li...,iM.. \. l ,„, 1 , ii ;-... ].,. ■_-,., 

nioursoN. < harles ih 

U».<ii|~ 4 i. I.ji, I) in „, 

I liiKii|»m. (,Jn I, -III 07, 2o| 

v. i(.: ii 

ItuoMoa. jui« i\ it 
IU.-II-M. (iuiki-l) J6. 



i ii..ij. (jioi-i ;•. 
ll».ir««ii. M.iUii.I-111 07 
I lx.iun.1ct. UUii-II 72 
Tibbda, Mldnri-1 -i 
lick. Ki.I.ji.I-11 72. 17". VT. 
rUIOODB, H. Kubaii-'l 79 
lilnni. I'JUicl I »l 

TOUD. l.n.,I.I II 71 

Todey, |jtiK^-(.r»d is2 
i..nci.f Pttiida-I 79 
loth. Inrn. Ill <>l. tu. 174, 200 
lo-.Uv. Mmta ii 72 
IIjIimi. Hillijm-I HI 
rnonuna Vlnlnli 11 71 

IfCtll. UrmiK I HI 

I mill. ll R .itcn M,uiiE- IV "'.. 1-1. L". 
lni.1. I-MI..-I 79 
Trodkr. RatiJi-iv ■•'.. 171 

rrat, rfinmii n n 
rnidmn. RajTMod-n as 

'IKI'I .I.IM.tK. GIADVS l-'l 

rwaaicn, itaw-l hi 

l*n«n. Mm-I 7) 


llici. Ailliur-II 71 
Ulkk, EMn-lV 9>. 177 
UMkfUU. S'nl-I 79 
1 ilsiiw. l^litl-lV 9'.. 177 

VAN Al.lSUl'Rf;. MARY R. Ill 

VjikUni H.--H. I«it4i.1-lll 67. ITS. 201 

Vail ilc He. IkmaM-ll It 

VVMk. MRv Al.VCK 1» III. 152. 166 

Vjik-1. John -I 79 


\.i-i«. Siiun-ll 72 

Vain. Alan-ll 72. 130, 20H 

Vavn, lupnc-l 79 

\ . , . . . i l ■ ' - ., ] I , M. i r ill 67. 170. IHI 

VkT, Jjmc-l HI 

Vlcdiv A»«ltc*-IV (4. 9'.. 108, 190 

Vlrkc, Mi.hart-111 r.7, I.M. ITS 

V.»H. I~n-I 79 

Vnllnnhl. K ,.. ■. II 72 

Vnaa, ]«n-l 79 

Wancr, iijiiuu ii :.■ 
\\.hi«i. Mtiun-I 79 
lVj«nrt. Nan.lra-1 79 
\Vj-no, Thomn-IV 91 
Wji.ldKh. R.»l»-I 79 
\ R..(itii-ll 72 
\vji.i-timi,ii. Kaiby— 1 79. 
WalLrr. Raihara-I (H, 7(. 
Walln. Kimii H 7;. 171 
WALL. <■- & "7 
Wall, l)i.t...o-ll 7: 
Wall. Viiah-I 79. 167 
Waltciv V\m»- II 71 
Wamn, )amr*-l 79 
VVnhbura, I")"' "i n 

« MM« tvVKKIN / I 

Way, wnu» i m. i*7 

U'<tin. raul-ll IM 
Wrldnaa, WIDtaoi-l ?> 
WdpL Uat7-I T2 



-ii ;■ 
iv n, r. in 

17". I?J. 192 

V». .I.ii,l. | \\ •*,. | 9 | 
wnmbnio, R..i,.t.i n jj 
H'«ta, ),.,t t HI 67, 166. I1H.202 
V\.f„,„fi i,.„ ,| n 

WrBftr, lhrr\iin-l| 71 
H 'ti«ci. I..i.-| >. |w, 

WnvT'r.'u'M W '"' '^ " : " ''" - , " 

VVomu'th. 1., (1J | 

llnnri. H.iTjh 

VAnnn. IkiuWI 

Wcinitn. < l| ;.' |v. li., 

U, I, Kiidrfi- (V 97, 10) 

Wot, |>a i ;■. 
VA'rrinbag, io.*nf-i 79 

Wltfrln. Itj-xl S || 1*4. » V|.„ (t |». a 
VVhiir. Chjilo-ll 72 

Wnrtoafabu. Ri«tji<* -in ;;. r,t 

•V. .:,i,, Sui.nn.. I ;». [.,. 

Vllnii. I..-.1 IV '•?. l!>l 
WHVIHilskl. 1 I.OVH 110, 192. 193 
VM.«ir. \jr~lo-ll 41. 72. 191 194 

Wicliiiui.n K..Wn -|V <G. 1*7 
U>..». k.ii.Ti.-ll 72 

Willi! IHI.oltoKI I ll«. |N! 
V\m«. Minlo-lll 1,1 

V\i«,1.M K.ilnin-lV 97. 103. 101. 166. 176. IK>, 

WK.IV R\V A m 

VlillrtmV. 10,1,11,-111 67. ISA, 203. 20J 

WiHrm. I.V-ia-l 79 

Wiltunt*. (liiiln-ll 171 

WlllUau, Hj.m II 7L'. l"i I-.' 

William. Mania- i 79, ihi 

VMIIUMS. M\R\ KUlhklW 111 Ifl 

WllHaaw, R<«n--n :i i-i 

WilN-ijIil,*. ],i,,p*-1 ft 

Wil— i. Dunn- -II 72, 201. 204 
WUttA. |^S-II 71. IM, 201 
viilviN koiiiki I in 
wkui.ii. i.,,., t , iii i,:. i- 1 
v*m,,ir. narv-1 ''-• HniM-l 79 
»>|.llr. Nnun-ll 72 

\\ii-,. 1( i (.-.(u-l 79 

WAmfi, t.hBu-IV 97. IM. 166, ITS, 190 

Win. Itxn-lll n7, 171, 200 

\\„. |iniir-lll i.7. I«. 2i* 

UValB, i-U- IV '.:. 166 

IV0U& Kmneih-II 72 

WoUtftL li..«t-ll 78, 171 

Wvliri^.tili. (^-- «,-!«• IV 97. 177. 1." 

W.-.i.. VbxMta I 79 

VI. ..i.i-i. DonXRT-l 79 

W.-i.-l. R.rf*il-I 79 

Wnrfvl ( Iv.dr- IV 96 

W.jii. Man-Ill 67. 166. 177. 176. 199 

Wvm, Mui.m-111 M. 67, IS9. 16V !9o. 192. 194 

Vim.i.. Smilf-lll 67 

\rti Ihunf W IV K IK COB 

Venn. Carat-n 7i 
Voihlda, Danld-I 71. 79 
VoOilda 1'jin.i ii "i 
i.mng. Iihn-ll R 
V.-ingn. RriKtl-IV 97 

/a»..j. I.lith-lll 67. 2W 
/..I..,*l 20> 
/a.lw. (jniltn~U n * 
/ji.lcn. Ih.-n«-l 79 
Tkvada, i- - m B 
Xanda. Jm. -Ill 67 

/•«l-"-'>l I'MII I T't 

/..(mi Saodn ii ;:. IS! 
ttben. raid i n 

rata. Mailmr-I 79 

/ul.K. R..bril II ".' 

tebtrL jtmx iv 98 

/ii vi wv NORMAN r. US. ITo. 

/ciglo. jovn i B 71 

/,l,-l. |..lm II 197. 201 

/it.vii. Kutttcii. i 79 

/imbn.l. «Jaitn«r-l V*. 17 

nirxnki. k..'.:.i Hi ».7. I7S, IM 


I..HIKMI (NiiOHOUrP KiRAi'in <t j ink 

>1 r.i i Wimhi.III 

im.kwim. SMhM " »:n(tt«vln| <..,.,,..»,». 

PK1NIINII \NII |HNI>1N« WpimIU I'lilillililra Cumpmy. 

Mi I..I- I'ulnti Hl'MMHtll 

l »Vl;M I ►. i i |»m 

liti-K" t' ' 


in memopiam 

known through his work as official 
and unofficial public relations officer for the 
college, as advisor and friend to college 
administrative officials who used his good 
judgment confidently and often as an aid 
todifficult decisions . . . experience 
can be replaced: a quick, intuitive mind 
working in concert with experience often 
cannot fully be supplanted. This was the 
essence of Tom Fleming's unique 
contribution to the Stout State College 

Tom Fleming was a warm, engaging 
personality who habitually put his own 
concerns in the background and extended 
himself for the betterment of others. 


The loss of his professional skill will be 
fell for a long time, but the greater loss is